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You have been asked by the managing director of the gyms to write a report, to demonstrate the benefits of implementing technology to increase productivity and enhance management within the gyms.

To do this, prepare a report by completing the following:

1. Write a brief introduction outlining the purpose of the report.

2. Outline the current monthly figures for the various gyms using your findings from task 1 and note anything interesting that the figures show. You must place your saved screenshots of your spreadsheet from task 1 to demonstrate that you have completed all required steps. You MUST include BOTH data view and formula view screenshots (150-200 words).

3. Explain how Microsoft Office can help to increase productivity for a business.

4. Describe three technological advancements that the business should be aware of to ensure that it does not get left behind. These may be specific to the fitness industry, or to business in general. Discuss both the hardware and the software.

11. Write a conclusion summarising the main points of your report.

Microsoft Office for Business Productivity

Technology in various business provides a lot of benefits like security, efficiency and automation. It generally provides a large number of help to employees and consumers. Adaptation of technology takes on a continuous basis makes it difficult for various business to keep up. There are large number of benefits of using of technology (Upton and Halfacree, 2014). Technologies like Microsoft office can help the business like gym to operate more efficiently if they make use of technology in correct or right way (Lobo et al., 2013). Various kinds of software programs generally continue to make improvement and also make data collection and improvement in more powerful way.

In the coming pages of the report a screenshot of the excel has been provided. After that a proper kind of discussion has been provided on the screenshot. Proper definition of Microsoft office has been provided and some ways has been provided which can easily allow a software to do business at much faster. A proper explanation has been provided on the fact that how Microsoft office can easily increase or improvise the productivity of a business.

Presentation and Explanation of Business Data 


Fig 1: Excel Calculation for X-Fit chain of gyms

(Source: Created by Author)

In the above spreadsheet five different location of club namely Enfield, Shoreditch, Deptford, Wembley and packman has been provided. A list of peak and off peak members has been provided. Now as per charges during peak and off peak like 58 and 36 various kinds of calculation like total fee paid by members and total paid fee paid during off peak has been done. All the calculation has been done in the currency of pounds. In the end a calculation has been done using IF function for each kind of club. After that a pie chart has been made with respect the spreadsheet. It mainly focusses on total peak fees per club vs location of club. After that a pie chart has been generated with total off peak club fees against the location of the club. It mainly stresses on the idea that paid off fees vs location of club.


Fig 2: Total Paid Peak Fees per club vs Club Location

(Source: Created by Author)


Fig 3: Total Paid Off Peak Fees per club vs Club Location

(Source: Created by Author)

 Microsoft office 

Microsoft office is nothing but a suitable kind of desktop productivity application which is mainly designed to be used by various business. It is considered to be a proprietary product of Microsoft office which is release in the year of 1990 (JOSEPH et al., 2018). Microsoft office is generally available in 35 languages which is support by various things like Windows, Mac and Linux. It also consists of various things like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

The growth of personal computers in the business domain provides the development of software which is loved by accountant like spreadsheet. Accountants generally save hours of time and also reduces errors by making use of early productivity tools for replacing large papers of Spreadsheets (Mélard, 2014). The way in office productivity tool emerged has ultimately led to efficiency and productivity in modern or present environments. Microsoft has performed an excellent job for the development of office productivity software which can be in various numbers of work environments. 

Microsoft office 

Microsoft Word is nothing word processing application which has grown powerful with subsequent release. It comes up with pure word capabilities which is good and can easily integrate with various kinds of Microsoft products (Steelman, Hammer and Limayem, 2014). It is easy to drop portions of other kinds of documents to a right kind of products. Word is mainly used for writing reports and various proposals in business and research papers in various educational institutes. Any work environment which needs to produce word on a page for a reason should take or make advantage of word.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a proper kind of application which is considered to be popular with anyone who can easily crunch various numbers easily (Dodge, and Stinson, 2017). VisiCalc is considered to be the first spreadsheet application which has gained popularity in the last few years. At present Excel is considered to popular spreadsheet of choice among various kinds of computer users. This particular application allows users to easily enter formulas for doing various kinds of automatic calculations (Liengme, 2015). It has many kind of standard function like average which is built in. It also performs an excellent job of changing or converting the provided data into several types of charts. After that the charts can be easily copied to presentation software’s. 

