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Identify the best time of day to advertise power tools to a target audience of men on TV. You should also identify the type of program it would be best to advertise during. Explain why you think this is the best time / program to advertise during.

Best Time to Advertise Power Tools

While planning for the promotional activity of new range of skin care products at Eden beauty the promotional mix should be kept in mind. The promotional mix contains various elements like direct marketing, public relations, personal selling, advertising, sales promotion and publicity. At Eden beauty they take special care of their customers by providing natural products and the new range of products are no different. The target group includes women of age 22 to 65 years. The products will contain all skin- friendly ingredients that include honey, organic unrefined Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax liquid castile soap and zinc oxide. Unlike other cosmetic products, they treat any kind of skin problems and enhance the natural beauty of women. They believe that all women possess a natural beauty and they help in recognizing that beauty rather than making it up.

I have been personally selected by a prestigious car company of Europe to create a media schedule for the launch of the car. The company has allocated me $500,000. The scheduling has to be done wisely so that the fund does not get wasted. The activity will be based on contemporary methods which will surely prove to be a success for the company.

On the month of August I will be installing a large number of billboards with the picture of the car and place it in appropriate locations across the target markets. The billboards will be attractively designed by specialist teams to attract the attention of the customers. On the first quarter of August I will use appropriate promotion channels to promote the car on different social media platforms like Face book, twitter and also advertise about the product on daily newspapers. The main aim of such a technique will be to grab the eyeballs of thousands of people who surf the internet or are avid news readers. It will make logic as many people who will not be noticing about the billboard advertisement can have the information about the car. The marketing team will be distributing leaflets and I will also appoint Promotional vehicles to rigorously promote the car. The last quarter of August will see another billboard advertisement and a Television Advertisement of a well known sports personality driving the car and explaining about its benefits.  

Media Scheduling

AUGUST 1-August 10

August 11- August 20

August 21- August 30

Billboard 1




Billboard 2

Ford Motor Company has recently followed the particular media schedule on its prestigious Sedan, Forza which was launched recently in some selected Asian markets. The company has aimed to create a new line of technologically advanced model within Forza and have thus used an efficient media schedule. The Company aims to create a strong market for the product and has appointed a separate team to look into the marketing, sales and promotion of the upcoming model. The car was launched in the month of September and the organization allocated a healthy fund to create the marketing. I will be creating a proper media schedule to efficiently manage the total process. The media schedule had been segmented into different areas and specific time periods which cater to every needs starting from promotion to sales. The schedule followed by the organization was successful as the car saw record sales in the following year. Among the different methods used by the organization the promotion of the model through online was a huge success. A survey found out that the video advertisement was viewed by approx 3 million people. The successful promotion of the car according to the proper strategies of the organization helped to increase the sales of the car. The use of online media platforms helped the organization to connect to the young generation and especially the young entrepreneurs who are extremely tech savvy. The car recorded huge sales in the following year and was adjudged the car of the month for September.

Strategies to Promote Skin Care Products

The advertisement of a real estate firm was evenly spread in the time schedule. In the beginning there were heavy advertisements but as time passed by the advertisements were scattered.  

For reaching out to people of 60 years and above for funeral insurance plans the appropriate medium will be print or broadcasting. This is because at an old age people mostly spend their time by watching television or reading newspaper. Radio is not a convenient option because many people at the old age have hearing problems. They are not so internet friendly so using social media is the least favorable option. Even in the print medium the old people mostly read the political news so the advertisement of the insurance company should cover such pages only. 

The organization should try to reach the parents through social media because parents these days are mostly engrossed in internet. They will find the advertisements of the necessary baby foods on the pages that they surf through internet. The organization can also use banners and hoardings to display their products. This is because outdoor advertising is easily visible while the parents are on their way to work places or anywhere else. The advertisements should be made keeping in mind the ingredients that parents and pediatricians trust. 

The Louie the fly/ Mortein, VB bitter and Goggomobil ad has the promotional objective of direct selling of the products to the customers. All the organizations had used television to display their ad which was the best medium at the 90’s era. Mortein tried to convince the customers to buy their product to stay safe from flies. VB Bitter convinced the customers that drinking beer is a patriotic task. The goggomobil ad had shown that the character could connect to his fellow mate regarding his automobile issue in the yellow pages. These conclusions were derived by analyzing the ads which had an intention to attract customers for buying the product. 

