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1. Briefly describe the organisation. What is the ownership? What goods or services are provided? What is the recent financial performance? What is the mission, strategies and priorities? Who are the main competitors? What are the major market trends? What are the major stakeholder requirements?

Part B - Briefly describe the IT KM solution chosen. What is the new functionality and capabilities delivered by this solution? What processes are affected? What are the major benefits? Which knowledge workers benefit from the initiative? How? 

An Overview of the Organization

The digital transformation of various business and institutional process is inevitable as this transformation has proved advantageous. The manual court or other institutional processes has been coupled with various challenges that point to the limitation of some officers and humans in general. These challenges include time constraints as some court cases are time sensitive and therefore require faster processing to enhance efficiency. This also prompted the acquisition and adoption of the knowledge management digital system. It good to note the importance knowledge management system as used to process search warrant process within the Indiana Police system and Marion County Superior court. There are many different software vendors that sell the knowledge management system that automates the court process such as a search warrant process. The organization procured and adopted or applied Knowledge management and the solution has produced a compelling result that shows the advantages of the solution. The following paper, therefore, analyses the Knowledge management solution that is used by Indiana Police.

Indiana Police is an organization that forms part of law enforcement that is part of Marion County Superior Court. The ownership of the organization in Marion County government of Indiana and this will help assist the court system of the government as a whole. The organization is an organization within the court system of the Indiana state within the United States of America. The organization offers legal and justice system where the organization works closely with the police to aid in search warrant and approval of the search. As of June 2017, the organization has an investment of approximately $31.8 billion in net position. The organization has both mission and vision that directs various functions and the role it played injustice system. The vision of the organization is to be one truly independent and empowered branch of government providing a fair and responsive system of justice while protecting rights and liberties upholding and interpreting the law and solving dispute peacefully, fairly and effectively. The mission of the organization, on the other hand, is to serve the public and to accomplish this mission, the organization aims to provide a fair and efficient system of justice, committed to excellence fostering public, understanding, and confidence (Winston 2014).

The organization is a legal and justice support organization has various priorities that are set to its core values. The first priority is to serve the public and these forms the mission of the organization. The organization aims to deliver service to clients with high efficiency and fairly as these also form part of key priorities. In addition, the organization has set the priority of protecting rights and freedom of citizens hence offers services that need speed and safety (Girard & JoAnn 2015).     

The major trends within the justice and legal system within the country ha witness change in the technology as many organizations are employing the digital system to manage various organizational functions. This also is coupled with the desire to improve service delivery and speed up various processes within the system such as search warrant, approval of search warrant and involvement of various court officials in the approval of search warrants (Zaino 2014). In addition, the organization also operates within a market that requires high security no delays within the system. With the increasing insecurity that is common in most cities, there is a need to increase the speed of processing various cases that are brought before the court by law enforcing officers. This, therefore, requires a court system to work with speed, accuracy and with low cost as this will make the whole system efficient (Martín-de-Castro 2015).

Major Market Trends

The court system of Indiana is experiencing a stakeholder requirement that highly influences the operation of the court and other related institutions. The organization has a range of stakeholders that include the general public or citizens, judges, the police, lawyers and other court or police officials. Each of the stakeholders that are involved in the organization's system is required to play a role to aid the warrant search. Firstly, judges and court clerks require faster notification of pending search warrant approval and this has been characterized by many delays that also depend on physical movement to various offices. Secondly, technology officers are some other stakeholders that require easy task as indicated by the chief technology officer when comparing the past process and the digital process (Serenko & Bontis 2017). 

The IT KM solution that is chosen by the Indiana Police is warranted search system that comprises of two basic software and these are BerkOne and using the Kofax software. Firstly, BerkOne is business process automation software that speeds up various business processes when used to digitally perform such process (BerkOne 2018). For instance, the search warrant process involves many different players, steps, and processes, and this has been automated through BerkOne software within the KM system. Secondly, Kofax software is robotic software that also assists the user to perform a various task within a short time and with high accuracy. Kofax software, therefore, is highly being utilized in various search automated process within the business to speed up the process. This has also been applied to the Indiana Police search warrant process to digitally transform the system (Davenport 2008).

The Knowledge Management solution that is used by the Indiana Police for a digital search warrant has various functionalities and capabilities. Firstly, the system automates the business processes with high speed and accuracy. Secondly, the system also scanning process that saves the initial work done by officers within the business to scan papers. Thirdly, the software system also performs various lockbox services. Fourthly, the knowledge management system carries out various business office tasks. The digital process automated system does physical record management that reduces the error that normally occurs when handling physical records. In addition, the system also is capable of performing a sophisticated clerical task for users.  Lastly, the digital system handles huge communication operations such as sending and printing of emails and personal mailing system (KMWorld 2017).  

