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Marketing Objectives

Discuss about the Case Study of Qantas.

The company that has been taken into consideration in this assessment has been Qantas. Qantas is a multinational organization that was established in the year 1920 and since then has been looking forward to develop their business with the help of which they would be able to increase their extent of profit and at the same time strive towards the rise in the customer base for the company.

This report would focus on the marketing objectives of the company and how they have been undertaking the strategies with the help of which better services and products can be identified. In this manner, this report would discuss on the various elements and aspects with the help of which all the elements related to the marketing aspect of the company would be discovered.

The mission of the company has been to develop their business. The company is committed towards the safety of their employees and their operational performance and even comply with the regulations and laws. The organization has been looking to greet all their employees and their customers with respect so that they are able to satisfy their customers. Integrity and honesty has been one of the main concerns for the company and therefore ethical standards have been maintained. In the current time period, the company has been looking forward to increase their extent of profit by 20% by the end of 5 years from time. By the end of the next five years the company has been looking forward to increase their sales and thereby become the market leader.

The key vision of the company has been to become the world’s elite and premium Airline Company. Qantas has been performing in the market for a very long time and therefore has been looking forward to maintain safety practices and the management of the related risks with the help of which effective operational activities can be maintained.

Qantas has the aim of maintaining excellent customer service as the management of the company has been looking forward to the increase in the quality of customer excellence and this has been the basis of their business.

Qantas has even looked to keep effective aircraft and correct routes. This is done due to the fleet renewal with the deliverance of one of the most efficient fleet flying with the help of an optimal network for route.

Operational efficiency is one of the essential factors in order to attain simplicity and thereby increase productivity among the business. The attainment of these activities would be based on the goal of the companies and in this manner the company would be able to develop their business at the current time period.

This value is determined by taking help of the internal and the external factors that are existent within the company. The development of the value leads to better working performance and therefore the efficiency level of the company increases. The development of value is created with the help of the objectives of the company and the desires the management wants to attain from their operational effectiveness. The director of the firm is looking forward to provide the best quality services to their customers and this is done by satisfying the customers and on the other hand developing better route network for the purpose of delivering better services.

Customer Service

In order to perform in a better manner and have an idea about how to attain the goals that have been determined earlier, it is essential for the company to create an organizational direction, which would act as a path for the company in order to reach their objectives. Qantas therefore has constructs an annual program plans in which they disclose the objectives and the processes they would want to attain within the year. The management even allocates employees and managers for every kind of job and they are asked to report on a timely basis so that the progress can be determined and any kind of issues relating to the task can be identified and thereafter can be resolved. The company has directed themselves towards sales maximisation process and therefore are not looking forward to increase their profit but is looking to provide services and networks that would satisfy their customers and thereby increase their customer base that would be useful for gaining in new and potential customers with the help of which their customer base as well as sales would increase. 

Target plays a vital role for the companies and therefore identification of the target is done at every point of time once one of the other targets has been attained. Qantas in this manner has the target of being the leading aviation industry all over the globe with the help of their innovative and luxurious services and best in the class quality. The customers are looking forward to reach their destination at correct time with the best quality according to the payment they provide. Qantas therefore tries to maintain the same with the help of quality planes and better innovaotve tools that would provide better services to the customers. The company trains their employees in such a manner that they know the desire of the customers and fulfil their desire in a peaceful and cordial manner. The company with the advent of time has been introducing new flight routes with the help of which they are trying to connect their business with different cities in the world. This is one of the targets of the company so that they can interact with customers from various parts of the world and thereby are able to increase their business as well as profit. Brand image plays a significant role in the development of the company and hence Qantas has the desire to create a brand image for them with the help of which they would be renowned globally and customer loyalty can be maintained. The aspects that have been mentioned are all measureable, observable and attainable for the company.

Operational Efficiency

The expansion and growth of a company is dependent on the marketing strategy of a firm and therefore marketing plans and policies play a vital role in the development of a business. Qantas incorporates their business strategies in order to attain their mission that concentrates in numerous things like taking care of the safety, operations that would be sustainable, forward thinking attitude, high reputation and great and extensive level of infrastructure. The company even looks to maintain their responsibility towards the environment and taking care of their customers and this is done with the help of frequent feedback. Furthermore, the company concentrates on every kind of business strategies that includes the process of differentiation, cost leadership but Qantas concentrates more on differentiation by becoming unique from the other airline companies.

