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Product Features

The creation of a marketing strategy and implementation plan for the "cyber jacket," a clothing item that has been enhanced via technological advancement, will be the subject of this article. It is a revolutionary invention that attempts to mix beauty with security to achieve success. The product will be marketed and sold by Next PLC, a well-known store in England. In terms of retail advancement, the corporation is a significant player. An overview of the product and the target market will be provided, as well as recommendations for the launch of the product and a marketing mix used by the firm in this report. This study also discusses several concerns and obstacles the organization may have while executing the marketing plan.

According to researchers, fashion and technology are intertwined in the fashion sector (Noris et. al., 2021). The cyber jacket is a remarkable technological achievement when it comes to protecting yourself and your family. A high-quality digital camera, capable of recording movies and capturing photographs, is fastened to the jacket. Wireless network services may be used to send these recordings to a remote device. The wearer of the jacket can switch on and off the surveillance camera (Mao et al., 2018). The jacket's right sleeve also has a little button attached to it. The jacket may contact chosen individuals on its own if this button is kept down for more than three seconds. They will then access the photographs and video recordings captured by the camera. It may be a lifeline for police officers since it makes it simpler to report to their superiors when faced with dangerous situations. There have been other reports of police wrongdoing as well. The use of a cyber jacket may aid in investigating police activity. Journalists may also do covert activities while wearing this attire. Lightweight batteries may power the jacket, making it exceedingly pleasant to wear. The jacket was created with the demands of today's customers in mind, and it does it attractively. To prevent unauthorized access, individuals must first get authorization from their local government before purchasing the goods.

Extreme temperature zones need an ample supply of jackets. It can hold heat and may be used for various uses. Next PLC has designed a new kind of cyber jacket that can be worn like any other coat while also containing features such as a camera and an intelligent heating system that can detect changes in weather outside and adjust the inner temperature needed. The jacket uses a built-in microphone to capture video and audio and then send it to other electronic devices. The use of real-time video may benefit security and law enforcement agencies. With the need for equipment that allows them to gather data on potentially hazardous or suspicious individuals, the potential for cyber jackets is fascinating. With this jacket, they'll be able to record audio and video while staying warm. Cyber jackets aren't considered traditional clothing, yet they don't have a specific use in any industry. Recently, it has become an essential aspect of the jacket business. In 2020, the sector was expected to reach €127.4 billion, a significant decrease from the previous year's €146.9 billion. As more and more people become aware of the product's utility, demand for cyber jackets is projected to skyrocket in the future years. Customers are expected to utilize the product to enhance their performance, which will lead to a rise in sales (Morgan et al., 2018).

Target Market

Clothing market value

 Figure 1: Clothing market value

The perception of a brand's consumers is shaped by its market placement. Customers are drawn to a product because of the company's market placement, which distinguishes a product (Mykola et al., 2020). Next Plc's cyber jackets are just hitting the market; therefore, there isn't much demand. The jackets are very specialized and only appeal to a particular group of potential buyers. Several companies out there selling traditional coats that compete with this one. Since individuals may wear them, these coats have a wider audience. Competitors include Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Levi's, and more. There is an extensive consumer base for these enterprises, which specialize in producing coats. Jackets manufactured by these firms are known for their high quality. Customers' tastes have helped Tommy Hilfiger categorize their market. Their coats are geared for persons in the 24- to 40-year-old demographic. For clients with higher income levels, the company's items are promoted as high-end luxury goods. With a new focus on sustainable fashion, the firm is more positioned than ever to meet and exceed consumer expectations (Cabigiosu, 2020). Levi's and Burberry, for example, have aggressive price tactics aimed at the middle-income clientele. Next, Plc's cyber jackets are custom-designed to meet various needs. A favorable market positioning can easily influence customers' attitudes.

