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1.Mission and vision of the organization

2.Management behavior competences

3.Satisfying work: purpose, mastery, autonomy

4.Recruitment & employer branding 

5.Psychology, motivation & emotions

6.Organization culture

7.Sociology, organization behavior and working in teams

8.Athlete recruitment and Performance management

9.COACH Development

10.ATHLETE Development

11.Sports Sciences/Sports Medicine/Technology Management

12.Daily Training Environment

13.Rewarding the sport professionals 

14.Employment rights and regulations

15.Managing volunteers, the self-employed and sub-contractor

Mission and vision of the organization

1).The Australian Athletics Federation is focused towards the selection and training of athletes from different disciplines. The objective of the federation if to select and train the best athletes which results in Australia having among the strongest athletics teams globally. Australian athletes are well recognized globally for their performance but this is only achievable by managing the following factors.

2).Sports are an activity which is heavily dependent on the sports professionals’ good health thus making it imperative for the sports professionals to manage their behavior. This is not a simple task since many sports professionals fall between the age of 15 and 35 which is the prime age when people are tempted to explore life and have fun (Roma, 2013). Calories and liquid intake, Alcohol consumption, smoking, narcotics and sexual interactions are all restricted and controlled by the sports managers and couches as they have a direct effect on the sports professionals’ performance.  This demonstrates the role played by behavior management within the sports fraternity something which many sports fans and story event visitors and audience do not know as they only focus on the entertainment delivered by the sports professionals and teams.

3).Sports has been a public favorite for since the down of civilization and it is well documented in history that even warring factions would place their differences aside and come together to participate in sporting events. Once completed the sports professionals would return to their base and return to war and this was how major international sporting events like the Olympics where created (Pink, 2010).  Human resource management within the sporting teams is, therefore, an important factor which helps stream line the sports professionals and teams to prevent a steer them away from indulging in practices which can lead to damaging their reputation and public reputation as well as popularity. Racialism, corruption, unfair sports practice and taunting among other practices all fall under work place culture and climate which is direct factors which influence the sports person and team’s performance (Bock, 2015).

4).Sports professional recruitment has been identified as being a major concern among and will involve stringent selection processes which focus on the athlete physical stamina and mental stability. These are both important factors which sports managers and recruiters must take in to close consideration and make the right choice since this decision will directly determine how the sports team performs thus determining how much income and profit is generated by the professionals. Sport professional recruitment is a stringent process which requires several criteria to be addressed before the professionals can be infused to the team (Becka-Badura, 2015). This required for a combined effort of the Human resource manager, coach and team managers who would perform individual interviews with sports professionals to determine their strengths and weaknesses from a broader perspective thus helping the team managers and coach determine the most suitable sports professional to infuse to the team.

Management behavior competencies

5).To maintain high spirit among teams and sports professionals it is essential for the sports teams, managers and coaches to maintain the sports professionals’ psychological stability and positive emotions. This helps keep the sports professionals in a positive mood which has a direct effect on their motivation thus helping them perform better on sports events (Reeve, 2014). Once again the sports professional’s spirits can only be maintained at a high by developing a positive relationship between the sports professional, team mates, and managers. It is essential for the team managers monitors each team member’s performance and intervene immediately they detect any problems which are likely to affect the sports professionals’ mood which will have a direct effect on their performance.

6).For the Australian Athletics Federation to maintain a high code of ethics among its athletes it is essential for the organization to deliver the best organization culture. Australia being a multi-cultured nation the sports teams is made us of a fusion of athletes coming from different social and cultural backgrounds thus making it essential for the organization to promote and equal working environment this promoting all athletes interest.

7).Many sports also require for sports professionals to work as a team, with each team member catering to an area they are good at. This makes team work and important factors which managers must be diligent while observing them and managing the teams to avoid dominance and team spirit disruption. The team members must work in unison and be prepared to share both achievements and failure so as to grow as a single unit (Godwyn & Gittell, 2011). No member must over the power of dominating the others as this will encourage the individual to control the other team members which will result in the team members losing their team spirit which would result in under performance and a high sports personnel turnover rate. This is due to team member avoiding working with the team and looking for alternative teams which offer better team spirit and corporation.

