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Responsibilities of Different Managers

Event Manager: Hello everyone we are here to discuss the event that will take place on 7th-8th of July. We have to ensure that the guests do not face any issues associated with the event.

Do any of you have plans for what they want to do for the event?

Exhibitions Manager: I have come up with the plan of arranging for a welcome program for the guests on the stage. The cultural event will be related to the theme of the environment as the products to be focused on are plant-based. However, we may face issues of power shortage or network issues that will disrupt the entire program.

All in Union: That is a major concern!

Audio-Visual Manager: I will make all the arrangements for the visibility of the programs and the stage performances to be visible to the guests sitting at the end of the rows. Good quality sound boxes and screens have been arranged by me for the event.

Catering Manager: The final menu is yet to be decided after we receive the list of preferences of the guests. However, a basic framework of what is to be included in the menu has been decided by my team. However, I am facing an issue of having a smaller number of team members, which may be a major problem for me.

Guest Relations Manager: We will have to mitigate that issue immediately. I will be available at the venue for any immediate assistance or in case of any emergency issues. I have talked things out with the accommodations manager so that the aspect of accommodation can be handled with great expertise. I will do my best to ensure that the gala dinner is a grand success and I will personally ensure that all the V.I. Ps are taken well care of.

Accommodations Manager: Yes, I have talked about the aspects of accommodating the guests with the guest relations manager. I hope that the guests won't be facing any problems regarding their stay at the hotel.

Event Manager: I agree with the idea of having a welcome function staged with the theme of environmental aspects. I am sure the guests will like the idea and that will have a great effect on the success of the event.

The dinner also has a theme which will enhance the effect of the event. We can focus on the utilization of biodegradable cutleries which will highlight the event of the promotion of plant-based products. An inclination towards the environmental aspects will help in putting a special emphasis on the theme.

Accommodation Manager: I agree with the inclusion of the theme in the event. I will suggest to you all to put a better emphasis on the issues that may arise during the event. I suggest that we think of solid ways to seal all the areas that may cause problems.

Guest Relations Manager: There should be backup teams in case if there is a shortage of people during sudden emergencies or in case of unfortunate accidents. The backup teams can help us with a lot of support as man power is very important in organizing an event that is as big as this.

Challenges Faced in Event Planning

Event Manager: I am sure we can handle all the problems with united efforts. We can think of effective measures to ensure that the guests are satisfied with the event. I would suggest that the inclusion of the color green is implemented in the event as that would bring about a positive impact on the guess regarding the effort of Nestle to adhere to the client. The internal conflicts have to be avoided with the inclusion of specific themes as the theme is most likely to unite everybody.

Audio Visual Manager: That would require me to ensure that most of the backgrounds of whatever are being presented on the screen has a greenish aura to it. I have also come up with the idea of incorporating soothing music such as Japanese flute music throughout the event which will help the guests to calm down their nerves before delving into serious discussions regarding their products. I hope you all have heard of “Music therapy”.

Guest Relations Manager: I second you on that as it is very important to ensure that the guests have a calm mind so that unnecessary conflicts can be avoided.

Exhibitions Manager: I will do my best to ensure that my team comes up with performances that are sure to please the guests so that they have a very good experience at the event. I believe soothing performances can also calm the mind.

Guest Relations Manager: A check in on the health of the guests will be required from time to time during and after the event, which includes their stay during the event. I have made rous and instructed them to inform me if there is a medical emergency arising. A check in on the allergic reaction to foods of the guests will be required.

Catering Manager: I will provide you with the list of allergies that the guests may have after I receive the list from my team. I will ensure that a gluten free and light menu is provided for all so that they do not face any unnecessary health complications during the event.

Guest Relations Manager: That would be of great help.

Event Manager: We have a very short span of time on our hands and it is very important that we start creating a detailed structure of the event and our responsibilities associated with it. The equal distribution of our duties will help us in preventing unnecessary conflicts among ourselves.

Guest Relations Manager: It is very important that we start dividing teams and start allocating them with their list of duties. This will ease out the pressure on everyone as equal distribution of pressure will not impact anybody adversely.

Accommodations manager: I agree.