Microsoft PowerPoint 

Microsoft PowerPoint is considered to be a useful kind of presentation application. It various numbers of built in backgrounds and themes. It also consists of speakers which can easily build classy presentation instead of quick way or manner (McFedries, 2017). This particular kind of application allows importing of various kinds of media like picture, sounds and also other kind of media for grabbing attention of audience during presentation. Various sales personal often makes use of PowerPoint to make pitches of prospective clients (Junaidi, 2014). It has simple and easy to use interface and PowerPoint can be easily employed. It can easily create any kind of presentation for any type of audience.

Benefits and Drawbacks of CRM in Gym

Technological advancement for business 

Advancement 1 

For various organization round the globe, the most important kind of equipment is proper understanding. Desktop computers generally are loaded with office and productivity software packages which allow various kinds of workers to write letters (Lo and Konrad, 2017). It also analyzes various kinds of financial information, send and receive e-mails and can proper design sales presentation. The computer itself can act like a desktop model which comes up with separate monitors and keyboards or a mobile laptop. There are generally two types of computers like personal computers (PCs) which operates by making use of Microsoft Windows. Macintosh Computers makes use of Apple computers operating system which is considered to be most popular among the various creative professional. 

Advancement 2

Software is generally loaded into the various computers to provide various types of functionality (Fylstra et al., 2018). Productivity tools like Microsoft word, a word processing package and Excel, a financial Spreadsheet system can easily perform all the common type of task which is required by small business. Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple can easily allow users to prepare professional looking like sales presentation in quick and easy way. Millions of other kinds of other titles are generally available which is mainly used for performing some specific kinds of task.

Advancement 3

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management system generally tracks various customer with the help of experience within the organization. CRM mainly tracks the interaction of various customers for obtaining information about their interaction (Wu, 2015). If a customer calls for an order for a product or service, then CRM tell the various kinds of sales representation about the details of item. It will ultimate provided necessary information regarding the various kinds of service representative like shipping of items, back order and any other kind of conversation which the customer can have with the organization (Shen et al., 2014). It also helps in building strong kind of relationship with various customers. It can also help in assembling of various kinds of information which the organization (i.e gym) collects from the customers.

There are large number of benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) like:

  • Deployment at much faster.
  • Software updates on automatic basis.
  • It is considered to be cost-effective and scalable.
  • It provides a platform or ability to work from anywhere and anyplace.
  • It also increases collaboration at a much faster rate.
  • It also improvises various customer services
  • It also provides automation of various tasks.

There are also some kinds of drawbacks of using of CRM for gym like:

  • Transition from manual to automatic process is considered to be one of major obstacles which can be encountered during implementation of CRM in Gym.
  • The implementation of CRM software in Gym comes up with possibility of being easily hacked. 


From the above discussion it can be easily concluded that this report is about Microsoft office which can easily improvise the productivity of a business. A proper definition of Microsoft office has been provided. Some of the ways have been discussed which can easily allow a business to do things at much faster rate with less kind of human errors. Various kinds of software like word, excel and PowerPoint has been discussed in details. Three technologies advancement for business like computer, software and customer relation management system has been discussed in details. Benefits and Drawbacks of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been discussed in details. The purpose of word document has been discussed in details. The role of excel application has been discussed like automatic calculations. Role of Microsoft PowerPoint for presentation, themes and backgrounds has been discussed in brief. Role played by various desktop application for technological advancement has been discussed in details. Role of CRM for tracking like shipping of items, tracking of order and organization of customers has been discussed in details. 


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