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Objectives of L’Oreal in different target market

Discussf about the Applied marketing communication evaluation and recommendation report for L’Oreal.

Setting objectives is an important tool for the business to achieve the overall goal of the organization. For achieving the objectives of the organization, it is necessary that all the employees should be aware of the target. L’Oreal is a no. 1 cosmetic brand in the world. L’Oreal has targeted different age group of people (younger and older), people of different gender (women as well as men). Besides this, it has started the “women in science program “through which 2800 women’s were recognized for their research. The objective of L’Oreal behind this program is to increase the participation of women in science.  It offers varied products through which a large number of people can find product according to their demand. Concerning the psychographic segmentation, it has targeted different social classes by offering products for both the upper-class people as well as middle class. Besides this, L’Oreal attracts those people who often read newspapers, magazines and keep their interest in fashion. The objective of targeting the upper and middle class is to get a diverse customer base. The objective of L’Oreal behind targeting every class of people is to bring the equality for every class of customers. When L’Oreal started its brand, it has main objective of creating innovation from the market prospective. The target market of L’Oreal is helping the brand to one of the top brands in the world (Alisha, 2016). By utilising its objectives in target market, it is increasing its product line so that every group of people get satisfaction form their brand. Due to their diversification strategy, it is one of the most luxury and best brand of the cosmetics in the world. The universalization strategy of L’Oreal is helping it in achieving its goals by serving its customers worldwide. It has its stores in almost all countries so that every country can enjoy the pleasure of beauty. In the context of behavioural segmentation of L’Oreal, it targets different customers according to their demand for the product. For example- the skincare business of L’Oreal seeks to fulfil the demand of customers for products such as moisturizers, anti-aging, and anti-perfection. The objective of L’Oreal behind the behavioural segmentation is to fulfil the demand of the customers and modify the products according to their need. Its strategies focuses mainly on women’s who are stressed out due to their increasing age and changing skin routine. In order to avoid their problem, L’Oreal objective to solve the beauty issues by providing best quality of products. Only because of its best quality of product and services, it is able to attract maximum number of customers from various countries.


The objective of L’Oreal is to educate, aspire, and empower the women by using its beauty product. The marketing strategy of L’Oreal boasts the high brand loyalty. It believes that once a female consumer finds a perfect beauty product, she sticks to that product for a long time. The company promotes its brand as more than cosmetic that is the main source of its confidence and strength for its customers.

By using its tagline “because you’re worth it,” L’Oreal wants to convey to its customers that they are worthy. L’Oreal is showing the value of its brand and it is saying there is a value while using the products of the L’Oreal brand. The tagline helps in targeting every group of people by showing their worth to themselves. The tagline is suited to its brand as it offers a wide variety of product to every consumer group. To covey its message to the customers, it has used various promotional tools to convey its message to the target customers. It uses all those promotional tools that could provide the great potential to L’Oreal to attract various target groups.  L’Oreal has used this tagline because according to them, women have inner strength and they want to be cherished (Verner, 2018). To satisfy and serve the needs of the consumers, L’Oreal provides the best quality of cosmetic that helped it in gaining competitive advantage. In today’s world, most of the people want to be worthy by using their best fashion sense. Therefore, for those customers, L’Oreal has best created the cosmetic brand so that they can feel worth. Besides it, L’Oreal has started a national program for women through which it is supporting the women by appreciating the successful research of female scientist. By starting this program, it wants to change the face of science and inspire the world by making a difference in the world. Through the start-up of L’Oreal science program, it wants to convey that look at the world from a different perspective. It wants the world to be innovative by applying their innovative mind-sets to the problem of the world. It believes that the research allows the person to discover various answers that do not exist. In its organisation, it helps its employees to explore the world by applying various scientific methods to the product. This allows the employees to increase their motivation. It wants to make the world aware of the scientific approach by starting this program. Its mission is to offer the best cosmetic to all the men’s and women’s worldwide. Its goal is to spread the ritual of beauty all over the world. By providing this message, L’Oreal is the most valuable brand in the world. 


The tagline of L’Oreal “because you are worth it” is helping women to know their importance. However, people are not aware of their tagline. Therefore, to convey this message to the target customer, it should start using this tagline in every ad which it displaying on television. Besides this, it can present a short video that will more attract the people toward its brand. It also recommended that L’Oreal should present the affordable prices of its product while representing the tagline of its brand. It can start asking for feedback from the customers so that they become more aware of its various new products that it is going to launch.

