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Ensure strategies and processes are in place to communicate information associated with the achievement of work responsibilities to all co-workers

Develop and/or implement consultation processes to ensure that employees have the opportunity to contribute to issues related to their work role

Facilitate feedback to employees on outcomes of the consultation processes

Develop and/or implement processes to ensure that issues raised are resolved promptly or referred to relevant personnel

Establish and/or implement policies to ensure that the organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical values are adhered to

Gain and maintain the trust and confidence of colleagues and external contacts through professional conduct

Adjust own interpersonal communication styles to meet the organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical environment and guide and support the work team in their personal adjustment process

Use networks to build workplace relationships providing identifiable outcomes for the team and the organisation

Conduct ongoing planning to ensure that effective internal and external workplace relationships are developed and maintained

Develop and/or implement strategies to ensure that difficulties in workplace relationships are identified and resolved

Your assessor will be looking for evidence of your ability to:

  • apply policies to ensure that the organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical values are adhered to
  • provide leadership through your own behaviour, including:

?professional conduct that promotes trust with internal and external contacts

?adjusting your own interpersonal communication style to meet the organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical environment

  • plan for and manage the use of networks to support identifiable outcomes for the team and the organisation
  • explain how systems, policies and procedures can support the development of effective work relationships, focusing on interpersonal styles, cultural and social sensitivity and networking.
  • explain the relevance of legislation for managing effective workplace relationships
  • interact with others through adapting your personal communication style to build trust and positive working relationships, and to support others’ adjustments in practice and culture

Objectives of the Communication and consultation strategy

Communication and consultation strategy

Communication and consultation is a highly crucial factor that imposes immense impact on the yearly revenue of an organization. While effective internal communication enhances the job satisfaction as well as the loyalty of the employees towards the organization, external communication helps the employees to enhance the loyalty of the consumers of the organization. In order to ensure an effective communication and consultation of the JKL company, a communication and consultation strategy have been developed bellow.

Objectives of the Communication and consultation strategy: The chief objectives of the communication and consultation strategy are as follows:

  1. To ensure an effective internal  as well as external communication between the employees
  2. To ensure an effective community engagement that will include involvement of the stakeholders in the decision that will affect them

Audiences of the Communication and consultation strategy:  Senior management, Individual employees



Responsible individual

Lack of approach from the management to promote common understanding of organizational values and team goals and to build strategic relationship

· Periodic meeting should be conducted by the management   with the employees. The frequency of the meeting should be twice per month. In the meeting the organizational goal of the JKL Company as well as the monthly goal of each department will be stated by the operational manager.

· During the recruitment an induction session will be conducted each and every newly recruited employees where the organizational goal and team goal will be stated to him or her.

Operational managers of the JKL company

Lack of rapid respond to external as well as internal consumer needs

· An automatic response email will be set up by the management in order to ensure the consumer that the management have received the inquiry. Apart from that quick reply email will be implemented. The above mentioned email is referred  to a tactic where response is given

· Employees will be trained in order to respond to the requirement of the consumers within 30 minutes of arrival of the query.

Human resource manager and employees

Lack of usage of modern communication system

· In order to connect all the employees as well as the executives of the JKL Company, intranet, a highly used internal communication system will be used.  This tool will help the employees to share their concern with the higher management and will also help the management to communicate any crucial information rapidly.

· In order to enhance the informal communication between the employees, an official page in popular social media platforms like Facebook will be created and all the employees will be encouraged to like the page.

Human resource manager and employees

Inadequate consultation and lack of bottom up information flow from employees to management. This has resulted in poor organizational take up of innovative ideas identified by teams and individuals at lower levels of the organisation and by customer-facing managers and employees.

· Periodic meeting should be organized with the team leaders and employees of the JKL organization.

· In order to encourage employees to come up with innovative ideas, lucrative reward system will be implemented.

Poor sense of employee engagement, empowerment and accountability for work performance.

1. In order to enhance employee engagement employees should be appreciated with the help of rewarding system and incentives.

2. While making crucial decision for the company, employees should be engaged. This will not only make the employees more responsible but will also ensure employee empowerment.

3. Key stakeholders should be consulted at an early stage in a process as this is likely to enhance the reputation of the Council.

All the supervisors and employees

Inconsistent application by managers of grievance procedures posing a risk to employee relations.

· The developed grievance procedures should be followed in order to ensure that all the grievances are properly handled.

· While creating the grievances procedure the views of the employees must be taken in order ensure an effective staff-management relationship

The HR manager, All the supervisors and employees

A short grievance procedure

Name of the Company: The JKL industry

Address: 75/1 Oxford lane, Brisbane

Step 1: Any employee who is concerned about a specific grievance should raise the issue to a superior who is not involved in the grievance. This can be done in both verbal as well as non-verbal methods. In such cases, the identity of the employee should be kept anonymous for private cases.

Step 2: In case of major issues, the management will be meeting with the workers as their representatives in order to assess an resolve the raised grievance informally. If the grievance gets resolved then the process will end there. However, in cases where the informal arrangement is not arranged, the process will lead to step 3.

