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Leading And Managing People Through Teams Working

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Discuss about the Leading and Managing People Through Teams Working.



Management is an important field that every company is looking after in achieving success. There are numerous reasons that would compel the manager to seek solace in the course so that the company can get results, acquire good knowledge, and realize plans. According to Collinson (2005), management exposes an individual to undertake different functions and complete tasks efficient and effectively through others. Management involves getting things done and accomplished through or with people. Boyatzis (2010) also affirms that management focuses on overseeing and coordinating the activities and tasks of people to achieve the organizational goals. Without a doubt, by studying management, an individual gets to understand the key roles of managers and accomplish organizational goals through planning, leading, organizing and controlling.

In Oman and other countries, business remains a popular study program as it attracts many business students. Studying business management has thus become relevant to the current situation. Business management studies still relevant skills and knowledge to run and maintain business activities. With this course, the students get an opportunity to learn teamwork. Motivating workers to succeed is important but not sufficient for an organization to maximize production. Importantly, the culture of working together as teams is essential in achieving organizational goals (Boyatzis 2010). Currently, no company in Oman or any other country that rarely understand or practice teamwork culture. This implies that companies are run through teams. To this effect, the business management skills are required as they enlighten the students on how to work in teams for the benefit of the business. For instance, in many business management courses, the professors teach students the significance of working as a team. To instil the team culture, the lecturers give projects where students would work together to provide deliverables. These efforts ensures that the student understand how they can work with various personalities and maximize their knowhow to achieve organizational goals. Bringing people together in teams is also a way to build and improve their skills. Therefore, through these teams, the individual can learn to manage others.


Senior Managers and Team-Working

Interdisciplinary teams are individuals who work together in a complex environment and process to achieve organizational success. Companies have employees with diverse background, yet they share knowledge, skills, and expertise through teamwork. Indisputably, the modern business environment has stressed the significance of interdisciplinary teamwork. With the growing interdisciplinary education, insignificant number of scholars has provided evidence relating to delivering of interdisciplinary teamwork. Given the multifactorial nature of the work handled by teams, the success of these teams would depend on the management structures, individual relationships, the skill mix, and service organizations (Nancarrow, Booth, Ariss, Smith, Enderby, & Roots 2013). Teams have become a critical success factors in any project. However, the team members must embrace symbiosis relationship. Although the team members do not have to agree, they must work together in a team climate to enhance the performance of all members.

Team, as a success factor has attracted the attention of different scholars in the modern world. Maslin-Prothero (2010) has defined it as a distinctive strategy upon which people can harness their strengths collective skills and energy to achieve the group’s objectives. Rico, De La Hera, and Tabernero (2011) also believed that the teams could be established based on different functions and purposes, such as social affiliation and achieving personal goals. Interestingly, Delarue, Van Hootegem, Procter, and Burridge (2008) held that through teams, individuals could stifle creativity thus hinder decision-making process. Nevertheless, in most cases, individuals combine their clear relevance to the business, effective task performance, and high morale to meet the expectations of the clients. The group members tend to work interdependently and remain committed to the shared goals thus produce results. PHSA (2017) has added that teams are individuals with complementary skills who are committed to performance goals, common purpose, and approaches. Through symbiotic process, teamwork produces better results than individual performance (Prabhakar 2013).

In the new global market, managers have to be responsive to the powers and capabilities of teams in determining organizational success. Based on the publications of Hill and Lineback (2012), effective managers maximize the potential of teams to lead. Nobody has the powers to question the potential of managers. However, the circumstances are changing and managers have to be responsive to these dynamics. The moment has come, when they have to involve teams to achieve organizational success. Importantly, the managers who can manage their teams are great managers because they can create real teams and manage through such developments. Tarricone and Luca (2002) affirmed that it is irrelevant and irresponsive for the modern managers to use authority to build relationships. they have to use trust to build these developments. it falls within the purview of the collaboration and connection with people an individual has no control over.

Managing teams might seem a straightforward and clear concept. However, Hicks (2010) has affirmed that it is nonintrusive concept as many managers still struggle to understand it. Without a doubt, managing through teams is the new formula the managers need to use to solve the problems experienced in the modern market. In fact, by using the social dynamics, the bosses can manage team members. Managing teams on a one-by-one basis is a tasking affair that managers must dispel. Despite these leaders extoling the significance of teamwork, they are yet to understand how to manage teams properly. It is understood that not all groups are team thus it become critical to define a team.


Why teams are better than groups

Teams are groups of people who undertake collective work and remain mutually committed to their common purpose. In most cases, teams are critical because they have proved innovative and productive compared to the working groups. Morgeson, DeRue, and Karam (2010) affirmed that teams have incessantly produced results that have exceeded the group of individuals who work through coordination and cooperation. Through the ‘team effects’, the team members have found new avenues to maximize their potentials. Teams boast of the mutual commitment to work together. With the new commitment, the teams have created emotional and social bonds that have ensured the members succeed together. The mutual commitment has significantly helped to create potent interpersonal bonds. Hill and Lineback (2012) related the mutual commitment to mutual sense of purpose. For instance, every performing team understands that it exists for a reason. Such teams have established clear purpose that can ensure achievements of deliverables. Tangible gaols have made it a sustainable purpose where every team can pursue a specific and real goal.

Indeed, the specific goals and purpose have become the bonding factors in a team. Purpose without goals would surmount to a dream. Similarly, goals without purpose would be disastrous. Therefore, teams need clear concrete goals and purpose so that every team member understands his or her responsibilities and roles. With clarity, the team members would understand the work processes, stands, values, and norms (Hill & Lineback 2012).