8).Sports performance is classified among the most demanding forms of performance management in any industry. Due to the industry being dependent on sport professionals the recruitment process requires to be intense and very accurate. In addition to recruitment training and management also play a huge role. This is due to the sports industry being fully dependent on sport professional performance which cannot be determined or fixed. Sports professionals are humans and non-programmable and several factors can influence their performance positively or negatively (Bhattacharyya, 2011). Unlike many other businesses where performance can be programmed and measured to ensure consistence performance, sports managers must be able to manage sports professionals using different strategies. To monitor performance it is essential for the managers to manage certain factors related to sports Performance management as discussed below:

Satisfying work: purpose, mastery, autonomy

9).Coaching plays an essential role towards any sports personality or team’s performance. While the team may be dependent on its coach for guidance and support, they also observe the coaches development while working with the team (Allison, Abraham, & Cale, 2016). Every professional will have a financial objective thus it’s important for the coaches development to also be clearly visible so as to demonstrate a growth spirit within the team.

10).Similar to coach development, sport and athlete development is also essential. It has been observed that sports professionals will mainly perform the best while in their prime sporting years thus suits the team’s responsibility to ensure an older member of the team are gradually being replaced by new talent and sports professionals on a yearly or bi-yearly basis (Gambetta, 2007). This keeps the team young and focused and helps demonstrate how each team member experienced development during the time they are associated with the team.

11).While sports are a performance by people who cannot be programmed to perform consistently, there are certain factors and tools which can be used to help the individuals perform consistently. Delivering sports enhancement and practice technologies, equipment and sports supplement can help maintain the sports professions physic and stamina to perform at their peak (Byers, 2015). This is due to them being able to practice for events on a daily basis when the equipment is available for them to utilize thus helping improve individual’s performance consistency.  

12).It is also essential for the athletes to have access to a daily training environment which is similar to the actual sport events which help the athletes develop consistently with the sports thus allowing them to perform and push themselves on areas which may require improvement during their training sessions so as to be prepared to perform on the main event (Byers D. T., 2015).

13).It is also essential to make sue the athletes are also rewarded appropriately as this help motivate them towards performing their work better. Being sports, it’s essential for the sports managers and trainers to analyze each sports professional carefully and determine factors which influence their mood and performance. It is essential to ensure the athletes are properly understood so they can be rewarded in the proper manner to help maintain high morale among the athletes.

14).S[ports professionals are also bound to a team or their sponsor under an employment agreement thus its essential to have the rights and proper regulations, tern and policies at hand to ensure the sports professionals and sponsor or teams are protected. Similar to any organization, business or operation the sports professionals will have to abide to a set number of policies and in the same way the sponsor or team will also require offering a protective policy to its employees (Stone & Arthurs, 2013). This is a major concern which must be highlighted as it ensured the business is performing at an optimum pace which is essential for the team’s performance and growth.

15).Sports professionals and sports teams are made up of multiple personals comprising of volunteers, self-employed and contractors each continuing towards the team’s development in some way of another. The team and human resource managers are responsible for coordinating and ensuring the required number of personal are viable on to utilize during the sports events. A good example of volunteers used on sports events is tennis ball pickers who pace the tennis court net picking the balls (Catlin-Legutko & Klingler, 2011). This may seem to be an irrelevant job but it is very important as it allows the tennis plays to save their energy walking across the court to pick a stray ball lying on the court. This helps also speed up the match time thus helping complete in a shorter period of time as opposed to games where the players are running to pick of move stray balls from the tennis court. Similar to this there are many other sports volunteers who all require being carefully managed thus making is a full-time responsibility and duty of the managers to coordinate them appropriately and ensure each even has adequate voters.

Event planning and management involves the identification and response to different management requirements experienced on a project. Every event will have its unique set of management logistics making every event equally important to manage (Allen, 2009). To demonstrate the role played by management on an event we shall evaluate sports management due to many people’s perception being that sports is just an entertainment activity. Behind the scenes sports professionals and teams also heavily dependent on professional management processes which address different aspects linked to the sports professional or teams.  The report shall discuss different managerial areas which also fall under sports management and similar to other management operations such as business.


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