The primary strategy of the company has been to incorporate the process of forward thinking and therefore has been incorporating the technological innovations in order to increase their level of performance. This would lead to the leader of the services offered in the airline industry. This strategy is even used in order to be a part of the culture as it is seen that innovation has been always regarded to the demand of the customers and the need of the shareholders.

The second aspect has been safety. This is one of the key issues for the company as being an airline industry safety is the core of the organization. It is due to this fact that enhanced training and documenting is done towards the same. The company focuses on the process of safety management, occupational safety and health and performance, security and the safety in the process of flying. Therefore, Qantas undertakes a huge amount of investment in order to assist the increased standard of the operational performance and safety. The safety training of the employees is supervised with the help of the policy that each one of them is able to disclose safety with the help of the individual act and the effective management of risk. Furthermore, the occupational health and safety program of Qantas is helpful in giving out fruitful process like the safe and healthy working environment and effective safety culture in order to assist the firm in order to safeguard any kind of damages and injuries.

The next action has been sustainable activities. This is done with the help of the management of the long and short term risks, taking advantage of the opportunities and doing correct things for the shareholders, the community and the customers.

Market Expansion

The company focuses on the development of brand image. Qantas is the main airline company in Australia and therefore has been looking forward to providing domestic as well as international services with the help of their routes and safety. The two factors that the company takes into consideration has been the maintenance of time and loyalty in order to satisfy the customers with the help of which Qantas has been looking to maintain their performance standards high.

Effective level of training is given to their employees in order to enhance their skills so that they give out their optimal performance. The company is even in the lookout for the development of better infrastructure. It is due to this fact that the company has been investing in new aircraft in order to enhance the comfort and the safety of their customers and their employees. This even leads to the development of fuel efficiency, reduction in noise, capacity of carrying freight and range capability. The company even takes care of their engines which are one of the core sources in order to maintain optimum flying experience.

Qantas is looking to take care of the environment as well and therefore makes use of technologies with the help of which the lowest amount of emission are made in the environment. They assess the amount of emission that is made from their operational activities and therefore incorporates measures and actions with the help of which safety of the environment is maintained.

Qantas has the desire of satisfying their customers and therefore has several policies and measures that they have undertaken with the help of which the safety, comfort and happiness of the customers are sustained. They even cater to the customer preferences and therefore provides online check ins, security, premium desk services and privilege to the customers to select their seats.

The effectiveness of the operational performance of the company is always demanded by the management and therefore feedback from the customers and the employees are even gathered in order to understand the opportunities and threats of the company. In order to promote their business the company has even sponsored the Australian Cricket Team and has even undertaken various other strategies with the help of which their names as well as their profit increases.       

Qantas from time to time with the help of their management undertakes situation analysis that is helpful in understanding their current situation and thereby changes in their plans and policies can be undertaken. The situational analysis constitutes of the several kinds of external and internal analysis of the company with the help of which the entire scenario of the company can be understood and accordingly steps and actions can be taken with the help of which the efficiency level of the company can be enhanced.

Brand Image

The five forces that are related to the operational activities of Qantas would be determined.

After the deregulation by the government, there has been incorporation of many competitive companies in the airline industry in Australia. Qantas has been the market leader in this industry for a very long time but after the rise in the extent of competition the company has been taking severe steps and actions with the help of which the company has been looking forward to enhance their operational activities. The industry has even faced economic crisis due to the availability of many companies as it is seen that many new companies have been offering new and innovative features and facilities that have attracted the potential customers of Qantas. There are chances the range of airline companies might increase as well as after globalisation, many international airline companies have been eager to enter the Australian airline market.