Step 3: In case of informally unresolved grievances, the management will form an investigation unit which will include the representation of the workers. Further investigation of the issue will be carried out if needed. Then, a formal response to the grievances will be submittedto the grievance. The employee a well as his representatives will review the response. In case, the proposed response is agreed, the process will end.

Step 4: In cases, where the proposed respond is not agreed by the by the employee and its his or her representative, they can further appeal to the management. The appeal process will involve following the above mentioned process but will include the higher level of management and senior committee this time.

Step 6: The process will continue until a stable agreement have been reached with the help of progressively senior levels of company management.  Along with the grievance procedure, a grievance record will be maintained in order to ensure the number of grievances raised by the employees of JKL company every year.

Draft email/memo


All the team members of JKL Company,

Dear employees,

This is to inform you that our company have implemented several policies in order to enhance the communication and consultation within the company. Within the last 4 months several issues associated with both internal and external communication have been detected within the organization. This in turn is implementation highly negative impact on the overall revenue of the organization. Moreover, an increased amount of employee attrition due to job dissatisfaction has been noticed. In order to deal with the issues a serries of new policies have been introduced and it is expected that these policies will enhance the relationship between the employees, management as well as the organization. Hence all the employees are requested to check the policies and provide their feedback if any.  

Audiences of the Communication and consultation strategy

Yours sincerely,

Mr. X

CEO, The JKL Company

Assessment 2: Respond to scenario-based questions

  1. Draft letter in response to an employee’s complaint


Mr. Y

Employee of the JKL Company

Dear Mr. Y,

This is to inform you that your complaint has been received by you. The management is extremely thankful to you for bringing this concern to our attention. JKL Industries values the important principles of trust and confidence among the teams and overall organisation. The organization is committed to provide an work place environment free of discrimination as well as harassment where all the employees are treated with respect and dignity and can contribute to have equal opportunities. The purpose of this letter is to ensure you that the management of the organization will take rapid step against the issue of discrimination raised by you so that a healthier work life can be experienced by all the employees.

We would like to inform you that our organization, JKL industry has several antidiscrimination policies those conflicts with the act of the team towards you. For instance, according to the anti discrimination policy due to cultural diversity, all the employees are subjected to support employees from different cultural background. The above policy states that all the employees should share their cultural understanding within the workplace. According to the equal opportunity policy of the JKL industry, all the employees should be given equal opportunity to celebrate festivals within the workplace.

The commitment of the organization to workplace diversity is stated in clause 65 of the enterprise agreement 2017-2018. While developing the workplace diversity policy, the commission drew relevant condition specified in Australian legislation that includes the Fair work act 2009. According to the mentioned regulation, the management of any organization is entitled to prevent any kinds of discriminatory acts, harassment or bullying from occurring in the workplace.  

The above discussed policies and procedure if implemented appropriately in any organization has the potential enhance the job experience of all the employees by ensuring active team building. Creating a workplace where different perspectives are valued and embraced can go a long way to foster productive business relationships. Hence in order to eradicate the above mentioned issue, each and every team members of the organization will be educated about the importance of cultural diversity in the workplace. Moreover, a new policy will be implemented within the organization that will state that the appraisal of an employee at the year end will be influenced by his or her cultural competence.

Apart from the implementation of the mentioned policy, a meeting will be held with the team so that he can prevent such issues from further happening. Finally, the company assures you that the concern raised by you will be resolved as soon as possible

Yours sincerely,

Mr. X

HR Manager

The JKL Industry

  1. Screenplay

HR manager: Hello team! Hope all of you are doing well.

Employees: Hello sir

HR manager: So today’s meeting has been conducted in order to discussed about an issue that has taken place during this year Christian celebration. The management has come to know that some members of your team have not made any effort to accommodate non-Christians in the celebration. Do any of you want to share any information about this incident?


Employee 1: Sir, I would like to raise a concern. This is not the 1st time the incident has taken place. During the celebration of New Year, non-Christian employees were left isolated and no gift was shared with them.

HR manager: Well. I will like to highlight the potential issues may occur if the team ignores this matter. First of all, this issue may cause conflicts among the team member that has the potential to hamper their team working spirit, productivity and performance. This in turn will hamper the overall revenue of the organization. Employee attrition is another issue that result due to the issue

Employee 2: sir, unfortunately, no action was taken by the management over the past 3 months. Thus, these types of behaviours are increasing within the organization.

HR Department: Considering the negative influences of the issue, the management have enforced several new policies as the consequences of discriminatory act. Any such action will be fined. Moreover, the appraisal of the employees will depend on their cultural competence. On that note, today’s meeting is dismissed. I hope all of us will take care of the fact discussed in the future. Thank you

Employees: Thank you sir

  1. Method of approaching network to achieve goals
  • Benefits of internal and external network:

Networking is referred to recognising and taking advantage of the valuable relationships in order to get things done and achieve a goal. The benefits of effective networking include:

  • establish credibility with relevant service providers
  • effecting advocating of issues
  • maintain contact with the professionals
  • having access to information about what other organizations are doing, especially those providing similar services.

For effective internal and external communication the company can invest on intranet and social media respectively.

