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This paper analyzes the oversized clothing concept in the fashion industry. This paper’s objective is further narrowed to the Saudi Arabian market that comprises of consumers aged between 20 to 35 years old.

The target market of Saudi Arabia, which specifically comprises of the young generation, is interested in the current development in the fashion sector. Due to globalization, many people are concerned with fashion trends.

Using primary, carrying out customer surveys and secondary research analyses, this paper represents the designers’ interest to introduce the preference of oversized fashion in the Saudi Arabian market. With the fulfillment of the target market, the country evidently indicates that there is a large oversized clothing community, which sees the trending significance of this concept.

Different boutique shops in Saudi Arabia enhance the delivery of oversized clothing in the Saudi Arabian market. This paper also considers the relevant challenges and recommendations of the concepts.

Literature Review

The main objective of the oversized clothing is to reshuffle the current fashion trends in the globe. Fashion consumers across the world are always seeking for new trends in the clothing industry, due to fast fashion (Aichner & Shaltoni, 2018). This paper analyzes the Saudi Arabian markets, whose consumers consider it easier to access and review the fashion industry and its trends in the world. Hence, different fashion designers prefer to open their own clothing shops as design houses and they are working to perfection for the Saudi Arabian market. Like Aarong, Yellow, Sailor, Rong, shada-kalo, deshal etc. are the well-known mold houses in Saudi Arabia, most extreme is established in Dhaka city. They are always attempting to give new stylish and trendy dress for the consumers.

According to Wonmo (2011), clothing designs have to do with thoughts, the manner in which we live, including what is going on - Coco Chanel (Fashion symbol). Albeit oversized clothing has been around for some time in the field of oddity form, in the end it is showing up clothing as well as in regular things like eyeglasses, shoes, trimmings, cars and so on. There are such huge numbers of outlines in dresses. Deviated examples, cuts, and plans are no new development for the design world. In spite of the fact that the angles are loaded with unbalanced plans from different fashioners, the concept of oversized clothes is never new, which means it can be traced from the Grecian timeframe.

Baki (2004) argues that despite the fact that fashion products endeavor to be imaginative and unique, there is just so much that an architect can do to make their work unmistakable or eye-getting, and operate among these methods is the chance to play with an article of clothing's cut. This research is further developed by Park & Cho (2014), who argue that for as long as decade or something like that, extents on the runway have turned out to be increasingly overstated, and all of a sudden, fiercely oversized garments have gone from decrepit to chic (Brooks & Simon, 2012). Cardon (2017) pictures the famous people that dressed in t;he past decades rather than present day tastemakers and found that it would be hard squeezed not to see the eschewal of fitting and frame embracing style for loose shirts, hoodies, and slouchy pants. From the times of flappers during the 1920s to the extreme rethinking of the body by Fermaglich (2002) like Phoebe Philo and Stella McCartney, the historical backdrop of oversized clothing is loaded with confounded governmental issues. These might be the most powerful crossing point of gender orientation, class, race, and clothing concept that is analyzed in this paper.

Research Questions

Freedman (2018) affirms that the clothing history discloses to us that oversized or loose garments originally came into ubiquity during the 1920s (at any rate in Western design). Post-war mentalities had moved as the principal women in Canada and the United States earned the privilege to cast a ballot and went to work. Much like their social positions, Kusimova (2017) agrees that women’s clothing wound up unmistakably increasingly portable, and Coco Chanel was at the front line of the development to oversized clothing, corseted styles of the past ages. Fashion was highly appreciated when consumers began to comprehend on the significance of clothing trends and with it came another arrangement of thoughts for women. This was opposed by the consumer need to look sensitive, the vague figure of flapper dresses and Chanel's well-known two-piece tried to limit signifiers of unmistakable gentility by leveling the presence of bosoms and hips (Miller, 2007).

Consumers’ understanding of the relevance of oversized clothing in the early 1920s was realized by its popularity and usage by the female gender, who rehashed the concept throughout the 20th century. Udale (2008) agrees that the development of the oversized clothing and its pattern of production had significantly been communicated and used by women who termed it as dressing like a child. Wan & Stylios (2013) viewed this as a dismissal of the women norm, which might have been influenced by the affirmation of cultural norms. Much like the moniker of the acclaimed Japanese brand Comme des Garcons ("like the young men"), more women were getting to the chance to the two dresses like men and possess indistinguishable spaces from them in the workforce and in pop culture.

Similarly, as of late, oversized clothing has discovered its direction onto the runway by methods for streetwear, a pattern obtained from skateboarding and early hip-bounce culture (Brooks & Simon, 2012).  Kangol, Champion, and Timberland were once marks made well known by rappers and hip-bounce specialists during the 90s that are currently universal all through the design scene. Streetwear's most famous fare might just be the hoodie, a style that has turned into a staple in the American closet (Sui et al., 2011). However, this is still perused contrastingly relying upon the body of the consumers; after the police shooting of youthful Trayvon Martin in February 2012, Martin's hoodie turned into an image of the generalizations that are yet held against dark men in the United States (Brooks & Simon, 2012).


Overall, such is the intensity of oversized clothing. According to Rose (2009), it is astounding how just changing or underlining the cut of a piece of clothing has the ability to confound what consumers think about an individual's style, foundation, and convictions. The historical backdrop of fashion planners who have pulled on misrepresented fits for motivation is numerous, and there is comfort and portability of a decent oversized sweater or shirtdress. However, it is disparaging for foundations to introduce this style and the sort of dialect or references that they draw, taking into account how oversized clothing has been utilized to both challenge and fortify social traditions in the fashion industry.

