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The Diversity Context or Issue

Disuss about the Inclusion And Diversity Analysis Of Burnet Institute.

Burnet organization is an Australian organization that is Non-profit, unaligned, an independent organization that links the medical research with the actions that are practical so as to help solve the devastating health problems in Australia. The organization believes that every single person in the world over has an equal right to the basic health care. Therefore achieving this right to equal health care to the most neglected people in the world requires both innovation and commitments. Burnet Institute brings together a very highly skilled base of diverse skills with a staff of more than 400 which is also composed of students who work on cutting-edge projects and research programs that seek to address some of the most relevant global health issues.

The organization has instituted wide health programs that are interdisciplinary and which are at the heart of the daily decision making. Each of the program that the institution employed does represent the full breadth of the technical based skills that help foster a collaborative approach to help tackle some of the most challenging global health issues in the health sector. Some of the global health issues include the disease elimination programs, behaviors and Health risks, the maternal and child health programs, healthy aging and Heath security.

The organization does harness its international and its presence in the local fields. The laboratories of Burnet have mixed development and different research cultures. It does drive its greatest focus on its most relevant health issues. This has enabled it to achieve a great impact as a result.

The leadership of Burnet is composed of the globally renowned team. The head of the organization is Professor Brendan Crabb AC who is an award winning and leading malaria researcher.

The common misconception about workplace diversity is that it does define meeting the certain groups in the employee gender or race categories. In the real sense diversity as it is related to the human resources entails the way of operating and thinking that helps to encourage tan entirely new positive outlook among the core workers of a particular organization. Diversity helps to promote respect, acceptance, and teamwork among the members of an organization. The companies that do manage to overcome the certain diversity issues often end up achieving greater productivity, company morale and profits. As it is in the deficit model whereby it is thought that the organizations that don't tend to have a strong inclusion of diversity culture always invite a lower productivity which is accompanied by high rates of absenteeism and a higher turnover which eventually results in high costs to the company operations (Katti, 2013).

Inclusion Diversity Analysis

In Burnet organization some of the top issues that the organization faces in the diversity context that needs to be addressed so as to ensure the organization reaps the full benefits of a culturally diverse workplace are include the promotion of respect in the workplace, addressing the conflicts in the organization, respecting the Ethics and cultural differences in the organization, addressing the harassment issues faced by the employees of the organization, addressing the communication issues, generation gaps, and consistency in the organization. 

Burnet organization also lacks nurturing whereby the organization communicates by words and actions that they will care for their employees without any favor or bias. This is not limited to the work-life programs and supplier diversity.

The organization also lacks measurement whereby the company should employ the best measurements of the abilities to build same relationships to the employees and ensure that bias is managed out of the organization which will, in turn, pay dividends or brings advantages to high-quality relationships with the organization's customers and the investors.

Understanding also lacks in the organization whereby the majority of the leadership of Burnet organization do not understand that the perception of its employees is different from the orientation, culture, gender, race, disabilities and many other factors. The ability to manage those differences lacks in the organization.

There is also a lack of commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the organization. The leadership of the organization is not doing well to encourage diversity and inclusion. This has on several occasions exposed the organization to liabilities and several lawsuits. This has also been fuelled by a lack of bi-directional communications in the Burnet organization.

The other issue facing the organization is that of workers who are physically or mentally disabled in the organization are often encountered with discrimination and insensitivity from their core workers. In even some cases the employees in the organization innocently tend to overlook the workers who are handicapped and who are needy. They overlook the worker's needs of the equipment's such as the ramps or other special needs equipment.

A diversity analysis framework is a framework designed to reflect the senior management's team vision of creating an organization that is innovative and which works smart. This is to ensure they have a workforce that attracts and can leverage the diversity in its staff members so as to be able to create programs and services that will meet the needs of the changing diversity of the community the organization serves.

Inclusion Diversity Analysis Framework

Diversity and Inclusions always go hand in hand in that an organization that successfully capitalizes on the diversity of their staff members always consistently work so as to identify the systematic barriers and address them appropriately. The systematic barriers are usually embedded in the practices, the policies, and services which inadvertently end up excluding the individuals and the whole communities.

The framework helps in providing the staff throughout the particular organization with the mechanisms and tools that will enable them to address and identify the systematic barriers so as to be able to build a diverse and an inclusive workforce. The workforce should broadly represent the citizens and communities cultural diversity.  The framework helps in the inclusion and values into the existing processes of the organization so as to enable progress and the results that are to be measured corporately or departmentally.

The need for the development of a diversity inclusion framework in Burnet organization results from the changing composition of the diversity of the people in the organization and the region. This includes the aging in the society, the growing awareness of the range of different human differences in the region's population. The population in the region which is ever diversifying has led to the expectations that the organization will provide a variety of programs and services that meet their needs and aspirations. Also, there is a lot of pressure from the local community to recruit and retain employees in a manner that promotes cultural diversity.

Implementation of the framework will enable Burnet organization to gain a greater advantage in competitiveness through the increase of resources and vital services and programs in the health sector. It will also enable the organization to be able to attract and retain the talented people through supporting and involving the employees in heightening of their commitment and support of the organization. It will also help to increase the city services that help meet the diverse needs of the people in the local community. It will also attract people who need services but often used to feel disenfranchised, and therefore the implementation of the framework will help in improving the services for all.

