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Discuss about the HC3152 E Business Application for Optus Retails.

Mobile retailing in Optus Retails

In this new age of technology today’s consumers driven financial values as well as the digitally connected buyers and sellers have enough knowledge regarding the buying abilities at their fingertips (Fleisher and Bensoussan 2015).  This approach is day by day increasing from the consumer’s perspectives and this attractive features developed by the retailers are successfully grabbing huge numbers of customers at the same time. In order to design the report the retail that has been nominated is the Optus retail.

After presenting a brief description of the current status of the company the future trends of the retail store- online bricks are motors will be discussed. Not only this but also the future trends of the retail stores of Australia are also elaborated in this report. Besides this, the issues that may disrupt the success of this specific retail in future, are also demonstrated along with respective recommendations.

The Singtel Optus Limited which is better known as the Optus retail is one of the second biggest Australian telecommunication companies. This completely owned subsidiary is founded in the year of 1981 and is headquartered in Sydney (New South Wales), Australia. The different range of products offered by this telecommunication company includes fixed telephony, leased lines, data transmission, internet access, mobile telephony etc. while providing these services to the consumers this company prefers to utilize their own network infrastructure (Chu, CHU YU-HUA 2017). Though, the company also uses National Broadband Service (wholesale services). Not only this but also it offers end services to the consumers directly and act as a wholesaler to rest of the services like Amaysim, Exetel etc.

The fixed telephony offered by the company includes commercial VoDSL and Voice over internet protocol. Apart from this it also offers commercial as well as Residential POTS for long distance and local telephony. Additionally the other offers include intelligent network services in terms of free phone calls, interactive voice responses etc. NBN, dial up internet connection in all the states for residential purpose, satellite internet connection as well as broadband internet (Cassidy 2016). They also offers secure gateway services for the Federal Government department.

Apart from this most crucially the retail services served by the company to their consumers through phones, internet services or else retail outlets. As per the current consultant’s reviews given by both the employees and consumer are positive.

It has been encountered that the current environment of retails are becoming competitive as well as complex day by day. In order to purchase any product the consumers are requiring to make high time researches, which is one of the major challenges in the current days. For assisting the consumer’s buying experience Optus retail has developed solution based on mobile point of sale for their consumers. This mechanism is also integrated along with highly secured payment capabilities. In order to support the consumer’s insight the backend of the system is integrated to Customer Relationship Management system. The detail information about all the products and the advanced inventory management system helps the staffs to assist their consumers with great selling services (Park, Jeon and Sullivan 2015). It also allows great customer service as well as operational excellence without any kind of commercial headache and IT. The sales assistance is getting empowered due to four of the different components such as consumer knowledge, option for the mobile payment, inventory visibility and product information.

Future of the retail store in terms of 'bricks and motors'

From the service level point of view it has been defined that the aim of Optus retail are to improve their face to face consumer engagement, enable the stores for increasing their productivity, make to move the consumers faster from the stores. If three of these components are properly maintained by the retail owners then the company will be able to grab more numbers of consumers, commercial revenue and competitive advantages as well (Kim, Wang and Malthouse 2015). The mobile point of sale service deliberately offered by the Optus Retail can also reduce waste of excessive time, improve the rate of productivity of the staffs, develop consumer’s satisfaction, reduce training as well as reduce the total training times.

The concept of retail is evolving and changing constantly through the world. The main issue that the retails are facing is about the ways through which it can cope up with the frequently changing challenges. It is determined that the building related to the factors can effectively make allowance. In order to deliver services and products to the end consumers the retail businesses have separate option. If the service is designed considering the consumer’s demand then only the retail business will be able to grab new customers. Additional requirements are also there that include entertainment, simulation, purpose, convenience etc. Due to high relationship with these actors the consumers are becoming more skilled and knowledgeable regarding their demand and expectations (Hubert et al. 2017) Guarantee services and quality are the two factors that supports to develop a consumers oriented business environment.


Data technology (CRM,ERP,SCM) are introduced


Innovation of data technology for digital metrics advertisements


Incorporation of data technology to machine learning, demand data and social

As per the analysis report the future of the retails outlets will all about the specialized services and products only. This approach will eventually deal with focused in store experiences which helps to induce the consumers to go to the outlets. The future trends will just not to be remain satisfactory as well as static but also to continuous variation and evolvement also.  The approach comes with a business concept that, all the physical shells are having built in flexibility in order to make the direction towards different new displays as well as departmental services. For the retail business concept location is another very important part because the future trends are getting away from all the retail centers (Park, Jeon and Sullivan 2015). Sustainability in terms of compulsory renovation can attract new consumers but with the changing trends of shopping after the innovation of online market is becoming obsolete. Some of the trends for the retails store are elaborated in the below section:

  • Long terms sustainable relationship with the consumers
  • Customizing as well as personalizing
  • Knowledge searching
  • Orientation towards community
  • Authentication and ethical trading offers

Future trends of Optus Retail

In order to deliver more efficient, less costly services with scalability and flexibility to the consumers most of the business organizations are currently using the concept of online business currently. There are many internet service providers, mobile service and telephony service providers are available in the technology market of Australia. However, the service delivery approach is not similar for all the providers. It is the role of the company to access the most suitable technical approach rather mechanism so that they can successfully grab new consumers and also retain their existing consumers at the same time. It will positively give higher shopping profit to the consumers in terms of free shipping, lower online prices etc.  