  • What is the history of oversized clothing in the Saudi Arabia Market
  • Who are the current Saudi Arabia designers and what concept do they use?
  • What are the challenges of the oversized clothing concept?
  • How is the target market (age 20 until 35) for the oversized clothing in Saudi Arabia?

The research paper depends on subjective and quantitative research both. Subjective research depends on expert’s interviews and quantitative research depends on individual customer’s feeling utilizing poll (Oh, 2017). Pattern investigation is a tremendous zone for mold and we have to achieve it customer’s perspective and master assessment both. In this paper, the objective populace was young people particularly women whose age go was 20-35 years.

Primary research is the most imperative piece of directing a project venture (Park, H. (2012). The principle objective is to accomplish in the essential research is to build up reasonable information, understanding the present pattern, be input from center gathering and understanding the issues with respect to the theme being investigated. This errand occurred all through the period between the choosing of the exploration subject and until the important data and information was required in the zone of the examination. This investigation is principally dependent on essential research.

Concerning the research on the targeted customers, it was necessary to make survey questions and offer them to the population. The age group preference was (20-35) years of age. Most of the concept’s customers were the women due to concentrating on this examination.

Secondary analysis implies writing research. In optional research, we have to take assistance from the web, books, magazines, and diary and so on.


Different projects and systems have been created for use in almost any industry, running from assembling and quality affirmation to inquire about gatherings and information accumulation organizations.

  • Stratification: this methodology separated the relevant data from different assorted literature source that can be used for this specific research.
  • Overview: Data gathered from focused gatherings of individuals about their sentiments, conduct or learning.

Market Research

The main and quickest developing instant form marks in Saudi Arabia cannot bargain anything with their quality. As indicated by their 4ps of their Marketing blend, despite the fact that they do not have much item assortment, they are effective is putting forth the best quality in the market. Their limited time exercises are underlined to fabricate their quality and dependability characteristics on shoppers mind with trust and polished skill in their work, the cost is not their principle worry to be engaged in their special exercises. As being both maker and retailer, they have a full control on their creation, conveyance and market outlet. Their potential buyers are the individuals who recognize that mark design shop is about quality and in particular the individuals who can manage the cost of the items.

Primary Analysis

Market perception was one of the principle discoveries of this work. For field perception, we went to the city shopping center, situated in the capital city, which is one of the substantial shopping centers in the nation of Saudi Arabia. In this shopping center, there is a substantial open-finished window shop named, Deshidos primarily we visited this place. Deshidos is a blend of ten eminent nearby brands in the nation (Turney, 2017). We picked and visited this place in view of the verities of clients are there. In that condition, our perception and discoveries will not be an objective in explicit areas clients, we secured significantly more territories moreover. Our objective was to discover the perspectives of client’s decision, the enthusiasm of the plan zone, how they pick and pursue mold and pattern likewise conversed with them.


Clothing grouping and clothing proposal are two vital parts of clothing in vision. We finish up and dissect the advances and difficulties of these critical techniques. Nonetheless, a few techniques require further innovative work. Initially, we figure it should expand the idea of fine-grained. Since the premise of the characterization that ancestors proposed are unpleasant and basic. In spite of the fact that there are a few people presented the idea of fine-grained, we figure it ought to be increasingly explicit. For instance, upper clothing can be ordered by sort of sleeve, neckline, and lower fix (Sterlacci & Arbuckle, 2008). Sort of pant legs, length, and pockets can group Jeans. Skirts can be arranged by the kind of skirt barrel and hemlines. Furthermore, clothing additionally can be characterized by shading, material, design, style, type, event, and feeling. In addition, every one of them has their very own classification.

With the quick advancement of the clothing business, clothing proposal framework pulls in increasingly more consideration. For clothing proposal, current methods as of now can recommend clothing things as per different requirements of clients; however, the exactness is not sufficient. The purposes behind lacking precision incorporate high changeability of clothing and youthful innovations in this field.  When all is said in done, the techniques for clothing suggestion can more often than not group into two essential sorts as indicated by the distinctive ways.

  • Content-based suggestion: It speaks to in a few structures (typically literary). The necessities of clients and the highlights of things are earlier. Furthermore, content-based proposal can foresee client's enthusiasm about the new things dependent on these structures.
  • Collaborative suggestion: a few people that have a comparative inclination to the client favor the proposal things. Collective proposal (or synergistic sifting) framework can anticipate a client's inclination for new things dependent on the support of other individuals with comparable interests.


In conclusion, oversized clothing and concept can be understood by viewing it as a form of deformity, which complement the fashion industry. Normally, this cloth’s effect is felt by an intricate of various sizes, styles, cuts and designs. This paper has analyzed the oversized clothing that is aimed at reshuffling the current fashion trends in the globe. Fashion consumers across the world are always seeking for new trends in the clothing industry, due to fast fashion. The consumers in the Saudi Arabian market, whose consumers considers it easier to access and review the fashion industry and its trends in the world is the proposition of this research. Therefore, different designers prefer to open their own clothing shops as design houses and they are working to perfection for the Saudi Arabian market.


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