Power tools are tools that are actuated by an additional power source and operated by manual labor. The most common examples of hand tools are electric motors, drill machines, steam engines and internal combustion machines. The best time to advertise power tools are during the lunch hours of an office or a factory which is the time between 2pm to 2:30 pm and the slot between 8pm to 8:30 pm. The time between 2pm to 2:30 pm is believed to be useful as because the labors while enjoying their meals can see the advertisements in the television. This would help them as they would be able to discuss the uses of the products with others and will help in creating a demand for the product. Whereas the next timeslot is the time when the labors return home and watches different shows in television. The concerned people can relax and watch the advertisement properly and can have a proper idea about the benefits and necessities of the product. Both the time slots are essential as the advertisements are delivered to the target customers and they can make a proper judgment after discussion with other employees and also make a wise decision.

Promoting a Car Through Different Media Schedules

 The best time of the day to advertise lounge sites and furniture to the homeowners is during the evening that starts from 6pm to 9pm. The particular time period is essential for the advertisement as this is the time when most of the homeowners returns from their respective works and enjoys television shows especially news channels. The companies promoting furniture especially advertises their products in the news channels so that they reach out to the main homeowners of the house.

The best time to advertise mobile phones to target market of teenagers is during the night slot of 9pm to 10pm.

The type of program that would be suitable to advertise is during sports programs or games or during the air of musical concerts.

This is the best time of the day to advertise the program as because the teenagers are most likely to watch these shows and thus will be able to view such advertisements.

Following are the seven steps that an organization needs to take for promoting their products through magazine advertisement:-

  • Assess marketing communication opportunities- the organization must decide who their target groups are and what will be the message given to them.
  • Determining the objectives- the objectives should be stated clearly in terms of short or long term behaviors of the customer. They should follow a SMART objective, i.e. specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.
  • Determining the promotional mix- the resources to sales promotion should be identified. This is an important aspect of promotion along with sales promotion, advertising, publicity and personal selling.
  • Developing promotional message- while deciding on the message the authority must discuss with the team and pay attention to the content, appeal, structure, format and source of the message.
  • Decide on the promotional budget- this part involves deciding on the cost breakdowns per element of the promotional mix. The allocations are broken down and the affordability, sales percent, competitive parity are determined. This break down of cost helps in assessing the potential success of the campaign.
  • Determining the effectiveness- when t he promotional plan is formally note down, the effectiveness of the campaign need to be measured. This information can be gathered by doing a survey of the target group if they could recall any specific advertising message, why they remember that message, how they felt about that message and if the advertisement had any impact on them.
  • Keeping a follow up- when the action plan is implemented, the organization must keep a follow- up and measure the processes that were outlined. Taking feedback from the employees is needed to understand how the implementation is going[2].

I have chosen a new brand of football spike to be promoted. My first target would be to select the mode of marketing and promotion of the new spike. I would appoint a expert marketing team to promote the product. The marketing team will be appointing a celebrity footballer to promote the shoe. The advertisement will be a video as well as a billboard advertisement that would promote the spike. The video will show the footballer juggling, running and shooting the ball with the new shoe. At the end of the skills display the footballer would describe the product to be the best in the market. The following promotional activity will help to create a large market for the spike.

The most basic resource that will be needed by the organization is a large fund. The fund will be used to hire the celebrity footballer, market the spike and advertise the product in different marketing and promotional channels. The other resources would also include human resources as well as a survey team. The resources will be easily available in the market as the organization would appoint people from different areas to fulfill its requirements and would take loans from different banks to make sure that the promotional activity is not hampered due to the lack of proper funding..

A managerial post has been lying vacant in a reputed bank for quite some time now. The manager of the bank has decided to fill up the post. He creates a job description for a public relationship officer. The details are as follows.

