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Project Parameter and Scope

P1. Project parameter and scope

The project parameter and scope of the project includes the development and delivery of the retail sales staffs and their professional developments. The professional development includes the development of the employees across 10 retail outlets.

P2. Ideas and information

The relevant information required for the development of the project includes the use of the scope statement of the project. Moreover, the available resources and workforce are also considered. While the project is planned the feasibility of the project is also evaluated (Broadbent, 2013).

P3. Project parameters and stakeholders

The project stakeholders include the internal and external stakeholders. The internal stakeholders are the employees and the staffs of the company. The external stakeholders include the suppliers and the contractors.

P4. Clarification of the issues

The issues that are faced while the project is in progress needs to be clarified as and when it occurs. The issues include the lack of adequate budget supply along with the employees leaving the project mid way. The lack of clarification of the issues would result in abortion of the project, midway.

P5. Project parameters and own responsibilities

Since the project is a learning and development project, hence my own contribution plays an essential role. I ensured that I have worked diligently in order to fulfil the project. While in the project, I have developed the skills such as leadership and effective communication.

P6. Project parameters and reporting requirements

The reporting requirements include reporting of all the incidents during the project. Since the project is a learning and development project, hence the daily progress is tracked and recorded.   

P7. Explicit and implicit organizational policies and procedures

The BizOps enterprise is successful in identifying the needs of each and every employee, such that they are able to acquire the adequate knowledge and the skills for their career development and enhancements. This policy ensures that the employees are given adequate training such that the organizational changes could be incorporated. The professional developments are also ensured that the employee are skilful and meets the organizational goals.  

P8. Organizational mission, goals and objectives

The vision of BizOps is to be recognized by the customers as the leaders in the manufacturing retail sectors. The mission of BizOps ensures that it provides the customers with the best possible services and products. In order to ensure that the customers are provided with the best possible services and products, the employees need to be aligned enough to meet the requirements, of the customers. Moreover, the speedy delivery of the services and products are also among the mission of the company.

Ideas and Information

P9. Project parameter along with the relationship of the project to the organization

The project has an in depth relation with the organization BizOps. This is because; the organization is motivated to deliver the best quality of services and products to the customers. However, the project is on the training and development of the employees. Hence, project is relevant to the organization and has a positive relation.

P10. Organization HR policies

The organizational HR policies include equality and anti-discrimination work culture. Each of the employees are given equal opportunities to work and the training needs of each of the employees are identified. This results in employee satisfaction and employee retention.  

P11. Project parameter and the required resources

The required resources for the project include the human resources along with the trainers who would train the employees. The experts in the fields of professional development are also essential resources. Along with these, the flow of adequate funds is also among the required resources.

P12. Development of plans to manage projects involving the various stakeholders

The plan of the project involves meetings and consultation with the various stakeholders. Enthusiastic participation of the stakeholders are needed for the development of the plans to manage projects.

P13. Project management tools   

The project management tools used includes the use of Trello and Jira.

P14. Risk management

Risk management includes risk identification, risk analysis, risk treatment, risk management and risk inventory. The basic way of mitigating risk is to communicate and consult. The risk assessment tools that could be used are the risk assessment template, business plans.   

P15. Legislative requirements

The project being developed needs to have the adequate legal rights and permission from the legal authorities. Failure to receive legislative clearance might result in abortion of the project, thus hampering the organization.  

P16. Development of budget

The budget plan is done with the assistance of the financial team. The plan needs to be made such that the allocated budget is sufficient to complete the project (Magee & Webb, 2015). 

P17. Communication with the relevant stakeholders

Involvement of the stakeholders and clarity in communication with the stakeholders are necessary for the development of the product. Correct information needs to be given to the stakeholders regarding the project, along with receiving their consent.

P18. Finalising the project plan

As the legal procedures come to a close and the plan is made, along with the allocation of the budget, the project plan is finalized. Final plan of the project marks the start of the project (Jeffries et al., 2013).  

Project Parameters and Stakeholders

P19. Actions taken to define individual roles

Each individual involved in the project needs to have clarity regarding the roles and responsibility assigned. This is done through formal communication and meetings.

P20. Work breakdown of the project plan

A work breakdown of the project plan includes a clear timeline by when the project is likely to be completed. Since it is a professional development project, hence a timeframe of 3 months is suitable (Janssens, Talarico & Sörensen, 2016).

