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Learning outcomes assessed:

1.Understand the nature and purpose of total quality management and how it is influenced by the management culture of organisations.

2.Identify a range of total quality management techniques including benchmarking and process re-engineering.

3.Determine how the introduction of total quality management involves reconsideration and synchronisation of functional policies to achieve maximum efficiency in organisational performance.

Learning outcomes assessed

British Telecom (BT) was created in 1981 and it was an arm of British Post Office and after three years, when privatization started, the company got a separate identity. BT has been the most open telecommunication market since their starting situation. OFTEL is a government-appointed authoritarian body and BT’s operation is formulated by that platform. The operation process has made a major change in BT’s operational market and also changed the regulated environment so that the company can keep their price at the same increased level at the time of inflation also. After the radical change in promotional in an earlier decade, the market change scenario started in 2000. In this year, BT decided to refocus on UK and Europe and the demerger of mobile (MO2) and focused on directory publishing business ( 2018). The BT group consists of the BT telecommunication, BT Retail, BT wholesale and also delivers communication solution to the 21 million UK residents and business customers on a daily basis. The company has fixed some objectives so that they can achieve superiority in the market. The company has prioritized their customers and committed to becoming a professional group as well. The employees respect each other and the managers also support high-esteem in their employees. The company works as a team and they are on the path of continuous improvement. These are the goals and values that company has selected for their improvement process. Total quality management is an important part of their progression and the registration process since 1994 when BT was registered to ISO 9001.

BT has met the International quality standard as the company’s high quality ensures some government accreditations that can bring enhancement to the company to a larger extent. In case of ISO 9001, BT quality management systems are subjected to both internal and external registration assessment ( 2018). The process has been done by the Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). The next evaluation has come in case of communication solution process and service of the company worldwide. The approval of certificate No.LQR 094000 was delivered to the company because of meeting the criteria perfectly (Sallis 2014). For the environmental work process setting of the target to monitor the environmental performances started through the ISO 14001. This certification also provides an authentication of business operations in UK, Ireland, and Belgium. In case of quality management set up, especially for the IT management services, the changed scenario has delivered their best through the ISO 20000( 2018). The wide range of communications along with legitimate quality is offered by British Telecom. The process generally comes up as a part of the total quality management for BT. The approval certificate number is LRQ 0950000.

British Telecom (BT): Overview

Improving the performance through the process is the central aspect of motivation for the BT services, and through their managerial direction, the company has introduced some new system to in their operational process. DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve Control) was a new enterprise process that took control in 2004 (Zeng, Phan and Matsui 2015). This process was implemented due to define the customer experience and commit the continual acceleration and improvement of customer service process (Oakland 2012). Working on data and systematic approaches in case of performance is an improvement of quality and ensures the quality management scenario from BT’s perspective. The BT quality and Business excellence team manages some of the management systems through the auditing session of approval (Stark 2015). The business ensures to reduce the carbon footprint in case of the effective product line. The undergoing management processes are:

  •    ISO9001 2000 for the Quality Management
  •    ISO27001 for Information security management system
  •    TL900 for Quality management system
  •    BS25999 for Business community
  •    SAS70 for the Type 2 Auditing system
  •    ISO14001 for the Environmental Management System

Revitalizing quality is considered as the real quality that BT possesses, through these process leaders and CEO’s are driving the company approach towards the success. Innovation is the first aspect of this quality and through the innovative process of managing quality is considered as the supreme steps of their development (Hazen et al. 2014). The qualitative approach towards the major change is another section that provided a huge customer base for the company. BT local process has taken this initiative rather than telecommunication, but open communication range and the approach to the customers are quite same in case of telecommunication process as well (Santos et al. 2013). Deploy strategy and get the basics right is the motivating factor for the company and the improvement in market segregation policy is also helped the process too.

The evaluations of all the systems are directed to the process management framework that BT possesses in their activities. The evaluation process has been done through a chain process of day to day improvements (S?tk??lkay and Aslan 2012). At first in any sector of BT, sorting the big problem, identify the real root of the problem, brainstorming the ideas for the development and generate possible plans to do the practice efficiently and then understand the process and take some systematic step to mitigate the problem.

All the ISO certified auditing has been taken place in BT management and involvement process are the continual process of delivering the right outcome for the company. The effective transformation of business focus area is the concern arena of the outcome, and that will improve the learning process as well (Subramanian and Ramanathan 2012). The tools and techniques are identified for the development of the process. Implementation and the major improvement in quality are defined by the in-process results (Bradshaw et al. 2013). The performing benchmark can be identified by the quality management of environmental process or the IT service cases or in case of quality management as well. The social accountability is also responsible for that case, and each of these cases auditing has been done by the authentic international authorization.

British Telecom (BT): Total Quality Management

The Environmental Management System (EMS) was certified in 1999 with the registered number of ISO14001and it covers all UK based operation process as well. In the phase of non-UK operations, the system is implemented now in Germany, USA, Belgium, and Spain as well. This is the environmental management process that encourages 95% direct employee base and operates the defined roadmap to success ( 2018).

The service process provides some extra benefits in case of development in IT sectional program. ISO certification is the key process to justify the sequent and provide enough opportunity to deliver the best service management to the organization. The policies are:

  • The process of ICT is aligned with the requirement in business and that will not bestow over the technical aspect at all.
  • Tools are in the situation of developing process and that will provide a mark over the standard set of processing that allows best IT process for the company.
  • ITIL service management is best practiced in case of processing over the relevant ITIL framework to pursue the process ( 2018).  
  • As the confirmation of ISO20000 has accessible for BT, thus all the implementing rules are needed to be admitted to the company ( 2018).