L’Oreal uses radio and television to help customers in knowing about their brand. Television is the most important instrument nowadays for building awareness about the products. In doing an advertisement on television about their product, it uses television with celebrities and brand ambassador that increase the attention of the customer. By using television for their brand, it offers samples and discounts as it attracts clients who wish to switch the brand according to their deals. L’Oreal can lose money due to switching of customers to another brand. Any new product launch in the L’Oreal helps the brand to aware the customers about it. The innovative ads of L’Oreal attract the customers to use their product. Through television, the company can show the video presentation by using different tools to make its ad innovative. The use of video presentation is helping the L’Oreal to convey its message by using it in their advertisement. To make its brands well known across the world, it spends billions of rupees. Besides using television, radio is a reliable form of advertising. The use of radio is effective in the L’Oreal to connect most of the customers towards its brand. It is true that many people who are driving and heading to the grocery store listen to the radio. While busy in the working, every person attention must go to the radio voice whenever the new product comes on the market. In order to convey the use of its product, last year L’Oreal introduced the app called “Makeup Genuine App.” The app scans the face and enables the customers to try more than 300 different products of L’Oreal. This app helped the L’Oreal to get it is immensely popular by the New York Times. In today’s world, the use of television is at glance, companies have to spend most of the amount to show their product positive to the customers.

Use of television and radio in L’Oreal

L’Oreal is making great use of television to enhance its brand image worldwide. L’Oreal can start the feedback program so that it can know the worth of its product. Besides only involving the celebrities in their advertisement, it can show the examples of common people to whom the product of their brand is effective. This will help the company in gaining more reputation in the market.

Moreover, the company can show its CSR policies in the ads (Diehl, Terlutter and Mueller, 2016). It means L’Oreal should show their ingredients of the product that depicts their responsibility toward the society. Sometimes it happens that the result of the product which is shown by companies prove not to be real. Therefore, to avoid this, the company should include only products in their product that depicts the positive result. Many times L’Oreal is criticised for not showing evidence for some of its anti-aging products so, in order to remove all the rumours, it should start showing the evidence by inviting its customers to send their videos about the positive effects to form the product.

Newspaper and magazines are also powerful tools to know about various products. Still, there are people who are not using digital media but newspapers and magazines are included in their daily life. L’Oreal also has its magazines that it launches frequently. L’Oreal provides the expert tips about using the various products. It also discovers the essentials things for every type of skin. Magazines also assist the people with the eco-friendly program of the company which in turn increase the brand image if the company. Loral has launched “recycle and be rewarded program.” It started provides incentives to those customers who will bring the empty bottle (Bapna, 2016). L’Oreal stated that it targets those people who read newspaper and magazines in their life. Form a report, it is founded that due to the digital marketing roles, its demand has doubled from the past years. It believed that besides using the modern digital media, traditional media like magazines and newspaper put a fruitful impact on the employees regarding the usage of brand. It is obvious that many people in today’s time read newspaper online so to utilise their time while travelling, so if any advertisement come, almost all the persons see it. Due to this, L’Oreal is getting benefit by displaying its new product or new features through magazines and newspaper.


The newspaper in recent times is prevailing in the society. People in daily routine still read a newspaper to get to know about various things going on in the world. The newspaper provides various ads of different products to gain the attention of the people. L’Oreal also gives ads about their product in a newspaper. It uses the celebrities and brand ambassadors in their ads that help in gaining the attention of the people. The use of magazines also provides the L’Oreal a bigger advantage. it launches its various magazines depends on the needs and preference of the customers. Women to know about going trends in the world often use the fashion magazines. L’Oreal also publishes its fashion magazine that helps the women to know about various products and its uses. Previously newspapers were issued daily and weekly, but in today’s era, it sometimes issued every two weeks or twice a week. L’Oreal has different magazines for its customers. It has an L’Oreal Paris beauty magazine that provides the guidelines for skin care, Makeup, and hair. The essential steps are provided in this magazine regarding the routine use of hair colour, latest hairstyles, and skin care for every type of skin. It has divided the section on its magazine based on hair and makeup. In makeup section, it provided the tutorial on how to apply makeup.

In recent days, the use of newspaper and magazines is still prevailing. It is understood that customers will easily attract to those products that provide various schemes, in this way, L’Oreal can start giving ads in newspaper to use its product and get discounts. As discounts mostly attract the women’s, so it will be beneficial for L’Oreal to attract women to stick with their brand.