This is one of the concerns for Qantas as well. It is known that airline industry is in need of a huge amount of money and therefore is in need of investments that would be able to meet the new and improved techniques and infrastructure that is needed by the companies as well. This has led to many companies changing their focus from entering this industry. However, the availability of the large global investors and financial organizations have motivated many companies to enter the market and make a mark for themselves in this industry as well. Hence, it can be said that the threat of new entrants is potentially higher in this sector as well.

It is known that airline industry has increased amount of competition and the costs associated with it is higher as well. It is therefore seen that the domestic customers can shift to other sources of travel like trains and buses and this can have an impact on the airline industry. However, the international travellers have no other option rather than to take assistance of the flights and therefore the substitute for the airline industry has been relatively low. The use of substitutes is reliant on the budget, time and the extent of convenience that is required by the customers.

The suppliers related to the airline industry have been companies are mainly Airbus and Boeing. They are the companies that provide the aircrafts to the airline industries all over the globe. Therefore, it is seen that the suppliers in this industry are low as they supply aircraft to several airline companies all over the globe and hence their extent of bargaining power is relatively high.

Sustainable Activities

Qantas is a well known and a reputed company that has been operational in the economy for a long time. They have a customer base which they have acquired with the help of their extensive services and comfortable flight travel. However, in the current time period, there are many companies who have been offering flight services at lower prices and therefore the customers may look to change their company. It is due to this fact that the bargaining power of the buyers is relatively high.

This is done in order to have an understanding of the threats, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of Qantas and each one of them would be discussed individually. This assessment is helpful in examining the external and the internal factors of the business.


Qantas has been known for their effective level of business strategy and premium services to their customers. The organization has a strong brand image and this has been created with the help of premium economic class and effective level of customer services. The performance of the company with respect to their service, customer satisfaction has been their ultimate strength.


The weakness of the company has been identified in accordance to their human resource. The engineering and the maintenance employees especially in the foreign countries have been incompetent as they lack the skills and the expertise and therefore have not been able to meet the objectives and reputation of the company. The employees in this company even at certain point of time go off for strikes and this has an impact on the operational activities of the business.


The company has several opportunities and one of them has been the use and the incorporation of technologies with the help of which the company has been developing their activities. The company can even make use of the global market and thereby can come to know of various cultures in accordance to which they can construct new and improved strategies as well.


The threats for Qantas constitutes of the rise in the price of fuel and the environmental problems that are existent in the economy. The changes in the economy and the policies and regulation changes that are undertaken by the government have significant impact on their operational activities as well. The threat of unprecedented events like terrorist attacks in the aircraft is issues that need to be taken into consideration by the company as well.

Situation Analysis

Qantas has their extent of core competencies and all these aspects play a vital role in the development of their business in accordance to the other companies. Qantas has been able to maintain competitive edge and this has been possible with the help of customised services that have been offered to the customers. The firm maintains a strategic architecture with the help of which benefits and future opportunities for the business can be maintained. The development of social architecture assists the top level management to assign human resources in the departments where there is essential. The competitive edge of the company has been their two brands Qantas and Jetstar as these two airlines are unique and are able to attract different lines of customers. The differentiation strategy of the company is even a core competency for the firm as the firm as segregated the customers according the amount of money they are ready to pay for their services. The customers who are looking to pay less have Jetstar where the company has lower flight fare and services offered are moderate and Qantas offers premium services with the price that is paid for is high.

Qantas has a department where all the legal aspects are taken into consideration and therefore any issues related to the same are mitigated. The company maintains their code of practice and with the help of these codes the ethical issues as well as the environmental issues are considered. The social responsibilities of the company and all the guidelines and policies are properly laid down so that the employees as well as the management can comply with the same.

Qantas has their own risk management strategy with the help of which they are able to recognise the risks that are related to their operational activities. The company has their own contingency plans with the help of which they can manage any sort of unprecedented events. The strategies that have been constructed in the risk management strategy have been able to explain the fact that the objectives prepared are in accordance to the needs of the company.


The overall assessment of the company has been able to address the fact that the company has an efficient marketing plan and strategy. They have been taking sustainable measures with the help of which they can change their activities according to the changes that are taking place in the market and hence have been competent in maintaining their extensive level of operational activities. The company possesses a high scope for development and therefore has an effective marketing plan for Qantas.

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