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1.  How satisfied are you with the service?

2.  How friendly and professional are the staffs? 

3.  How was the process for getting your concerns resolved?

4.  How satisfied are you with our food? 

5.  What make you likely want to maintain the contract with us? 

6.  Requests for extra cleans in the lounge are responded to and scheduled quickly, as needed? (if no, why?)

7.  What else would you like us to know?

Spotless Company Overview

Spotless is considered as a leading company in the marketplace, it provides integrated facility services in Australia and New Zealand. It utilizes its inner resources of 36 thousand team members across various sectors of the company. The company’s strategy considers customer centricity, growth, innovation, brand loyalty and operational excellence. Many brands that belong to Spotless such as AE Smith, Asset Service, Clean Domain, Ensign, Epicure, Nuvo Group, Skill Tech and Alliance is one of them.

Overall, the head office of the Spotless is using Functional Structure. Since there are so many brands that belong to Spotless group, the organizational structure will be divided into the Market

The Emirates lounge will be the place to take surveys in order to solve problems, find the better consequences and understand what is happening at the lounge. Therefore, a conclusion of how to avoid losing Emirate contract could be understood. There are few different participants from different aspects such as staffs, clients, and spotless managers who will help to cover all the problems and help to find out the best solutions. Many aspects should be looked such as client satisfaction, increase service and food quality, and how to increase these, understand the competitors, and meet the budget of the Emirate.

All the questions for Emirates will be looked deeply into how to satisfy company's client, what needs to be improved, and how to maintain the happiness. The questionnaire will be more focus on the happiness of the staffs of Spotless who are currently working at the lounge and what they know about their workplace. Because of that, more comprehensive understanding would be generated at what is happening around the lounge will be discovered and solutions will take place. Surveys or feedback from Passengers who traveling with Emirates and have access to the lounge can show what the company is lacking off or it could be a good evidence to show Emirates how good the company is. Finally, face-to-face interview with Spotless Manager at Emirates lounge can help to solve the problems on how to reduce cost and meet Emirates' budget.

Spotless aims to reduce its utilities, assets’ costs, and performance improvement that would reduce the cost and maximize the production efficiencies. It provides managed solutions from its savings rather than investing the clients' capital to reduce its operating costs. According to Spotless Group (2017a), the solutions are as follows:

  • Using alternative energy sources: As the company Using solar power to substitute electricity and maximizing the gas supply through technology, which is self-generated electricity, for cold and hot water.
  • Optimize asset maintenance: Through reducing the maintenance costs by 40% accompanied by lower risk.
  • Smart monitoring systems: By using advanced information systems as the Internet of things, enterprise energy management systems and energy management systems.
  • The company could meet all financial covenants under existing debt facilities during 2017. Also the company forecasts a positive free cash flow in fiscal year (Spotless Group, 2017b)

The company invests in staff training and development to ensure high performance and maintain a developed workforce. It considers the HR investments as an investment in its future. In addition, it attracts, retains and develops the highest quality staffs, ensures the safety of customer service. The training program is called "Australian Apprenticeships", it offers the required qualifications of hospitality, cleaning, laundry operations, health, maintenance, logistics, business and finance. Moreover, the company offers training delivery methods, as online learning, house face-to-face, on the job training and external courses (Spotless Group, 2017c). The provided training enables Spotless to compete in the international market.

Spotless Organizational Structure

To understand more about the client, primary research techniques will be used to get the result on how to achieve client loyalty. A face-to-face interview had been made with the Spotless manager of Emirates lounge on how to cut costs to meet client budget. This will focus on qualitative and find out the best option to reduce cost and provide the best quality to Emirates. Questionnaires have been made to gather information from staff and Emirates' customers as quantitative research as it will be open questions to collect the best answers as possible about the service and the quality of the lounge. Twenty Emirates staffs will be asked to take the questionnaire before they start their shift. The first 5 questions will ask their satisfaction with food and service by a scale from 1 (unsatisfied) to 10 (very satisfied).  All 35 Spotless staff will be given 10-15 mins after the lounge close at 9:45 pm to answer all the questions. Questionnaire papers will be handed to the Emirates' customers also as soon as they check-in at the reception before entering the lounge and the paper can be left on the table where they sit and staffs will take it or it will be collected directly when customers leaving the lounge. Observations on competitors are good chance to look closely at company's market and its competitors. A quick walk-in to the New Zealand lounge under Compass Group can help to understand more about the competitors' food quality and services. Also, talk to their customers is another option. Both New Zealand lounge and Compass Group website will be observed for further information.