“A worth news is good to engage people towards a brand.” Twitter is a tiny message communication device that allows sending messages up to 140 characters. This tagline properly suited to the brand of L’Oreal. Whenever any new product it launches, it updates its customers from the news. L’Oreal does not use twitter only for its brand awareness but also it aware the citizens about that news that is must to know for every people (L’Oreal, 2016). In 2015, L’Oreal created a campaign on social media “POWERON” so to promote its new hair care product. In this campaign, it allows the fans to share their hair moments by uploading their images using the hash tag #POWERON (PR Newswire Association, 2018). Besides this, it provides them the opportunity to meet Karlie Kloss who will win the contest by tagging LoralParisUSA. It listens to its customers, provides the best customer service, and thus improves the relationship with customers. Moreover, currently, L’Oreal has posted started the young women in a science programme on Twitter through which it is helping customers to engage in their programme and increase the reputation of the brand. 


  • Use different way to update customers about your product- L’Oreal can use the attractive and innovative strategy to launch its new product in the market. It can use such tagline that increases the attention of the customers to use its new product. Besides this, while launching a new Product Company can start selling its product in sall quantity so that customers can try it.
  • Customer service- L’Oreal can use twitter not only to get new customers but also it should twitter to keep its current customers happy. It should start providing answers to the customers regarding any query.

Instagram proves to be the most important tool in gaining the attention of the customers. In recent time, the most of the young people are active on Instagram. L’Oreal has started its Instagram page through which it posts the videos of the expert. This helps the people in knowing the varied products and their uses. Those who already have gained mass fame do the trails of the products (Hollenbeck, Noe and Gerhart, 2018). This helps the company in increasing its customer base. This creates more reliability towards the brand and its products. Besides, it has started a contest in which customers have to tag loreal skin. It has increased the approach of customers towards its brand.

Its band ambassador and celebrities use the brand of the L’Oreal, which helps the brand in getting popularity (L’Oreal Group, 2018). By using the social media in an innovative way, L’Oreal states, “we want to entertain our customers with content by providing the right piece at the right time.”


  •    Use of different account- L’Oreal can make effective use of Instagram by starting different account according to the varied products and gender. By using this, customers can easily search for the products that they need.
  •    Show the time-to-time success of brand- L’Oreal should celebrate its achievement so customers come to know about their success globally. It should at least provide its certificate of appreciation to its Instagram account so that customers know about their performance.


L’Oreal is effectively using the YouTube by providing various videos about how to use various cosmetic products. The YouTube channel L’Oreal provides tutorial videos about how to use the various L’Oreal products like eyeshadow, eyeliners and so on (Chamat, 2016). In this way, as such L’Oreal is making the best use of youtube by satisfying its customers. The objective of L’Oreal by using YouTube is to show women their worth by using beauty products. The daily routine skin care tutorial is provided by the L’Oreal to helps the customers. 


L’Oreal is effectively using the YouTube in promoting the awareness of their products. The use of digital media is helping the company to know about various changing customer trends that are going in the market. However, it can increase its subscriber by using its new link in the bio of Instagram. The use of the link in the Instagram will definitely push the customer to open the link and see the new trends. Besides this, the company can start the expert advice for men so that the market share and brand reputation can be increased for both.

L’Oreal women in science program 

L’Oreal and UNESCO started the “women in science program” in 1998. It has created the website for educating people on the main objective of this program. The objective of starting this program is to highlight the importance of the participation of women in science. L’Oreal through this program strived to recognize and support the women researchers to encourage the young women to know their importance about their career. Every year, L’Oreal recognizes the best women researcher. The objective of starting this program is to increase the participation of women in science.  It believes that the “women in science” program will promote the gender balance in science. The objective of L’Oreal by starting this program is to promote the women to take initiative in such areas where they can explore themselves and build their reputation. It provides step-to-step guidelines to its customers so that customers come to know the best use of its product. Through this programme, it wants to generate women creativity by doing innovative scientific research on new products. In order to succeed in the competitive market, L’Oreal collaborates with the Michelle Phan, a popular beauty blogger. L’Oreal is a global brand and it remains on top due to its effective use of digital marketing tool. In this way, current digital marketing tools help the company to increase the brand awareness.


The “women in science program” has encouraged many women to know the use of science in research. However, many people are not aware of this program (Ismail, Zulkifli & Hamzah (2017). Therefore, to increase the awareness of this program, L’Oreal can start the events in such areas where people are not much aware of the education of women. L’Oreal can start the partnership with various universities to promote the program that was initiated by it for women’s.