In finding of the inclusion analysis framework for Burnet organization, a comprehensive review of or research to identify the best practices in the diversity area and the inclusion area needed to be conducted. When the review was conducted, it resulted in the identification of essential elements that would help in the achievement of a sustainable diversity and inclusion practices that were within the organization.

The first step that was used in the creation of the inclusion diversity framework was that of defining diversity and inclusion. Then the creation of vision the organization hoped to accomplish and the articulation of the values that would be used in guiding the organization in achieving the vision. The senior management team in the organization identified the organization's inclusion and diversity vision and then established a working group for the organization that was tasked with the development of the inclusion and diversity framework and the plan of its implementation.

In the framework, diversity was defined as the range of differences that were found in the human beings. It was identified that each person has diversity layers of which usually make the perspective of the person unique. Inclusion was on the other hand defined by Burnet organization as the involving and the valuing of the differences between human beings and then viewing the differences between the human beings as the strengths.

It was considered to not being enough to employ a particular workforce of individuals that had varying backgrounds and views. It was determined that their experiences and views needed to be included in the working processes as they worked with each other. This would enable the respect and considerations of their diverse needs were acknowledged and respected. Therefore a conclusion was made that diversity and inclusion of different diverse cultures go hand in hand.

In the framework, it was important to determine the layers of diversity. The layers of diversity were classified into population characteristics, work status and into the characters.

Work status included the management status, department or branch, the work location, the income, seniority, the section or unit and the field of work the individuals in the organization did.

Regarding the personality characteristic, it was classified as the language spoken by the person, the family or the marital status, the religions, the educational background, the work experience of the person and the personal habits of the different individuals in Burnet organization.

The population characteristics of where the organization was located were based on age groups of the people in the area, the race of the people, the religion pf the people, the ethnic origin and the sexual orientation of the people.

The purpose, vision and the goals of the organization were also crucial in the framework formulation. The purpose entailed inclusion and diversity integration values and the different practices into the organizational processes that existed. This enabled progress and the results were measured at the department level or the organizational levels.

The organization's vision was to have a supportive and a respective workplace that would attract and also retain the talented workforce that is broadly a representative of the communities and citizens it served. The organization needed a workforce that leveraged its society and that was able to create programs and services would meet the health needs of the people in the local communities of operation.

The organization needed a framework on how it would conduct itself so as to achieve its set vision. The framework included valuing diversity by taking advantage of the backgrounds and experience of its staff members that was diverse. It also involved respecting and accepting the differences of individuals.

Inclusion also needed to be valued by identifying the barriers and removing them in the policies, policies, practices, services and different programs. Facilitating of opportunities that resulted in the effective and participation that was meaningful was also an important aspect of the framework. Solutions and ideas that were built upon a range of perspectives were also needed.

The culture of the organization also needed to be valued whereby people needed to be treated with an utmost dignity, fairness and a wide range of respect. Discrimination and harassment of people based on their diverse cultures needed not to be tolerated. Different individuals of different cultures are also advised to take and action and to add creativity in problems resolutions. Therefore self-awareness and individual accountability was essential and were encouraged.

Project of process description

The implementation of the plan was based on elements that were essential in the process. The implementation plan was to establish several practices during the implementation phases through to the operating, monitoring and the maintenance phase.

The plan was based on education and training of Burnet organization staff members. This was by the provision of encouragement and time provision to the people who were interested in the development of knowledge and the necessary skills to support the integration of the framework. The training process also entailed an overview of training in conjunction with the teams of different departments within the organization.

The implementation plan was conducted in two faces. In the first face standards of practice were established and in the second face operation, maintenance and monitoring were conducted. The two faces yielded the departmental action plans.

Desired outcome of the project

The desired outcome of the project description for Burnet organization is for the organization's performance to improve and for the organization to be inclusive and for it to respect the diversity of the communities in different locations of its operation. The outcome desired in the organization is also that different member of the communities who used to feel that there are left out and marginalized to finally feel wanted by the organization and therefore comfortably seek for medical services. The organization also want an outcome whereby the communities of the new areas in which they want to operate receive and welcome them openly. Therefore the organization wants an outcome whereby it benefits, and it also benefits the communities and societies around it.


The strategy of transformational change was the most suited in the organization. The strategy covers an equal opportunity agenda for both the long-term and immediate solutions (Cockburn, 1989). For the short term, the strategy involves the implementation of new measures that would help in minimizing bias in the day to day procedures such as the promotion, communication, and the recruitment processes. An example of where this strategy has been employed before is in the aging management transformation change (Rothkirch, 2000). Whereby the younger employees are seen as, the more innovative while, the older group of employees are seen to be associated with the higher costs regarding benefits, salaries and the needs of healthcare (Brook, 2003).

The strategies anticipated results include shorter and long-term improvements of the diversity in the organization. The actions include employing a workforce that is a representative of the diverse community, the management of Burnet organization is responsible for implementation of the strategy and the stakeholders involved include the team of leadership and members of the society. The timeframe for the total implementation will about one year. The evaluation mechanism was evaluating the transitional phase that included diversity and inclusion lenses and the communication and awareness activities.

Conclusions and recommendations

The inclusion and diversity framework provides the staff throughout the organization with the tools important to build an inclusive and diverse workforce. The workforce should be inclusive to the community that it serves. By integrating inclusion and diversity formally into the existing organizational processes. It will enable the organization's performance to improve. It is therefore recommended for the organization to employ strategies to promote diversity and inclusion.  


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