In any business environment, business analysts require leadership intelligence. This is because; leadership focuses on motivating people so that they can work together in achieving shared objectives and goals (Boyatzis 2010). Motivation triggers the desire of an individual to perform their tasks. To this effect, business analysts should be effective in their leadership roles. As such, these analysts can guide others to investigate their requirements and encourage others to support them. Without leadership, the companies can never realize their business goals because they act on unrealistic plans, poor shared objectives and goals, inefficient processes that hinder productivity and creativity. In fact, in any environment where there are more than two people, conflicts are inevitable. However, the organization uses leadership to resolve these conflicts amicably. Therefore, when the company lacks proper leadership, resolving such problems could be a concern.

Accordingly, the modern society no longer require a dissonant leader who micromanages everything in the society. Conversely, the society seems to embrace resonant leaders who inspire, trusted, empowered, and excited to achieve the organizational goals. Regarding the case study, the need for training leaders to become effective is creating in responding to the dynamism in the market. This indicates that companies and managers are recognizing the importance or resonant leadership. The resonant leaders maximize their emotional intelligence competencies to establish the best relationship. Studies have indicated that not all great managers are effective leaders (Maslin-Prothero 2010). For example, many corporations would function smoothly when some managers are ejected from their positions.

The emotional intelligence competency model ensures the manager understands, recognizes, and utilizes their emotional information to achieve superior performance. The emotional intelligence competencies are evident in adult than the cognitive intelligence. Therefore, resonant leaders embrace emotional intelligence competencies because they build shared vision, inspire others, and give hope. These leaders also care about the team members thus make decisions based on the team’s interests. Similarly, the resonant leaders are mindful of others and seem authentic, genuine, transparent, and honest. They have used authentic leadership model in acting with integrity (Batool 2013).


How emotional intelligent leadership model works

On daily basis, businesses and individual undergo stressful moments. This situation may stall the functioning and working of one’s immune system. In such a case, an individual would experience emotional, perceptual, and cognitive impairment (Boyatzis 2010). They thus close up to personal improvements, relationships, blocks creativity, and rarely values or listens to the opinions of others. Nonetheless, the individual would get a renewal moment that ensures the body rebuilds neurologically. Such a person becomes open to new emotions, ideas, new possibilities, adaptation, learning, and other people. According to Tarricone and Luca (2002), leaders have always provoked renewal experiences by embracing hope, compassion, mindfulness, and playfulness.

Business analysts and economists have always valued efficiency in achieving business goals. Companies have also responded to the market dynamics by consulting individuals with specialized business intelligence (Boyatzis 2010). Previously, many team leaders went through team development activities, such as going meetings, on-boarding, building business plans with teams, and explaining the shared goals. The best step is for the manager to understand the coaching with compassion is a process that will trigger motivation among the employees. It forms the basis of emotional intelligence. Hicks (2010) argued that emotional intelligences ensures the leader of manager understand his or her emotions, aligns vision, define the learning goal, experiment improvement, and catch the right moments. Coaching for discovery is also essential in improving the performance of the workforce. Therefore, when the employees attend the leadership training programs, they acquire skills that make them productive.

Healthcare sector has experienced workforce restructuring that has compelled the managers to embrace interdisciplinary teams. With these teams, it has been possible to integrate new modes of medical delivery services with organizational values. According to Hicks (2010), the changing organizational value shave influenced the entire healthcare, especially the rehabilitation, primary care, and elderly care. The primary care has received the least level of success regarding the interdisciplinary teamwork. Therefore, the new generation of healthcare professionals should embrace the interdisciplinary culture to succeed.  In the United Kingdom, community-based services have incessantly offered quality care for the elderly thus preventing the admissions for acute care. The community-based services have simplified the interdisciplinary teamwork. For example, CRAIC has employed an interdisciplinary team composed of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and nurses thus embrace role sharing.



Based on this article, it is evident that companies need the collaborative and partnership efforts from all stakeholders to realize their goals. Management and leadership efforts have defined the success of organization. Indeed, many success companies have invested in employee development to improve their ability to maximize their productivity. The modern society and compelling pressures have forced managers to embrace authentic or democratic leadership model where they lead through others. Based on the cases, it is evident that creating interdisciplinary teams have made organizations competitive, innovative, and productive. Without a doubt, training employees on the significance of teamwork has ensured they achieve organizational goals together thus improve their skills. Teamwork has given employees opportunities to maximize their performance and complement their skills. Therefore, nobody can question the ability of teamwork in outsmarting individual performance.

Indisputably, companies have come under intense pressure to deliver and meet the expectations of clients and targeted audience. To this effect, the managers have opted to lead and manage through teams. Since many people were never born leaders, the company must help in developing them. This involves training them on the relevant skills required in the modern competitive environment. Teambuilding is a culture that has seen team members are empowered and inspired to improve their capabilities. Through training, an individual acquires the best skills and knowledge on how to improve team relation. The training also allows the employees to acquire strong leadership competencies that are in tandem with the current market situation. By admission, leaders must continuously invest in staff training to counter competitive pressures. Therefore, through new leadership models, such as democratic and authenticity theories, it has proved important to equip employees with the needed skills to fit in the environment. Proper leadership is achievable through emotional intelligence because it taps into the human emotions and attributes. This makes the emotional intelligence competencies important in motivating and developing employees.


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