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Quality Management and Its Components


Discuss about the Six Sigma Traditional Quality Management Theory.

The success of any organization is dependent on the quality process and outcomes at every level. Quality management is the tool that makes sure the customer satisfaction, enhanced revenues and operational efficiencies. The practices of quality management are translating from strategy to operations. It has been analyzed that most of the organization tend to have the centralized continuous improvements and quality team who keep focus on to do directly working with the business units to help execute standard practices around competency and procedures (Jiménez-Jiménez, et. al., 2015). It is the research proposal which will reflect the various elements regarding translating quality management practices. Literature review will be provided in this research to emphasize the aspects of quality management. The research process will be made so as to conduct the implementation of the research program in a valuable manner. There are so many organizations in UAE that are facing issues in attaining the suitable consumer contentment and constant enhancement (Uluskan, Godfrey  and Joines, 2017). Recently, quality departments such as centre of excellence have been adjoined various organizations in UAE, whether it is a government, semi-government or private organization. In term of quality management, it has so many components such as Six Sigma, lean, total quality management, ISO9000 and lean (Atanas, Rodrigues and Simmons, 2015). Total quality management is the most recent element of the quality management that was proven to be a successful field of management. Literature review of this research proposal suggests that there is no difference in manufacturing organization than other kind of organization such as construction organization. The main aim of this research is to examine the various factors of execution of TQM that best suits UAE. 

  • What is quality management and how can it influence the UAE government sectors?
  • How UAE began its journey towards excellence?
  • Is UAE government successful to provide the efficient services to its customer as citizens in an efficient manner?

Quality management comprises quality control, inspection, total quality management and quality assurance. As per Khanam, Siddiqui and Talib, (2016), Quality control and examination are demonstrated in a way that their function is to recognize and perceive occurred issues. Quality assurance is able to find out the issues within an organization that are regarding to quality by effective planning and methodologies. Jabnoun and Khalifah, (2015), concluded that the nature of quality assurance is proactive by looking to complete quality management system by a well recognized system such as ISO 14001. Quality control is the component of quality management which can be referred as the detailed procedure and methodologies like planning, reviewing the work analyzing the process of work, scheduling and checking. Furthermore, it prevents unrequited changes in the services and products being offered.

The Role of Quality Management in UAE's Economy

It has been evaluated that the oil and gas a major contributor to the UAE economy. The role of quality management has a major role in the journey of UAE to translate the strategy of quality management into operations. However, it faced so many challenges and the government sectors of UAE had to put lot of efforts for the success of this implementation (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). There are various issues that have challenges such as the issue of unknown standards has challenges of lack of benchmarking, lack of vocational qualification framework and not recognized by higher authority. Other challenges can be limited source, weak quality culture, low paid graduates and lower status graduates. Six sigma is major component of the quality management that describes execution of the measurement based strategy that focuses on the improvement of process and variation reduction through the process of six sigma improvement projects (Mir and Pinnington, 2014). The economy of UAE has gradually evolved into a service and knowledge based economy. It has been analyzed that in mid1990s the leaders of the UAE has been realized that there is a requirement of improvement of quality and customer service for the competitive advantages in the organization of the leaders of UAE have recognition programs, excellence frameworks, e-government initiatives and major partnership with quality focused associations (Albliwi et. al., 2014). These initiatives were helpful to improve the quality of the product, productivity, competitiveness of UAE’s and consumer experience. Although challenges were remain after implementing the strategies but the journey of UAE towards excellence continues.

UAE involves 7 emirates namely, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Sharjah. The GDP of country has reached around AED 981 Billion in 2011. There are activities of services included Wholesale, Retail Trade, Real Estate, Government services, Communication etc. included about AED 440 billion of the totals GDP (Annual Economic Report, 2012). The economy of UAE was gradually converting into service and knowledge based economy. It has been realized by the leader of UAE to fulfill the demand of the customer by providing them efficient quality that is why they instituted a number of strategies and far reaching a macro level quality and marvelous proposal for entire sectors of economy such as government departments, public as well as private sectors. It has been evaluated that within this circumstance, the drive of Dubai for quality was born in 1990s and in that case the government sector of the UAE has become the key driver of quality superiority in UAE and organization has started involving in best practices, international standards on Quality and Business Excellence frameworks and investing in people development (Papp, 2014). The vision of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and current Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE was the reason of best quality with institution of Dubai Quality Award (DQA) in 1994.