Audio Visual Manager: I have already started allocating duties to some of my team members as there is very little time left for the event.

Event manager: We will report on our constructive progress in the next meeting. So can we call it a day?

All in compliance: Okay, thank you

There are a lot of areas of issues that may be faced during the event. His report will be giving a detailed report on the issues that may hamper the promotion of the products which will prove to be detrimental for the stakeholders in the long run. Therefore, a detailed analysis of the entire scenario is being presented to the sales manager so that a greater focus on the areas of major issues can be ensured. A detailed structure of the conclusions drawn from the meeting will be discussed in this report and the major issues and their mitigation will be highlighted here which in-turn will provide detailed structure for the next internal planning meeting. The major agendas for the next meeting session will also be impacted up in this report.


This event which includes Nestle’s stakeholder meeting in order to discuss the potential launch of plant-based products which will ensure cost and time saving also includes representatives of other global marketing companies. However, many issues have been impacted upon in the meeting with the various stakeholders. Miscommunication is one of the major issues that may arise at the conference (Jones 2017). There may be debates regarding the usage and promotion of plant-based products which may lead to heated conversations, which has to be kept under control by the guest relations management team (Corallo et al. 2019). The major services that will have to be provided to the guests are a warm welcome so that their relations with their client, which is Nestle, is retained. There are however some major issues that may be faced by the teams in handling certain tough situations during the event. There may be internal conflicts among the guests as a result of a lack of communication or differences in opinions (D'Alessandro 2018). The products may face a lot of criticisms, which may affect the sales of the plant-based goods. The guests may also face various issues during their tenure of stay which are to be solved by the guest relations manager and the accommodations manager. It is however the responsibility of the accommodations manager to look after the needs of the guests and the V.I. Ps at the event (Berezhetskyi 2019). In case any guest has any health issues then it is the duty of the relations manager to ensure that they receive medical aid at the earliest. There may be various issues arising during the gala dinner that may lead to the disruption of the entire event. Certain cases of emergency related to the guests have to be dealt with efficiently by the guest relations manager to ensure that there are no issues associated with the dinner party conducted (Raj Walters Rashid, 2017). The managerial teams will also have to keep a tab on the performance of the employees of their teams in order to ensure that they are all working productively during the event and all are alert in case of any issues arising during the event management (Allen et al, 2019). The experiences of the guests are also to be kept a tab on in order to make sure that their experiences have been pleasant. In case of any mismanagement which may lead to the inconveniences of the guests are to be kept a check on so that they can be improvised later in the future (Venske 2021). The benefits of hosting the event can be maximized by checking in on the guests and the V.I. Ps from time to time (Suriadi et al. 2017). Arrangement of reservations of seats for the guests are of utmost importance to avoid any confusion during the event so that they can have a better view of the products that are to be showcased on the grand screen. The complaints that may arise on the part of the guests are to be heard out and quick actions are to be taken based on the feedback from the guests.

There are various steps that can be undertaken in order to ensure that the issues that may arise at the event can be mitigated efficiently at the earliest so that it can boost the sales of the products (Brigham and Houston 2021). It is the duty of the guest relations manager to take updates regarding the wellbeing of the guests at the party and special attention has to be paid to the V.I.Ps because they will be considered to be the major guests or stakeholders of Nestle. The treatment of the guests is a major factor in the success of the meeting (Brigham and Ehrhardt 2019). Therefore, the role of guest relations manager will play a great role in the scenario. An active participation of the relations manager will help in keeping the conflicts and the heated conversation at bay (Getz and Page 2019). However, the greater inclusion of the relations manager may hamper the confidence of the other managers, which will impact the event adversely. Strong communication skills need to be implemented in this aspect so that the mismanagement and inconveniences to the guests can be avoided (Sharma et al. 2020). An aggressive problem-solving skill has to be implemented within the area of functionality so that the guests can feel at ease during the tenure of the event. Listening patiently to the issues that various people may be facing at different times of the event is also an important aspect which can be implemented in order to make the event a grand success (Sayin and Karaman 2019). It is very important on the part of the audio-visual and production manager to ensure that a time-table is made based on which they can plan the entire course of actions. This factor will ensure that there is no overlapping of the events which may result in confusion among the guests (Xiang et al. 2022). Maintaining a schedule is very important as it will ensure timely completion of all the aspects related to the event as it is not a very elaborate event. It has to be kept in mind that all the aspects have to be covered in just one single day. The authorities of the hotel have to be informed about the specific needs of the guests so that they do not face any issues related to food or their duration of stay. It is the sole duty of the catering manager to have this situation under control. The failure to focus on this aspect may have a disastrous impact on the event. The special stakeholders are to be paid a lot of attention to and the alertness regarding their needs has to be prioritized (Rahaman 2021). The aspect of looking into the decoration needed for the event also has to be paid focus on by the event manager so that the guests are left awestruck by the innovative ideas that have been utilized. The idea of using the theme related to plants can be discussed with the event management team in order to impress the guests. Hosting is one of the most crucial aspects associated with any event or meetings, and the joint role of all the stakeholders plays a major role (Gursoy et al. 2017).  