This process is the complete development of quality management, and systematic PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT is the right approach to do the procedure. In case of effective deployment in the quality policy, most of the identified building blocks are the processing for the development of the organization. Planning for the change management is important in that case to ensure a proper system that proceeds into the development scenario ( 2018). Effectively doing the appropriate work in case of incident management is effective. The process takes charge of the incident and innovatively generates the system so that program will be delivered in an effective way (Jurow and Barnard 2013). In case of problem management, the scenario of checking the possibilities of that system is important, and through the system, the company can properly align their protocol so that approach and agreement will be associated in a correct form to mitigate the problem. There are mainly four key steps in the quality management system.

  • Internal audit approach
  • Agreement focus on doing
  • Manages the activities
  • Success celebration

The first corporate LIP recognition was gained by BT on 13th October 1998 and after the successful re-accreditation in December 1999 it was implemented in a proper way( 2018). The auditing process is the essential process to check the qualities are in agood manner or not. There are some sets of rules allocated for each of the companies and the processes are different for each country (Talib, Rahman and Qureshi 2013). The company has to comply with these rules set by ISO and BT has upgraded their standard to achieve the process as well.

Information security is the most governmental credited factor that remained as the catalyst in industrial development. The options for the management are quite larger if they provide security policies to the employees (Bon and Mustafa 2013). This is the reason most of the employees feel safe in the workplace and do their best to develop the market position of the company. The approved policies, that implemented in that situation is ISO27001: 2005 and revised formation of a code of practice were implemented in ISO27001: 2007( 2018). The security system is a mapping formation that protects the entire security of BT and provides enough coordination in business continuity and resilience process. ISO has set some rules in operational security management and through the activities and associated service management, the enhancing scenario has come up in a right manner.

ISO Certifications and British Telecom (BT)

BT is one of the renowned telecommunication companies in the UK and in past few years their market position of the company is quite stable. Through the CSR responsibilities, the company can look after the environment as well as people of their surroundings. This is entirely a promotional activity of the company to relate more people or to engage people for the better customer orientation (Laghari and Connelly 2012). The probable difficulties that come in this situation will be the safety and security of environment, risk management cases of the supplier, Human resource management, achievable change management, market expansion procedure and the climate change due to the expansion of the business. The environment safety is one of the major functions that aligned with the development and promotion of the market of BT ( 2018). In most of the cases, issues of environment are neglected by the companies, but in case of BT, CSR department takes the liability to mitigate environment problem occurs due to the telecommunication progress. Governance body has imposed some regulations on the organization, and these are considered as the extra problems for the organization.

Mitigations of problems are important to stable the organization. Organization approach is the first and foremost thing that needed to be changed. In most cases, organizations are lacking from their objectives, and then it will be important for the company meets their goal. Risk approaches are eventually nullified by the management if they take some additional shield protection to mitigate those facts. Environmental safety and security are important, and that somehow affect the organizational performances as well. Developing a CSR team is important so that in case of balancing the external situation they can take control of the situation.

Supply process problems occur in most of the cases, and transport cost problems are the main problem faced by the company. In case of the mitigating, the situation the reliable supply process and the long distance gap generation is one of the most promising ways to control over those facts. Some of the activities are not defined properly, in that case, problem chances are high enough, and gap analysis is important in that case (Schilling and Neubauer 2017). In case of IT structure, set a provisional goal to reach the moment is essential. In case of the complex situation when other companies are doing very well in market and BT is not doing well in that situation, the Strategic implementation needs to be imposed over the situation. Innovation and strategic implication need to be addressed in that situation so that possible problems will mitigate and company can access a good market position. In case of organization support, internal performances are important to maintain the possible chances to sustain their market. A major modification like change management needs to be established in a reformed phase so that people can trust their organization (Yu, To and Lee 2012). Innovation strategies invented by BT are processed innovation, all the level of strategic management issues consist of that. The process provides a general boost to the company so that company can gain new opportunities in business. Stimulation is one of the most effective parts that company has uplifted during the time. High-value services and venturing approaches are the possible chances that organization can change so that bets value can provide to the organization.

BT’s Transformative Process: DMAIC

BT’s technical design team needs to be strong and innovative so that service management will improve and in case of climate change option the company can reuse the climate changes issues. Services are the key aspect of the company and management had to take the responsibility to make proper use of that. ISO has certified some legislation and business authorities to the company, but if all the targets are not fulfilled correctly, then it will be a challenge for the company to make a stand over the situation. In case of the productive period of human resource management, a good number of employees are also needed to maintain the situation. Services improvement and increasing number of customer culmination is the right way to process the business. Understanding the customers and beating their competitors by a huge margin is the most important factor in this recommendation part. The process improvement is necessary for this situation, as BT has committed lean sigma process and through this process, they provide quality services to their customers.

Service provision, repairing process and complaint process are the key driver of satisfaction, and BT has to value their customers’ word and then it can be a good process of customers’ satisfaction as well. Some of the positive intent can come through the process where the ISO certification is not necessary for companies’ establishment; rather customers’ engagement is more useful than that. Define the performance ratio and determine the factors used by the customers are the useful factor to achieve in incremental changes.  Working data process and quality in work will come differently, one of the factors among them is the mitigation of complaint, and this will be a useful approach to make focus over the market and stand as the top company of telecommunication that BT stands for years.


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