Fashionable and well-made clothing is highly valued by the people of England, the product's intended market, making the production and sale of cyber-jackets a potentially lucrative venture. This industry has a substantial effect on England's economy, society, and environment. Customers have considerable influence in this market, and corporations have had to quickly shift gears to satisfy consumers' shifting needs numerous times. As a result, Next PLC's future operations will benefit from a comprehensive client behavior analysis (Peng et al., 2020). Customer behavior has been studied and researched extensively throughout the years, which may assist.

As a result of a recent survey, individuals in the United Kingdom are becoming more self-sufficient. They are attracted to clothing items that enable them to express their uniqueness (Ozuem et al., 2021). Consumer participation has an impact on clothing purchases as well as on other aspects of life. When it comes to garment buying, consumers who are more involved in the process are less likely to be influenced by discounts and are more interested in the novelty and individuality of their purchases. Consumers in their twenties and thirties are more likely to buy clothing from well-known brands than other age groups. Younger people are more likely than older people to purchase trendy apparel within their social groups. There has been a dramatic movement in the preferred method of purchasing in recent years. More and more customers are turning to eCommerce firms and websites for assistance with their purchases. People are shopping for apparel less often since brick-and-mortar stores aren't as popular as they once were (Biswas et al., 2019). Several variables, such as accessibility, cost, convenience, and delivery speed, motivated buyers to purchase items from younger firms. Overall, the British apparel industry's innovative fashion and design decisions have a significant impact.

Launch Recommendations

Various issues and possibilities might be discovered by examining the English market setting. When it comes to shopping for clothing, the English emphasize uniqueness and design. When marketing the cyber jacket, Next PLC may use this aspect (Wadhwani et al., 2020). Users of the cyber jacket have access to various useful features that might make them feel more secure. The cyber jacket is unique in that it has never been offered to the individuals of England before. The jacket is designed to be fashionable and adds to its allure. Because of the widespread use of online purchasing, Next PLC has a chance to show off the use of its product in a manner that catches the eye of its target clients. However, the selling of the cyber jacket may be complicated by ethical considerations. Malicious persons may take advantage of the jacket's built-in camera for their ends. Autonomy is severely impacted by the passive capture of photos and videos. To get an edge over others, one can't supervise the improper use of video recording equipment. Controversial: Camera monitoring is a hot-button issue. When third parties are unaware that they are being watched, it may potentially be used against them negatively. As a result, the PLC and the government have no means of ensuring that its owners utilize the camera for a positive purpose (Hussain et al., 2021). Consumers may be put off by the product's ethical difficulties, resulting in a lower sales volume.The major clothing companies

Figure 2: The major clothing companies

Political factors

The political considerations that affect an organization are those set by the federal and state governments. There was an increase in tax and regulations governing business transfer in China for political reasons (cities or regions). NEXT is also affected by these political factors in China.

Economic factors

Aside from the United States, China is expected to become one of the world's most important garment marketplaces by 2019. From 2014 to 2019, the Chinese clothing sector is expected to have a 25 percent rise in yearly sales. China's clothing sector is very competitive, with no clothing brand having more than 1% market share in China (Bala & Verma 2018). As a result, China's per capita expenditure on clothes is far lower than many wealthy countries throughout the world. Although clothing purchases made for a significant portion of Chinese family income in 2014, the average individual consumer spent just around $240 on clothing (i.e., around 10 percent). Despite a slower growth rate in recent years, China's garment market maintains a solid position and will overtake the United States as the world's biggest apparel market by 2017.

Social factors

This year has seen a significant rise in the fast fashion trends, with Asian customers clamoring for the ever-growing number of popular companies. As people's means and aspirations rise, new, more inexpensive firms are stepping up to meet the need for products that are nonetheless stylish and contemporary.

Technological factors

Rapid technical advances in the creation and manufacturing of clothing have resulted in a major shift in the industry. In addition, technological advancements such as the widespread usage of social media have made it easier for businesses to connect with consumers.