  • Job- Public Relations Officer
  • Task- to communicate with the people and customers and address their concerns
  • AGE- 28 to 35 years
  • EXPERIENCE- 2 to 6 years
  • Location- Perth
  • Salary- as per industry norms
  • Contact person- Mr. David Booth (senior hr), [email protected]
  • Mode of selection- personal interview and assessment test
  • Timing- Saturday 5th of august (10 AM to 6PM)

Targetting Different Age Groups for Selling Insurance Plans and Baby Foods

The company that I have a positive image of is ABB Grain in Australia. I have a positive image of this company because whenever I had gone for shopping I have always received heartiest welcome from the employees there. They provide the best quality food and beverages to all their consumers. Their cost is also affordable and they have never compromised the quality because of a low cost. They have also an expanded operation in Australia so availability is not a problem anywhere in the country. They also provide home delivery to the customers in exchange of a standard amount. ABB Grain also has a weekly discount system for those who have membership cards.

The company that I have a negative image of is Harvey Norman in Australia. This company tops the list when it comes to complaints about the operations. This retailer of electronic appliances is not only selling expensive products but also they are not customer friendly. I had gone to buy a laptop in Harvey Norman and I had the worst experience ever. The employees were not ready to show the product which I wanted but they forced me to buy another product. When I denied they reacted very rudely. I did not feel like buying anything from there so I went out. I have lodged a complaint on the company website and I want them to apologize for misbehaving. Although I had been a long term customer of this company still they did not take any initiative to maintain customer relation. As a result of that I want a discount on the next product that I will buy and a free delivery to my place.


Mr John Wright (Operations Manager, ABC Limited)

Respected Sir,

I would like to bring to your attention about the conversation we had last night at the network event of your company. I am the manager in charge of the operations of Teesla limited and we had a few rounds of discussions about a possible mutual help that we could provide each other based on the expertise in respective field. AS a new company we lack expertise in promoting our brands and thus would be very helpful if you provide us with the expertise in promoting our brand. On the other hand we can provide your company expert knowledge on effective packaging solutions.  I will be waiting for a positive response from your side.

Promoting Products through Different Mediums

Thanking You,

Simon Steven (Operation Manager, Teesla Limited)

In the marketing sector, feedback from the customers is very important thing. There are certain reasons behind the same. Feedbacks are acting as a communication that is used to provide the business personnel regarding the structure of their business material and it helps the businesspersons to identify the loopholes regarding their business. It has been observed that all the leading companies have a lean on the customer feedback to develop the business so that the companies can fulfill the demand of the customers. It is an option by which an attempt can be made to improve the customer relationship.

There are certain factors that a company must need to evaluate. It is obvious that the marketing campaign is worthwhile in nature. However, apart from this, there are certain facts that are needed to be evaluated by the companies. There are following instances present regarding the same:

An effective marketing management and to maintain a standard regarding the same can be an instances regarding the same. If there is a product demand, then the necessary calculation is needed to the effect. Evaluation can be made for increasing the capacity of the service of the particular business. The standard of prices is depending on the kinds of services. Certain level should be maintained regarding the same.

The selected product is an induction cooker that is start up with battery. The product has been launched and it has been observed that the product has a huge success due to its facilities. My families have come to know about the product from advertisement.

The main problem regarding the product is that the price of the products was very high and it was not possible for the common people to buy knife in such a high price. The products are very common in nature. They are the nail cleaner and corkscrew and it is not affordable for the people to buy such a simple things in a high price.

The ad regarding the promotion of the product must highlight these loopholes of the product. The ad will take care of not only the quality but also on the price of the product to make it affordable for the common people.

The ad can be better by using certain creative nature and use it with some catchy looks. Certain persuasive techniques are important to be adopted. The ad must comprised of all the relevant information regarding the knife.

Direct Selling of Products to Customers

The feedback from the customers can be obtained in different ways like;

  1. Questionnaires
  2. Interviews
  3. B2B Communications
  4. Telephonic conversations
  5. Online Surveys

I would prefer using the online surveys as it will help me to get the idea of a large group of people within a short time which is practically impossible in other forms of data collection.

A reputed mobile company is planning to launch a promotional campaign for its upcoming product which is a high end Smartphone. A feedback has been collected from 10 people using an online survey. The feedback was an enormous success as people responded positively. The company after assessing the feedback has identified some issues which should be covered before the release of the product.