An interview had been made with Spotless Manager at the Emirates Lounge, the result is quite interesting. The answer on how to cut cost to meet Emirates budget is to use some internal resources from Spotless Group such as laundry, cleaning and maintenance. The reason behind this may be Emirates has some shower rooms in the lounge, and Spotless can use their laundry resources for showers, towels and more. In addition, using food wasted management efficiently is one of the best ways to reduce cost as well as saving environment. Lastly choosing a good food supplier with reasonable price and maximize use of products are necessary plan.

Further, taking client feedback could let the company know where they need to improve on their products and service. Employees also one of the important factors that no company can ignore. This could be because Emirates require at least three waiters, two janitors, and three chefs every shift. If employees do not happy with the job, lack of staffs on a shift, this could affect to the Emirates customers, which may cause un-satisfaction of Emirates. In addition, comparing Spotless products with its competitors to understand more Spotless services.

Emirates Lounge Surveys and Solutions

There is an integer that consumers move from one brand to another. One of the most important reasons is the prime value. When customers find another brand with lower prices, they tend to switch to that brand. There may be transactions, reductions in customers and forced conversion of the brand. The next cause is the inconvenience faced by the customers. An unfavourable location of the business entity may hinder the customer arrival (Peppers and Rogers 2016). If customers find that they have to go far to use the service, they will not care about the product or service.

Heath (2014) claims that customers lose their spirits when customers fail in the product and this can prevent customers from accessing their service. There may be related ethics related to the organization. If the company has a career-related problem and does not solve the customer in an effective manner, the customer will not be loyal to the particular brand (Heath 2014).


In conclusion, the report has looked at the main research question on how to extend Emirates Contract. In order to find the solution, all Emirates staffs, Spotless employees and Emirates passengers have to complete the questionnaires or interview regarding to the research question. Overall, Emirates staffs are happy with the service that Spotless provide, their concern on cleaning and maintain facilities always be completed quickly. Most of Emirates customers have been to the Lounge before, and they happy with the service, Spotless Group able to deliver better food service day by day. Spotless staff satisfy with all the training as their performance have been improved such as better teamwork, good work ethics, and gain more knowledge. In addition, the requirement of the staff room, first aid training, and crisis management training should be paid attention as it will bring good result and reputation to the organization

Most of the answers from the surveys show positive results, however, the company needs to keep continue maintaining and improving their services. The client is very happy about the staffs and service provided by Spotless but still not reach 100% of their satisfaction, therefore, if Spotless can provide some training on crisis management, first aid, fire evacuation, education for staff, Spotless reputation and image would be increased. As a result of this, client and passengers can rely on Spotless staff which also develop Spotless reliable image. Another benefit of crisis management is it can help the organization in preparing for future problems and limit the damage that the company might face. In addition, effective communications during a crisis can help determine how the company's core values and belief have helped it to overcome a major challenge, potentially enhancing public perception of the company. 

Spotless Solutions

Increase client's loyalty also one of the necessary strategies to win the contract. The importance of knowing the offerings of the company by customers may set their expectation in the right manner. Therefore, the organization can create trust factor with the customers. Spotless can focus on implementing anticipatory service that would allow the company to decrease the number of occurring problems.

In order to increase the quality of food and products, Spotless could prepare a long-term plan, then break it into small steps, find issues and solve it to reach the goal.

It is important that the researcher performs all the tests by following ethic responsibility. To conduct the entire study effectively, it is significant that investigators need to look carefully for every side. In addition, the survey of this study emphasized ethical considerations during the study. Investigators have taken the ethical course in the data collection process as most ethical issues arise in data collection (Panneerselvam, 2014). Therefore, the attention of research during conducting surveys is very important. Go to the bottom of the credential or treat the research by researching it in through research or during the data collections and under a description below here:

It will be interested in the commodity of the rows and no questions will think of their essence of their credentials. More, the research will not open information for anyone provided by customers. Therefore, information collected will not be shared with anyone and its privacy will be maintained. Furthermore, the investigator will only include the information necessary to conduct the investigation, not any other information that may be of interest to the customer. In addition, participants will not be required by the researchers to participate and who will participate; their form will be hidden. Along with that, while managing managers it is very important to consider ethics (Mettler, 2011).

Secondly, while retrieving data from sources, research will continue to look at the maximum of ethics. While writing normal literary lessons, the entire data will not be copy but convert into a proper sentence. (Sullivan-Bolyai, Bova and Singh, 2012). In addition, this may increase the value of the subject researcher texts. Furthermore, research will be given to one reference to the data. Along with that, taking the data from the customer reviews, the author will anonymize the customer's order to provide a review.

While the research has been conducted, the ethical considerations have been strictly abided. None of the participants were forced to participate (Tripathi 2014). In addition, before starting the survey, all participants had been told what the research about, what would be done with the collected data, how the data will be stored and who has the access to the data. Moreover, written consents were collected from each of the participants. The data collected would be confidential and used for the learning purpose only and the identity of the participants would not be revealed.


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