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You will investigate the change that has taken place through collecting, analysing and interpreting interview data and data sourced from databases, websites, annual reports, etc. You must conduct at least one interview with a manager and one interview with an employee within the organisation who was involved in the change. Interviews can be conducted in person, via phone, email or Skype. You will then need to critically analyse the data with reference to the recent academic literature and the theories, ideas and concepts covered in the course. Part of this will include discussing what the organisation has done well in accordance to the literature and also what they have not done well. You will make informed and relevant recommendations to the organisation and provide future solutions for effective change management.

 This assessment will effectively demonstrate your capacity to:

  • analyse and critically evaluate organisational change practices and issues which relate to any of the HRM functions
  • plan and undertake an independent research project 
  • integrate connections between scholarly ideas, concepts and theories and professional preparation by applying relevant tools, techniques and solutions to practical workplace problems

The report you produce may also have important implications for your targeted organisation. Furthermore, with permission from the organisation, a copy of your de-identified report can be included in your career/e-portfolio.

Research Methodology

Pepper money is the foremost market consumer finance organization. Since 2001 in Australia successfully third-party loan provider and asset manager has been functioning. The company serves a variety of assets combining inhabited house loans, profitable loans, apparatus finance and consumer finance. Pepper inaugurated its new European office in London in 2012 to influence the knowledge and strong performance track record from Australia to grab financial assets and loan servicing gateways in Ireland, UK, Italy, and Spain. In the UK Pepper is the most important professional loan servicing company. Pepper is providing personalized services to shareholder and banking customers (Pepper, Gore, and Crossman, 2013).

Pepper Money is an expanded; self-governing global financial services business with experts experience in basic disciplines of important, suggested and asset management among the residential and commercial property areas as well as customers, automatic finance equipment (McKay, 2013).  By using the PESTLE analysis model, recognizing the correct metrics to maintain leadership informed about key workforce problems. Acting with due knowledge, skill, maintenance, and carefulness requires understanding and performing duties completely, professionally and in relation with control, risk management procedures and strategies combining the code (Wallace, Hoover, and Pepper, 2014).

The motive of the report is to act as a Human Resource Manager of Pepper Money and give an in-depth inquiry into the organization and to modify the process according to the working of the organization. The main emphasis of the report on the organization should relate to the functions of Human Resource Manager like giving training, development of employees, proper recruitment and selection of candidates, administration relations, safety, inspiration, etc. The manager in the organization will consider the change that has taken place by combining, investigating and understanding information of the interview and with an employee in the organization who was involved in the change (Karthi, Devadasan, and Murugesh, 2011).  

Secondary data indicates the information which is collected by the other person. Sources of secondary data are information gathered by the government departments, company past records, and information that is collected originally from another purpose. Through a collection of secondary data, we can save time. Secondary data is a good option to start with the area that we want to target. Secondary data information creates an existing research that results in better working and also saves time and money as it is less expensive than primary data (Peppers, and Rogers, 2013).

Identify the motivation for change

  • Disruption from innovation: - New technology like real-time expenditures and internet services both are chances and threats to this sector(Wu, Boyd Thomas, Moore, and Carroll, 2013).
  • Better inspection:- Through increased scrutiny, Pepper Money company can be careful and can have detailed information and examination of something in order to get data according to it (Pepper, 2014).
  • Dividend growth will remain passive:- Pepper is one of the largest financial organizations amongst all the big companies which hold an overweight position. The analysts are unbiased and are underweight. Pepper decides to pay extra at a specific time period; they will nominate how much the pay will be and when the payment will take place (Wu, Boyd Thomas, Moore, and Carroll, 2013).
  • Trust turns off:- The consumer faithfulness is the main problems in the financial wealth divisions. Australian financial organizations have been protected from the scale of overseas scandals. When trust is lost then Australia financial organizations only have to look at Europe and the US. They help the organization by government rules and technology (Stylianou, Pepper, and Mahoney-Phillips, 2011).
  • Regulation hikes capital, decrease development: - Managers locally and worldwide are committed to making financial institutions cautious capital allocators to the market economy (Wu, Boyd Thomas, Moore, and Carroll, 2013).

The company has interviewed Ramesh Singh (employee of Pepper Money). He concluded that the company is doing well and moving towards success and Of Couse up to the expectations of the company employees by providing a great working environment by Human Resource Managers. He said Pepper Money can also add up more services which will be easy to get financial help for customers. Customers are highly satisfied with the services the company is offering. Pepper Money can modify its logo so that they can introduce more innovative ideas in their organization. So this is the review conducted with the help of Questionnaire. We have attached the Questionnaire also at the end of the report (Appendices 1).    