There are many different processes that are affected by the KM solution that is used by the organization. Firstly, the searching of all officers that involved in a particular case is affected as this formerly requires going to the control center. Secondly, the communication process with judges and clerks that are involved in review and approval of the case as they can now be notified via mailing services. Thirdly, scanning of various documents that are used within the case is also done digitally using the system. Lastly, the review and approval of the search warrant process are also affected as this can be done digitally by judges as oppose to manually (Serenko, Bontis, Booker, Sadeddin & Hardie 2010).

Major Stakeholder Requirements

There are many different benefits that can be accorded to the Knowledge Management that is applied in the warrant search of the Marion County Superior Court. Firstly, the time that has been spending in the processing of the warrant search is drastically reduced from hours to just 18 minutes. Secondly, the number of officers that were involved in the process of warrant search is reduced since the process is done digitally by a few people involved (Uriarte 2008). Thirdly, the tedious paperwork has also been reduced as the number of documents that are currently printed presented has been reduced by the digital system. Lastly, the digital warrant search system has increased the communication between court officials and other officers within the system such as police officers that normally use the warrant approved by judges (Rodrigo & Manoel 2017).

There are many different knowledge workers that will benefit from the initiative and some of these knowledge workers include judges, court clerks, police officers, and clients or those involved in court cases. The knowledge workers have also benefited from the initiative in many ways and this makes the knowledge management system beneficial (Annie 2018). Workers within the warrant issuance can perform various searches that are delicate and depend on time such as cases that have evidence that is time dependence (Torugsa & O’Donohue 2016). Firstly, judges and court clerks are notified within a short period of time to allow them to review the search warrant within the shortest time possible. Secondly, court officers have huge paperwork reduced as most of the work can be done digitally without physical papers. Thirdly, law enforcement officers or the police are able to gather reasonable evidence for various cases that have benefit to the public for safety. Lastly, the clients or those involved in cases such a motorist also benefits from the technology since their case are processed faster giving them time to respond as required by the law (Annie 2018).


The knowledge management solution that is used by the organization fits the challenges that the organization faced. The organization has been battling with some cases that are time sensitive such as alcoholism among motorists that require faster warrant search processing and this has been enhanced through the application of knowledge management. In addition, the organization has been experiencing delays and needed to increase the efficiency and speed of the search warrant process (Ganzaroli, De Noni, Orsi & Belussi 2016).  

The organization has various business goals that the solution has met leading to its adoption and implementation. Firstly, the business requires faster and efficient process automation system that will help serve customers with limited time. Secondly, the level of the output that results from the implementation of the solution justifies the usefulness of the KM system. Lastly, reduced cost of maintenance is another area the solution needs to meet to be successful (Torugsa & O’Donohue 2016).  

The knowledge management solution that is employed by the organization shows high chances of success. Some of the success metrics can be measured in terms of the reduced number of turnout time, monitor and control of the process, flexibility, and elimination of transport of officers. Firstly, the number of hours that was initially used during search warrant has been reduced to 11 minutes. The system has also reduced the system upgrade time with more than 325 users each requiring one hour per machine, the team spent 325 hours on upgrades alone (Hugh 2018). Secondly, the search warrant process is currently monitored and all the officers involved in the process can view the whole process. Thirdly, the flexibility of the whole process is another success metric as the process is compatible and officers can access through electronic gadgets within their vehicle. Lastly, traveling and transport has been eliminated as officers will not have to travel to the central processing center to conduct a manual search warrant process. In addition, the owners of the solution indicate that the solution cut the cost of business process automation by approximately 48% within a period of five years. This is when compared to the manual business process based on the cost of maintenance (Dijk, Hendriks & Romo-Leroux 2016).

IT KM Solution for Search Warrant Process

The knowledge management solution that issued by the organization is justified by the financial position of the organization government advantages of the solution. It is important to note that the solution has advantages that include low cost of maintenance, reduced cost of paperwork and another cost that was incurred when using a manual system. This, therefore, makes the return on investment (ROI) feasible for the implementation. For instance, the cost is cut by 50% within five years and this is enough for justifying the cost-benefit analysis of the investment (Newswire Association 2017).   

The knowledge management system that is used by the organization should evolve in the future to accommodate more changes and advancement in technology. Currently, the technology used in the court system especially in law enforcement and security agencies needs thorough evolution to increase more security checks. There have been many concerns, especially on the security issues as many criminals nowadays target security apparatus in order to perpetuate their crime agendas. For instance, on the description of the system, owners do not explain the security challenges or security check that prevents any unauthorized access to the system.  In addition, the solution needs to conform to the ever-increasing technological changes that keep on advancement (Grimes 2014).  


In conclusion, the Indiana Police search warrant digital system has proved beyond reasonable doubt that digital transformation has many benefits. The knowledge management solution mainly combines two main software, the BerkOne and Kofax software to bring a modern state of the art technology. This has made search warrant system effective and faster as compared to other processes hence advantageous. The solution has helped many different stakeholders that are within the system and also reduced the cost to a considerable amount given the required cost of maintenance.  


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