Initiatives for Quality Improvement in UAE

The DQA process originally was for the only confidential sector organization, was initiated as a means of humanizing the standards of business operating in Dubai, it would be great initiative of boosting internal as well as external trade. DQA is awarded to only those companies that have given their best to provide the best quality to their customers. There are mainly 11 organizations in the economy included such as manufacturing, education, finance, construction, healthcare and media can involve in the program of award.It has been analyzed that recognition has been categorized into three levels such as DQA Gold, DQA and DQ Appreciation Prize Dubai quality group is a group which was set up in 1994 for the purpose of developing the quality and business excellence practices in UAE. It was able to enhance the productivity of the organization to develop the completion in the UAE (Sabella, Kashou and Omran, 2014). DQC prolongs to be leading for revenue professional society for majorly quality professional and being the reason of developing the voice of quality. Along with that it has been mentioned by Thawani, (2017), in his article that UAE started implementing international quality management system standards (ISO: 9000). It is fact that in the year of 2012, a sum of 3229 ISO 9001 certificates have been issued in UAE. It has been done due to growth of the certification and along with those implementing ISO standards was facilitated organization to make a establishment to hold sustainable institutionalization of developments over time. Government organization of the UAE has started to adopt a management system which significantly enhanced various numbers of business offering training and certification services and consulting (Oakland, 2014). It has been evaluated that government of Dubai was concerned about the services that is why in 1998, Dubai Government was established Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) for improving the rescue services of government to the citizens, visitors, business and residents. The main focus of this program was on the improvement the services of government and simplifies the procedures of government (Talib, Rahman and Qureshi, 2013). It has been evaluated that the other Emirates and the federal Government Departments started different programs for the purpose of improving the productivity, effectiveness, customer service and efficiency of nation. Under UAE Smart Government initiative, all services of government will be accessible on mobile devices within 2 years period escorting in a period which is new for the customer services and experience and it has researched that UAE has obtained 7th rank globally in the e-government services.

Research Methodologies

It was argued by Kamco, (2011), in his article “United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Economic Brief and Outlook 2011” that foreign trade has an important role in the economy of UAE more importantly in oil industry. There are certain countries such as India, the USA, Iran, Germany and China that play a vital role in the trade of UAE as they represent 40% of the UAEs trade. It has been evaluated that the situation of world economy caused growth in trade gradually in 2009 due to the sum value of the UAE attained AED 660.4 billion compared to AED 788.9 billion in 2008, which showed 16 percent drop in foreign trade. It is vital for the government sector to keep focus on the quality of the products and services which is being delivered to the citizens of the UAE.

Research methodologies are the set of various techniques and methods which is being used in this research proposal to collect the information and requirements for the research topic. There are various sources and methods have been utilized to implement the research. Quality management is essential part for the organization and data has been collected for the success of the topic “Translating quality management practices from strategy to operations- challenges for the UAE government sectors” by adapting various methods.

There are number of research methods for developing the research. Qualitative as well as quantitative data has been chosen for this research. Qualitative method is can be enlightened as an approach for gathering the quality data which helps in sustaining the quality of the research. On the hand quantitative data refers to which involves collecting the numerical data on which the statistical calculations can be done to draw the conclusions.

There are different approaches to carry on the research. Qualitative and quantitative research approaches have been chosen for this research. Primary and secondary source are being chosen for this research to gather the quality data from journals, articles, books, internet sources and other author’s literature review. These sources have facilitated to put together the knowledge of the aspects regarding the topic of the research.

Data collection is one of the major parts of the research. It facilitates ton gather the data in order to complete the research with evidence and provide a valid conclusion. The roles of primary and secondary sources are major to gather the data. A primary source refers a first-hand information and evidence and it can be gathered from interview, questionnaire, case studies and surveys. On the other hand a secondary source provides the data which is already used or utilized (Jaafreh, 2013). It can be accumulated from the magazines, articles in newspapers, reviews, research papers, etc.

Sampling can be refereed as the process in which the certain sets of unit are opted from the total population to make an observation. There are number of methods of sampling avaible and for this research random sampling technique has been chosen because it is the method which gives opportunity to every sample which is selected for the analysis the topic.

It is essential for accomplishing the research to analyze the collected data in sophisticated manner. A systematic approach has been chosen for this research to analyze the research topic and handle the execution of the research in sequence manner (Ismail, 2004). An action plan has been prepared to identify the several activities regarding research program in sequence manner.

The uses of primary and secondary sources have been opted to gather the data from the targeted market. With the help of questionnaire and interviews, primary data has been accumulated for this research. On the other hand, secondary data is gathered from the internet and articles related to this topic.

The main focus of this research is to collect the data in a fair manner with keeping ethical consideration. The integrity has been maintained in an efficient manner and the users can easily keep faith on the given data and information given by research.

It has been concluded that quality management is considered as the Industry that has attained increasing attention in the last decades. The advantages of Total Quality Management have extensively identified in its successful execution in various organizations in companies which has followed so many structures that have become highly competitive by developing the products and services that are able to meet the requirements of the customer along with the Expectations of them. There are a number of factors are reflected in this research which affects the quality management of the country.

It has been evaluated that in the United Arab Emirates, the more attention was given to the quality Movement in the late 1990s, the quality management industry is still being issued as having poor great performance in quality. With this regard, the leaders of the government sector has been realized the need to improve the quality of their product and services in order to become competitive.

Various programs have been initiated by the government of the United Arab Emirates to improve the quality of the services and products for enhancing the productivity of the country to become more competitive in all over the world. There are various issues that have challenges such as the issue of unknown standards has challenges of lack of benchmarking, lack of vocational qualification framework and not recognized by higher authority. 

Serial no.


Starting date

Duration (days)

Completion date



Selection of topic

15 November 2017


17 November 2017

Choice of topic will be done


Structure of plant

18 November 2017


22  November 2017

Plans will be building to execute the research


Execution of the research program

23 November 2017


29  November 2017

Plans will be implemented


Data collection

30 November 2017


3 December 2017

Methods of data collection will be chosen.


Interpretation of data

4 December 2017


7 December 2017

Results will be drawn.


Conclusion and recommendations

8 December 2017


10 December 2017

Conclusion and recommendations has been made as per analysing the data.


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