Issues and organizational change

Essential components and processes of the change process 

Pepper Money Company is concerned with the core market of Australia and UK, where the company gives a complete range of financial products and services that guide us in achieving the financial services wants of consumers. The essential component of this research is the portfolio of the company of financial services, which allow us to request to a wider range of consumers and give us the planned elasticity to offer results that better meet individual buyer wants (Kumbirai, and Nyasha, 2014).  

  • Service management: - Providing customized services for buyers who sincerely focus on their requirements. Digital technology can be used to support customers in control of their finances. They can understand better and anticipate customer requirements by the information(Peppers, and Rogers, 2013).   
  • Digital alteration: - By using digital technologies they can use to reduce the group operations cost to simplify processes. Develop a more unified digital experience for customers(Gagnon, 2012).
  • Performance discipline:- To be the Australia best performing financial advisor. To achieve strong levels of capital, to fulfill the wants of all the stakeholders including regulators (Gagnon, 2012).
  • Development highways:- Build a workplace where the best people want to work. Focus on service and continue to support the skills of employees to better guide customers and meet their complete financial needs. Authorize the employees to attract to innovation, distribute new and better-quality ways of working and be responsible for change (Clayton, and Radcliffe, 2015).    

Analysis and evaluation of the change 

Pepper Money company trust in developing a comprehensive working environment where doing the correct thing is considered and rewarded. There is a vast variety of talent, and a mature workforce, changing potentials of work with each and every generation and the active stealing of quality people. The company asks more people to promote new actions and work styles and bring business strategy (Huang, Pepper, and Bowrey, 2014). Pepper Money Company set out many work programs supporting the three areas to continue to focus on:

  • Establishment culture, management, and ethics;
  • Attracting, creating, innovation and recalling quality people; and
  • Simplifying tools and procedures(Wang, Lin, Hsu, Le, and Lin, 2016).

Technology and updated systems matter more because success is basically about the talents and energy of the employees of the organization. The company needs to feed and treat to experience employees to achieve the profit. This coordination between employees, consumers and investors is, in fact, the basic strategic proposition. Pepper Money objective is to provide better and more elastic situations. The objective of the recruitment program is to permit young candidates to find themselves and to develop new innovative skills and find a character which presents the best example for ambitions and abilities. Pepper Money is working to recover internal flexibility (Huang, Pepper, and Bowrey, 2014). Many young employees who start their careers with us will want to Borden their experience. By motivating discussion between employees and their managers to find a solution that suits the requirement of the employees and the business, undertaking any financial obstacles across retirement and develop a management mindset that gives strength to a team. Providing employees with choices and understanding about the change in requirements like fashion, caring, authorities or health and well- being. The market will further tighten because of the demographic drivers are unstoppable. The labor dynamics are the ‘burning platform’ for alteration motivating us to look in the talent pools. Change is always difficult and most of the times managers are not convinced about the elastic working. The company challenges this because at last the flexibility is the best way of interest of buyers and the financial organization as a whole. To solve the key issues affecting the company have created a program of Graduate Sustainability Group through Graduate Recruitment, where employees have the chance to create a possible answer (Pecinova, 2011).

  • Pepper Money can create the financial ambition of a wider and more diverse range of consumers in an area that will see them and enjoy success over the long- run. They can introduce a new brand to communicate evidently to customers and business partners for which Pepper stands.  Functions reserved to the board and those delegated to senior executives providing planned direction and approving importantly planned creativities in line with the constitution of the Faith(Hoover, and Pepper, 2015).
  • Pepper Money can modify its logo. This change will bring the brand to life through everything it does. It will present how the company will do business and confirm all marketing activities in the future. The company can be recognized on the idea of satisfying the requirements through innovation(Yergin, 2011).  


The core importance of this report is to narrate the Human Resource Management roles like joining, training, development, recruitment, gathering, presentation management, payment and motivation, safety and support, diversity, industrial relations, etc. In this report we will find the variation that has taken place by meeting, investigating and understanding interview information. Pepper Money has done well in unity with the literature. Pepper Money has met with important achievement in its workforce planning enterprises. The accomplishment of workforce planning strategy is in interesting and connecting with the company. Pepper Money trust other components also to the achievement of the workforce planning using an eco-friendly scan to forecast long-term requirements by providing vision into potential chances and threats. Interruption from the invention and Better inspection Pepper Money get motivation for change. Service management and Performance discipline are the essential elements and processes of the change process. Pepper Money corporation faith in emerging an inclusive working environment where doing the right thing is measured and pleased. Lastly, we recommend that the opportunity of professional and deputized to senior management and penetrating whether all actions taken by Pepper Money are under the authority of Australia.


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