P21. Development of implementation time lines

The implementation time is represented using a Gnatt Chart, showing in details the flow of tasks.

P22. Support to the team members

Adequate support is provided to the team members. During the professional development and learning project, the team members supported each other in enhancing the qualities such as communication skills, presentation skills and leadership skills.

P23. Gathering of relevant information

Gathering the relevant information includes identifying the training and development needs of each employee and team member involved in the project.

P24. Organizational record keeping

Recording of the processes and includes recordkeeping in digital form or manual record keeping. Record keeping is essential in order to keep track of the project and its steady progress.  

P25. Management tools used for record keeping

The management tools used for record keeping includes the use of Microsoft excel. Moreover, databases could be used in order to store bulk information.

P26. Digital technology used

The digital technologies used for the professional development and learning project includes the use of technologies such as online assessment, online videos, video conferencing (Castells, 2013).

P27. Organizational quality assurance

The quality is ensured by the quality assurance team. This team is dedicated to ensure that the employees are able to deliver the required standard of services as well as the products.

P28. Budget allocation

The preparation and allocation of the budget involves various steps. First the financial department prepares worksheets in order to assist the project manager. The plan is reviewed and the required modifications in the budget are made. The completed budget is then presented the higher authorities for review and approval. Finally, if the assigned budget is found to be justified, then the budget is allocated (McKeever, 2016).

P29. Formal/ Informal communication for budget preparation

While preparing the budget, formal as well as informal communication is carried out. The formal communication is involved while the final budget is allocated, whereas informal communication takes place among the members of the financial team.

Clarification of Issues

P30. Completed project report forwarded to stakeholders

The completed project report along with the budget allocation is forwarded to the stakeholders for review and approval. The necessary and feasible changes are made and the project plan is completed (Tran-Thanh et al.,2013).

P31. Organizational reporting procedures

The organizational reporting procedures includes the reporting of the procedures that takes place while the project progresses. The reporting of the procedures plays a pivotal role, such that every progress is recorded. Record keeping and reporting takes place digitally or manually. All reporting is done to the project manager.  

P32. Project management tools for reporting

The project management tool used for reporting includes the use of Jira.

P33. Knowledge structure and layout

An efficient knowledge structure and layout was displayed in the project, thus making the project a successful one.

P34. Project management tool for risk management

The risk management template is used to identify the potential risks and the ways to mitigate them. The business and operations plan is also used for risk management.

P35. Project management tools for implementing deliverables

For implementation of the deliverables, the project management tool Jira is used.

P36. Project was finalized

Finally, with the allocation of the proper budget along with the feasibility of the project, and the consent of the stakeholders, the project report along with the documentation was finalized. The approval from the employees, team members, mangers as well as the stakeholders is important to finalize the plan and implement the project.  

P37. Support to the team members

Adequate support from the team members were given to each other during the learning and professional development project. This helped each of the members; enhance their skills of communication and leadership.

P38. The project was finalized including sign-off

The sign-off of the project is an important phase. This is because, the positive outcomes of the project, along with the future scope of improvements are highlighted in this phase.

P39. Project outcomes reviewed

The positive as well as the negative outcomes are reviewed among the team members and various stakeholders. The positive outcomes reviewed were the enhancement in the communication skills and the qualities of leadership among the employees, thus enhancing btheir overall professional skills.

P40. The outcomes of the decision were evaluated

The outcome of the decision highlights the fact whether similar projects would be taken up later or not. If the outcomes are positive, then similar projects could be considered in future.

P41. Consultation with the relevant stakeholders

While the outcome of the decision is made, the relevant stakeholders are consulted and feedback is taken, for further enhancement of the project. The areas of improvement are also consulted.

P42. Appropriate strategies for communication of ideas

The ideas are communicated using formal as well as informal communication. Use of emails and group discussions could also be used for communication of the ideas.

P43. Lessons learned

The lessons learned include the professional development, along with development of communication skills and leadership skills.

P44. Complex relation between ideas and information were communicated

The gaps between the available information, and the ideas were communicated and the ways to bridge the gap were also highlighted through communication.


Castells, M. (2013). Communication power. OUP Oxford.

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