Marketing Mix

Sophisticated organizations utilize a viral approach known as segmentation to ensure that a large market can be satisfied and targeted (Hine et al., 2019). It is possible to segment the tiger market into several groups depending on mutual interests and characteristics. Segmentation is a powerful marketing approach that may help organizations maximize their marketing efforts and boost their bottom lines. For the cyber jacket, the Next PLC will use effective segmentation tactics. These will ensure that the marketing campaign is both efficient and effective. Segmenting a target market is possible in a variety of ways. Demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographic segmentation are the most often used methods for segmentation (Madzík et al., 2021). Next, PLC's segmentation approach will target the English market based on these four primary categories. The following list explains the rationale for the selection of these subcategories.

Segmentation by demographics – People above the age of 18 will be the focus of the following PLC. This specific age group has been targeted because of the potential for product abuse. If used carelessly or maliciously, the cyber jacket might have detrimental consequences on both the individual and society (TEWAHADE, 2018). It is possible to decrease the risk of the cyber jacket being misused by making sure that the corporation only targets those above the age of 18. As a unisex product, the jacket will be promoted to male and female customers. As the goods may be appreciated and afforded by those with substantial discretionary cash, the marketing will focus on these individuals. Since Next PLC can produce the cyber jacket in multiple sizes, the product will be available to consumers of varying heights and weights.

Segmentation based on psychological characteristics - Next, PLC's marketing strategy heavily relies on psychographic segmentation. People that have a favorable view of technology and digital infrastructure, in general, will be targeted by the firm (Chernyakov & Chernyakova, 2018). When someone has a good attitude about technology, they are more likely to incorporate it into their daily lives. A cyber jacket is more likely to be purchased by those who have a good attitude toward technology. Those that lead a fast-paced and contemporary lifestyle are likely to be targeted by the corporation because of their aptitude and interest in digital technology (Abubakre et al., 2021). Police officers and journalists who work in dangerous environments will be the primary beneficiaries of this program. The corporation will focus on them as its core market because the product is more affordable to those with a higher or medium socioeconomic class.

Distinguishing between different geographic areas - Various regional considerations influence consumers' purchasing decisions. The cyber jacket will be marketed mainly in the United Kingdom at first. The corporation was able to develop sensitive and relevant marketing by focusing on a single area, and these savings will be passed on to other operating expenditures, such as international shipping and marketing.

Segmentation of behavior - According to the corporation, customers will be divided into groups depending on the behaviors they exhibit (Funk et al., 2021). The organization would use additional market research, pricing, and customer satisfaction surveys to better understand their customers' needs and preferences. That will benefit the organization by enhancing the consumer experience while also lowering marketing expenses. Cyber jackets will be marketed in England, where people emphasize originality and style.

Concerns and Obstacles

The persona of the target market

Table 1: Persona


Customer 1


As a business analyst at a well-known firm, customer 1 is an experienced 33-year-old. She has a salary of 100,000 GBP each year. She has mastered the use of electronic devices and puts them to good use.


To go to her job, Customer 1 must travel a significant distance on foot or by car. Because she needs to work late at night, she is concerned about her own safety.

Factors that influence the choice to purchase

Some of her close friends are concerned for her safety because of this incident. She's fascinated by the newest technology. When it comes to apparel, she values originality and quality.

Pain Points

Concerns regarding her safety are expressed. The inability of alternative safety measures to be implemented. She is dressing in a way that does not allow her to express herself.

cyber jacket’s benefit

Creating a sense of security and safety.

High-quality materials and a flawless design.

They are appropriately designed to meet the needs of customer 1's individuality and self-expression.

The goal of positioning is to create a brand image for the product in customers' minds. Companies use a positioning map to help them develop a marketing plan for their products (Bala & Verma 2018). The positioning map is also known as a positioning map since it is based on customer perceptions. Maps like this one assist companies figure out where they are now and where they want to go in the long term. This diagram depicts NEXT's current market position concerning its current rivals.