  • While working in my previous organization, I was unable to communicate with my employees since we had to work under different roof. Lack of communication was hampering the productivity of the organization. In order to prevent this, an internal communication network was established within the company. As a result of this, vital information could be shared with the employees. Moreover, this network made it easier for employees to contact me about their concern. Thus an effective employee-management relationship took place.
  • JKL Industry can use LinkedIn in order to establish an effective internal and external communication

Benefits: Better understanding within the employees, development of respect towards each other, effective communication with both the employees and the client, enhancement in both employee and consumer loyalty

The topic of the article is the effectiveness of linked in to develop powerful internal and external relationships. As per my opinion this article can enhance the knowledge of the managers of JKL industry about how they can use Linked in for internal and external communication.


Networking activity



Description/rationale for networking activity

Date for follow up review

Sharing information through the linked in profile

Both managers and employees

Any time within the office period

This will help both the management to share crucial and emergency information whenever required rapidly.  


Sharing grievances through the profile


Any time within the office period

Haring grievances in a open platform will enble both the management and the employees to know about what majority of the member thinks. This in turn will enable them to find a mutual way out of the grievances


For both internal as well as external communication between the employees

Both managers and employees

Any time within the office period

Will enhance the relationship between the employees as well as the managemnt.


Assessment 3: Dispute resolution guidance session

Role play

The two participants of the role play include the rental manager and me, an HR business partner of JKL industries Brisbane

Me: Hello, nice to meet you

rental manager: Same to you

Me: I have already been given a brief about the issue we will be discussing about. However, it will be highly beneficial if you state me about the issue in details.

Rental manager: Offcourse. So on last Thursday, one of the renal employees came up to me complaining about the newly made structure. According to them there prevails a high risk of losing their job as a result of the restructure. Moreover, the structure is not providing them with enough opportunities to get retrained. Not only this. The employee also stated that the company is paying them way less than what should be paid. However, I completely disagree with all of this grievances.. As a result of all this, the employee is currently organising other rental and sales employees for a possible strike. The unprofessional approach of the employee has further disturbed me. My soul concern is to deal with the grievances and maintain the performance of the team Now you tell me, what I should do.

Me: Well, from your statement i have understood certain facts, that I will state you one by one. Firstly, the employees are unaware of the basic pay conditions of the JKL industry. Hence a meeting needs o be conducted with the employees where they will be thoroughly informed about MA000089 Vehicle Manufacturing, Repair, Services and Retail Award 2010.

rental manager: That a nice opinion. But how to deal with their grievance about less salary?

Me: Well, they should be informed that according to the newly made policy, employees will be able to negotiate possibly much better pay and conditions in upcoming enterprise bargaining. I think, lack of effective communication between the employees and the management is the chief concern that needs to be solved.

Rental manager: Well, then how to deal with the issue?

Me: The Company should invest on establishing an effective internal communication system through which all the employees will be informed about any new policies that has been taken by the management. Moreover, in order to enhance the job satisfaction and commitment of the employees towards the organization, they should be incorporated while making crucial decisions.

Rental manager: Well, to be frank, I also think that it is high time we should enhance the communication between the employees and the supervisor. I think, in the meeting I will also clear their confusion about the retention policies of JKL industries.  They should be informed that JKL Industries’ firm policy and intention is to retrain rental employees to retain talent.

Me: offcourse. I think an effective meeting along with the implementation of internal communication tools have the potential to solve the issue.

Rental manager: I do agree with you. Thank a lot.

Me: I am honoured. This is a part of my job.

Work place difficulty action plan template

Meeting date



Brief description of grievance or area of concern

Issue identified by:


10 AM

HR meeting with manager (Rental) and HR Business Partner (role played by training candidate)

1. According to the employees their prevails a risk of losing their job dur to the newly made structure

2. Employees are not given enough opportunity to get retained

Employees are not paid the amount of salary they deserve.

Lack of communication between the employees and the managers.

Inadequate information provided by the management to the employees.

Employees are not incorporated in the decision making process of the organization.

Lack of effective relationship between the employees and their superiors.

Required action/activity


Person/s responsible

Description of strategy/
tactic/rationale for action

Resources, if required

Conducting meeting with the all the rental employees

10 am-2pm

Rental manager and HR manager

Employees will be reinformed about the new policies of the organization in order to clear their misconceptions.

1 Screen layout, 1 power point projector and Lazer pointer.

Implementing LinkedIn as an internal communication tool.

2-3 days

IT manager and professionals, HR manager

A linked in profile will be created by the It professional and all the employees will be kept as 1st degree connection. With the help of the profile all the concern of the employees will be shared.

Internet and laptops

Engaging employees during making effective decision in future


CEO, Managers and employees

Employees will be able to show their point of view and understand the exact reason behind the decision taken by the company. This will not only prevent any kinds of misconception but will also ensure employee engagement and empowerment.  


Reference List

Cassidy, Anita. A practical guide to information systems strategic planning. Auerbach Publications, 2016.

De Vaujany, François-Xavier, Vladislav V. Fomin, Stefan Haefliger, and Kalle Lyytinen. "Rules, Practices, and Information Technology: A Trifecta of Organizational Regulation." Information Systems Research (2018).

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