Extra cost involved in the arrangement of the event has to be cut short by organizing the event efficiently. There is a lack of a structural framework or any solid points from the last meeting regarding the theme of the event. The lack of a properly structured theme will misguide the guest and therefore no solid outcome will be obtained from the event (Peerally et al. 2017). However, the unavailability of staff is a major issue that has to be dealt with tactfully. There is a lack of staff majorly due to the pandemic situation. The proper planning of the budget is very important which we have yet not been able to come up with in the last meeting. The lack of a proper budget plan may cause a lot of overspending for the event which will have a negative impact on the investors and they may not want to fund any future events that may promote the products (Khardze 2021). This factor will affect all the stakeholders equally. There is a lack of weather planning in case of any emergency situations. This aspect may hamper the event as it is the month of July and unexpected rain may cause a huge loss for our clients. An additional budget will be required in order to avoid such a mishap on the days of the event and to prevent the inconveniences of the guests. Network issues may also disrupt the entire event which will prove to be a major chaos (Padron and Stone 2019). A disruption of attendee disruption may be an area of major concern as there are a smaller number of staff who will be available for the meeting.

We will have to ensure that solid measures are taken to make sure that all the issues can be mitigated at the earliest. Little aspects of the event will require minute attention as the future of the product depends on this particular event (Orefice 2018). The provision of samples of the product has to be provided to all the guests so that constructive criticism can be obtained from them. The list of attendees is quite long which will affect the attention span towards each of them due to lack of employees, this may affect their relations with Nestle. Therefore, the stakeholders will be affected to great extent if a proper ratio of the guest to staff is not maintained in the event. There are a lot of stakeholders associated with the product which may affect each of them due to the confusion created. Breakdowns in communication or miscommunication and a constraint of the resources regarding any important information may cause resentment among the stakeholders (Weerakoon 2021). Therefore, it is very important to ensure that a communication plan is made which will facilitate the process. Greater sales management can also be generated with the aid of the communication plan to all attendees. An analysis of the stakeholders is also to be made in order to better understand their points of view regarding the product and will ensure a better success of the event (Zohuri and Moghaddam 2017).

In the next meeting a discussion regarding the additional budget that will be required to cover all the aspects of the event has to be discussed. The inclusion of a proper budget planning is very important as it will ensure a smooth ongoing event. It will help the stakeholders to keep a track of their money (Ali 2021). The next meeting will also be impacting upon the methods in which the additional costs can be saved up. It is very important on the part of the stakeholders to conduct a proper meeting regarding the budget as it is one of the most crucial aspects that has to be taken into consideration while planning an event which holds a major significance in determining the impact of a product on the stakeholders and the other guests (Adam and Ping 2018).

This report is of utmost importance as it helps the readers to get a better analysis of the event and the various aspects associated with it. The segmentation of the important aspects and the aspects that may not need as much impact as the more important factors is of utmost importance which can be done with the aid of this particular report. This report to the sales manager is very important as it will help the individual to get an idea of the event management and make the inclusion of additional plans accordingly. It is very important that the stakeholders be well informed about all the aspects of the event.

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