NeXT plc's current map of perception

Currently, NEXT is positioned as a brand that sells things at a reasonable price while maintaining a respectable level of fashion and contemporary. Zara and Asos are the primary rivals of NEXT. Both businesses have a strong focus on fashion, and there is no variation in price strategy between them. We want to establish ourselves as a premium, high-quality brand using this marketing strategy. The following image depicts NEXT plc's new strategic orientation.

Advantages of wearing the cyber jacket

The emergency button, the camera, and the cyber jacket's capacity to notify desired contacts over the internet, among other features, are all thoughtfully integrated into the cyber jacket. The target market will like the cyber jacket since it is fashionable and one-of-a-kind in terms of its features. Police and military personnel may use it to legitimize their activities and alert higher-ups right away if anything goes wrong.The sales volume

Figure 3: The sales volume

Product, Price, Promotion, and Place make up the four pillars of a product's marketing mix (Thabit & Raewf 2018). Each of these components has been examined and described in detail below.

Product- The product mix is one of the 4Ps for the cyber jacket. Marketing the Cyber jacket to maximize earnings is a requirement. A strong product mix strategy is vital here. The product mix includes all aspects of marketing a product. Design, quality, and packaging are only a few of the most important product attributes (Lahtinen et al., 2020). To promote the cyber jacket, PLC must develop marketing strategies that address these points. The cyber jacket's creative, forward-looking, and stylish design must be advertised. The jacket is designed to appeal to the target market. The cyber jacket will be offered in various sizes, from small to XXXL. The jacket comes in a range of hues from dark blue to light green and dark black to light gray. That will increase sales of the cyber jacket by providing buyers with more options. The jacket's four pockets and removable hoodie will give shoppers more alternatives. Following market research, Next PLC developed branding initiatives. The logo was developed to appeal to the target demographic. The product will be called a "cyber jacket in the future." Concerned about the environment, PLC has chosen recyclable packaging to enhance the product's public image.

Price- Because it is a new product, customers may be wary about buying it. The company's success rests on its capacity to adjust prices quickly. A company's pricing is an important marketing tool. The cyber jacket must compete with well-known fashion brands (Hanlon, 2021). The company will use penetration pricing to sell the cyber jacket. The firm will employ penetration pricing to make the cyber jacket very inexpensive relative to other clothing producers. So long as Next PLC keeps the price low, the low-cost cyber jacket will appeal to a broad market. To promote a new product, the business will reduce its profit margin for the first year. The profit margin may be raised after clients get acclimated to the cyber jacket and prefer it over alternatives.

Fashion and Technology

Promotion- A new product requires substantial promotion. It is important in product purchases. Next PLC's cyber jacket will be more widely recognized and bought by using effective marketing strategies. Because the cyber jacket is intended for those with some technological knowledge, the company will employ digital marketing to sell it. Email marketing is the most lucrative digital marketing method (Bala & Verma 2018). Money is saved. That is how Next PLC intends to reach its target market. The launch will be publicized on the company's website. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be utilized to promote the benefits and usage of the cyber jacket via interactive GIFs, competitions, and periodic content. Researchers advise garment companies to use chat-based social networking. The next PLC will use digital marketing platforms and services. Customers will be enticed to acquire the goods by the company's unique promotional offers and substantial discounts (MOHAMMED, 2021).

Place- Marketing the cyber jacket requires careful planning and finding qualified distributors. Because the product will first be sold solely in the UK, the company will need to establish successful marketing strategies. The company will sell the cyber jacket online and offline (Vieira et al., 2019). The business will work with wholesalers to get the items to clothing stores throughout England. The company will also work with large retailers to make the product more accessible. Cyber jackets will be made available to all of England's major e-commerce websites as the target market moves to online shopping (Wilson et al., 2019). Amazon and eBay are two examples. The product will also be sold on the company's website, with free shipping. Internet income has surpassed physical sales for numerous years. There will be actual stores, but online sales will take precedence.