A performance measure is necessary to know the strength of the firm. It helps the company to know about its performance in terms of sales, revenue or customer satisfaction. L’Oreal uses various metrics to know its increment in sales and revenue, its competitiveness in the market and customer retention. It is using the RSx metrics to know the relationship of its customer with its brand. It helped the company in knowing the value of its product. It assists the company in knowing the customers who love the brand. RSx metrics helps the L’Oreal to know the performance of its product (Visionedge marketing, 2018). For seeing the increment in sales, it measures its performance with the ROI tool. L’Oreal believes that the secret ingredient of its success is to use social media to connect with its customers. Despite this, it checks the performance of its employees. In this tool, it checks the knowledge of employees regarding the use of social media. To evaluate its social performance, L’Oreal believes that suppliers are the part of their social and environmental footprint. Therefore, L’Oreal evaluates the performance of suppliers based on quality, innovation, competitiveness, and CR.  For measuring the performance based on sales and profit, it checks the sales and profit of the current year by comparing it from the past year sales and profit. The digital success of the L’Oreal is the result of its increase in sales and revenue (Vision edge Marketing, 2018). These performance measures metrics helps the company to know its existing performance. Based on its existing performance, it sets the target for future. The use of different performance measures helps the company to know various financial activities and the capability of employees by seeing the results of these measures. Based on these measures, it provides training to the employees accordingly.

However, the current performance measures of L’Oreal indicate the performance of L’Oreal currently in the market. They are effective in the competitive market because of their best performance in using digital media. The brand of L’Oreal is scattered worldwide that is controlled by the management team of each region.  


L’Oreal can use the “Hootsuite” tool to manage various digital media that it uses (Instagram, youtube, Facebook, and Instagram). It will help L’Oreal to know the real-time followers, engagement, performance, and clicks on links in their content. It will help the company in making effective use of social media by knowing their negative feedbacks. Besides using these measures, L’Oreal can use benchmarking system. When a company is not able to measure its performance based on technology, the use of benchmarking helps the company to provide numbers by comparing with various other devices. In addition, it can use process metrics to evaluate the business process, and can establish goals and measure the process from the goals decided. This will helps the company in achieving the goals properly. In this way, the use of different performance metrics helps the company to achieve the goals properly and meet the requirement. 


The working in team was the best experience. I have really enjoyed working with b and c. in the beginning, the task was not understood properly but after exchanging ideas of each other, it helped me in proving the clarity regarding my questions. Before starting the assignment, we have done group discussion on the digital media that help us in understanding the overall concept of traditional and modern social media use. “B” has suggested the use of what Sapp and Facebook to discuss with each other on the topic. The communication with both of them helped in understanding the use of team working in organizations. On the other hand, “C” has suggested the allocation of task in parts so that everyone can search about their topic and come discuss on another day with innovative ideas. It assists us in doing the research carefully and gets the best pool of information in efficient manner. In this way, working in team members makes us understand the topic better.


Before started working, I prefer working individually. However, when I started working with them, I gained so much of knowledge that motivated me. “A” has helped us in knowing the strategies of L’Oreal, as he was aware about the brand enough. He suggested us in collecting the information from peoples so that the task can be understood easily then “C” decided the time limit to search about the brand from those people who are using it. After searching, it helped us in knowing about the customer analysis about the brand. After knowing about the brand in brief, they both suggested to divide the work according to the skills such as “A” was expert in searching the data regarding topic while “C” was expert in understanding the topic and make others understand. We collected the information and that information which was not easy to understand is sent to out what Sapp group whoich we have made to do the assignment.


It was great working with “A” and “B.” We have discussed the topic via what Sapp and instagram as the digital media was the only solution to discuss from distance. “A” has suggested the use of You Tube, as he believes that seeing presentation will help more rather than reading something. It helped us in knowing the various experts’ advice that is provided by L’Oreal for its customers. “B” assists the team member by reading the newspaper and magazines of L’Oreal. This helped us in knowing the use of newspaper and magazines in recent days. After dividing the tasks, “A” has given the idea to take the assignment as practical approach rather than only doing theoretical aspects. He suggested that it is better to go through their social media pages so that best pool of information can be collected in best way. After taking this idea unto consideration, we have started doing research on their different social media sites from which sufficient information is gathered and it is helpful in doing the assignment in best possible way 


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