Optus retail has also start providing online services to their consumers all over Australia. According to a new survey report it has been defined that, the retail stores are getting obsolete as well dead sooner. Online competition gives more positive results regarding the extinction of these physical stores. However, some of the business experts feels that for both the physical and online business the retails will play active and important roles. Again for Optus retails the statistics represents that the numbers of the online retails are increasing. Business to business, business to consumers and consumers to consumers three of these Ecommerce models are beneficial from the business perspectives (Park, Jeon and Sullivan 2015). The consumers of the online retails share their knowledge and experience that they have grabbed from the services.

The benefits that are generally offered by the company include anytime access, which implies that the consumers can check for their desired services and products from any location in any time. The online payment opportunity has also reduced the rate of physical theft. In this case the clients can directly transfer money from their account to the seller account either with net banking or through debits, credit cards. From the feedback portal the clients can check for their service and products rating. If the rating is not satisfactory then they have other options from where they can buy their desired products. Social media is another platform where the consumers which shows remarkable experience of the consumer that they have gathered from their previous action. In case of product distribution also the physical store of the Optus is quite weak. It is identified that through online selling channels the process of online selling and purchasing will become more convenient. Though if the company start focusing one the distribution experience then the issues and challenge will be minimized rather resolved for the Optus Retail. Online human and social interaction also accelerating the commercial revenue of the company.

According to this current age of shopping the consumers are becoming more concern towards the quality and the affordability of the products offered by a same company respectively offline from stores and online through digital marketing platform. Even before buying any products the online and the offline price ranges are also being compared by the consumers. As a result the selling and buying channels a doubters are enhancing to be more pertinent (Pantano 2014). In addition to this, it is defined that the consumers are spending more time in the online shopping centers rather than offline physical stores.  The habits of the consumers are even changing day by day for the additional opportunities offers by the online service providers. Due to the purchase ease as well as convenience the frictionless demand for the online shopping are coming under the consumer’s demands. The shipping approaches are also more efficient than that of the physical stores.

The bricks and motor trends of online shopping also makes sufficient comparison between the integration and compete. Without cost new technologies can never be adopted to fulfill the purpose of development. From the retails landscape it is determined that, the concept of traditional shopping is dominating due to the implementation of the online services. One of biggest examples for this kind of service providers include Amazon, eBay etc (Fleisher and Bensoussan 2015). These service providers have incorporated a voice technology to their service as a result the consumers can also order for their desired products through a voice command only. Basically it can be said that in order to change the retails concept most of the companies have started changing their business models.


From the overall discussion it can be concluded that, according to the current trends and services Optus Retails is one of the most efficient customer service providers in Australia. The assistance delivered by this company can also tailor the specific needs of the consumers and alongside also allows the consumer to leverage the existing capital investments. Each of the elements from the solution like mobile point of application, mobile hardware services connectivity through network infrastructure have been pulled all together to manage and support the current service accordingly. The solution also offers the staffs of the company to be more familiar with their consumers, products details, their availability and demand all over Australia. This discussion implies that the retail assistance is not about the technology the company is using rather it is all about the consumers. According to the bottom line selling it is determined that, retails assistance gives more effective as well as efficient shopping experience to the consumers. The service delivers by the company use a reliable, flexible, scalable and secure network connectivity. Though, as per the future trends the retail may face some functional and operational issues but those can be mitigated if the company successfully choose one of the secured options and buy the hardware and network as per accordingly. The recommendations suggested for this company are as follows:

Training and development programs: It is possible that all the staffs hired for the operation and functional department of the company are not equally knowledgeable and skilled as well. Only technical, managerial and marketing skills can develop them as professional. In order to make them more familiar and efficient to their job roles the company should arrange timely training and development program for the staffs. On job training will improve the skills of the staffs and they can successfully incorporate their skills to retain the consumers and also to grab new consumers.

Security: In case of online selling and buying the consumers are required to put their financial and personnel details to the company. In order to keep the information secured from unauthenticated access encryption and decryption technologies are needed to be incorporated. The encryption key should not be shared with any third party. It will help to prevent them from unauthenticated data access.

Business strategies: Social media is one of the most effective platform though which marketing and business strategies can be improved accordingly. Therefore, it is the role of the business analysts of the retail to develop successful business as well as managerial strategies to avoid unwanted interruptions.


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