Make sure Next PLC's organizational efficiency is as high as possible so that the cyber jacket marketing plan succeeds. There are several factors to consider when ensuring that all of a company's many divisions are working together effectively (Amershi et al., 2019). The marketing and sales of cyber jackets will be harmed if coordination operations and interdepartmental cooperation fall short of expectations. The business must ensure that its staff is agile and adaptable to remain competitive. The company's silos of operation must be broken down, and personnel encouraged engaging in interdepartmental activities by applying competent management methods. In this respect, the construction of a suitable communication channel, openness, approachability, and careful curation of the work culture to embrace teamwork and bonding are some techniques. Internal marketing has an important role to play here as well. When done correctly, internal marketing may help firms improve their workers' skills and knowledge, change their objectives and visions, motivate them to produce more value, and enhance their customers' experiences (Qiu et al., 2022). Next PLC must ensure that its internal marketing rules and processes align with the company's overall goals. That may be accomplished by fostering a work environment that rewards unconventional thinking, stimulates open dialogue, and holds people accountable for their actions. That may be done through recognizing hard effort, promoting equality and diversity, and developing an open and communicative organizational structure.

Additionally, interdepartmental mentoring might assist workers in becoming more conscious of their colleagues' efforts. Full-time workers often have a favorable opinion of internal marketing. Ethical concerns arise when the utility is misused, and the cyber jacket presents this problem. By making it essential for people only to acquire the cyber coat after they have approval from the proper governmental authorities, the firm has attempted to address this problem. Surveillance cameras may also be turned off after a pre-determined amount of time. As a result, owners' errors will be less likely to result in unwelcome recordings being made.

Consumers' visits to the virtual fitting room and downloads of the NEXT mobile application may be used to analyze the marketing strategy's performance. Consumer brand loyalty may be tested by understanding how many people are aware of the company's new technology and how many are utilizing it to shop NEXT items. Consumer ratings and satisfaction may also be used to assess marketing initiatives. Also, the company's sales income will be the best indication of its marketing techniques. Evaluating increased sales via online and offline channels is also a sign of successful marketing strategy execution. The recommended marketing techniques would help the organization move towards new technology and customer-driven. Less brand affinity and awareness are recommended marketing methods.

 As part of Next's commitment to GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, Next plc and its subsidiaries "NEXT" are obligated to comply. They want their customers to know that the personal information they give to them is safe and secure, and they want them to know how we utilize it. If you visit the corporate website of NEXT plc, you are subject to this notice of privacy practices (Qiu et al., 2022). Because we are the 'Data Controller,' NEXT is entitled to use terms like "we" and "us" when referring to the individuals whose personal data we collect. The term "Data Controller" refers to NEXT as the entity in charge of deciding how and why each individual's data will be handled.

Next Plc mentions a firm that uses Marketing Myopia: Engaging on social media is an excellent way to provide excellent customer service. 30 to 45 percent of orders come from customers placing them from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the NEXT directory website. Deliveries are made the next day, which offers the firm an advantage over other shops. A relationship with Net-a-Porter or other internet start-ups like that might help the firm improve its cutting-edge technologies (Qiu et al., 2022). The organization may also enhance its delivery services by opting for a more dependable and respectable third-party delivery provider.


The cyber jacket will be introduced to the English market by Next PLC. Because this particular market segment has the most purchasing power, the product will target contemporary, technologically proficient consumers with a sizable quantity of discretionary cash. It is necessary to establish a consumer persona to identify the ideal client for the cyber jacket. The corporation will also target the police and other security services, who see the value in this jacket's protection without sacrificing discretion. As a result, Next PLC plans to use the jacket's future design in its marketing efforts. Product uniqueness is the focus of the marketing effort. Adopting a penetration pricing strategy and using online and offline promotional techniques, discounts, introductory offers, and online and offline distribution channels might be advised. Next PLC's implementation process may be hindered by challenges such as a lack of internal marketing and ethical concerns about monitoring. These and other issues are addressed in the paper as ways of dealing with them.


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