The term cost benefit arises from the mathematical calculation regarding the cost of the project. When the total expenditure regarding the project is subtracted from the total profit expectancy from the outcome of the project, the result is the cost benefit analysis. It consists of three parts, potential costs, anticipated benefit and expected benefits. The cost benefit can be evaluated by comparing the total benefit and the cost values. If there are any similarities regarding the same has been taken place, reevaluation regarding the same necessary. If there is a leaning nature regarding the benefit portion has been observed, it can be stated that the business is become profitable in nature.   

A current advertisement in Australia is of ALDI that shows a woman dancing with shopping trolley cart in the parking lot of the company which reflects Australia’s most satisfied shoppers for consecutive three years. The five questions that were asked to ten people are- Is the ad relevant for the ALDI Company? Did the ad change in the productivity of the company? Did the ad have any impact in sales of ALDI? Are the customers satisfied with the services provided by ALDI? How the ad has changed the growth rate of the company?

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 has a requirement to give business a fair and competitive operating environment. It includes price fixing, anti- competitive conduct, unethical conduct and other such issues.

The tools of promotional activities are the basic elements of marketing mix, i.e. the four P’s- price, product, promotion and place. Promotion which is referred to as one of the elements of promotion involves personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and publicity.

To design marketing objectives, setting up of a business goal is necessary. With a good marketing strategy one can develop the vision and mission of the company and sketch the steps needed to achieve the target goals. For example, Australian motor industries or AMI will set up a SMART objective to attain its target of increasing the sale and productivity. 

Best Time to Advertise Lounge Sites, Furniture, and Mobile Phones to Target Market

A press release is a short and interesting news story which are written by experts, especially public relations official and sent to the target groups of the media. The motive of a press release is to gather the interest of journalists or publication. One should learn how to prepare a press release because it contains all the information, five W’ and one H of the event that is going to take place[3]. 

The internet has a major role to play in promoting and marketing products. Organizations have discovered achievement distributing special substance as opposed to put commercials inside the outer substance. When a new website is planned, it is understood that the clients will want to take ideas for further features or they will switch to other websites.

The product here is a new sports motorcycle which has been launched recently in the market.

The new sports motorcycle differs from the other products as it is much more upgraded model than the existing motorcycles in the market and has used a integrated aerodynamics design which is a technologically advanced version than the other products in the market. The main target market for the motorcycle is Asia and the targeted customers are the teenagers who admire such motorcycles the most. The bike would be advertised on billboards and online sites to attract the attention of the customers. The objective of the company would be to use the best possible marketing tools to reach out to the main target group and increase3 the sales of the company.

The current situation however does not support the promotional activity of the company as because there is a high level of competition from the other companies. The best possible way to avoid such competition and enjoy success is to create a niche market of its own. This can be created by using a proper communication channel to describe the advantages of the particular motorcycle. The organization will allocate the different specific roles to the team on an evenly basis. The marketing team would look after the promotion of the motorcycle while the sales team will be looking after the proper channel to sale the product.

The company will be requiring different resources like Human resources, technological resources, and financial resources to market and promote the product. A survey will be conducted based upon the marketing of the product. The survey will help to allocate the budgeting. The audience feedback is a necessary activity that should be done to analyze the demand for the product. The success or failure of the campaign will be communicated to the employees involved in the marketing of the product. This would be useful to make the employees understand about their abilities and their failures.

Relevance of the ad- the ad is not totally relevant because satisfaction of the customer could have been shown in a better way.

Productivity- the productivity is not totally dependent on the ad because there are many people who will buy ALDI products even without looking at the ad.

Impact- The impact of the ad was not satisfactory. There was a slight difference than what it was before.

Customer satisfaction- The ALDI customers were satisfied with the original being, there is nothing that would dissatisfy them in the company.

Growth rate- there was not been a significant difference in the growth rate. The ad was not so successful in increasing the growth rate. 


Armstrong, Gary, Philip Kotler, Michael Harker, and Ross Brennan. Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education, 2015.

Huang, Rong, and Emine Sarigöllü. "How brand awareness relates to market outcome, brand equity, and the marketing mix." In Fashion Branding and Consumer Behaviors, pp. 113-132. Springer New York, 2014.  

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