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Discuss about the Policy and practice in European human resource management.

With the advent of globalization, expansion has become an essential part of any organization. When the company begins to expand successfully, it needs to ensure that it captures the correct market so that it is able to gain success in a short period of time. The given report aims to highlight the obstacles and the factors that may be faced by an expat when he is on work purpose in Italy (Goodman, Bamford and Saynor 2016). The country is one of the most important countries in the globe but a little is known about the life of an expatriate in Italy. The report will be analyzing the external as well as the internal environment of Italy with respect to the business environment and cultural scenario and thereby attempt at understanding the given situation from the perspective of an employee.

The company chosen for the given assignment is the Woolworths Company. The Australian supermarket and grocery chain store is owned by the Woolworths Limited. The company was found in 1924 and is a big player in the Australian Market. The company specializes mostly in grocery, vegetables fruits and packaged products (Brewster 2017). Moreover, it also sells goods like magazines, DVDs, health and beauty products and household items which comprise of furniture maintenance goods and baby items. The company has various stores in Australia and an online portal as well ( 2018).

The political factors of every country determines the political scenario prevailing in the country. Italy follows the multiparty system which is based on Roman law. The government is very strict with respect to business and follow a strict regime (Science 2018).The private sector is personal tax can go up to 43% whereas on agricultural products like wheat, diary, meat and textiles very low tariffs are imposed. The labor and employment laws are very strict.

The economy of Italy is very diverse. It is service based economy. Some of the economy is controlled by government whereas the other is managed by private sector which is largely dominated by unemployment (Cascio 2018). The inflation rate of Italy is quite moderate at 1.1% and the Unemployment rate rests at 11.2%. The country earns its major revenue from the tourism sector and hence, hotels and restaurants can be found in high numbers.

The country has a strong cultural system whereby the family is considered to be at the center of the social structure and because of this the family remains united. The Religion which is practiced is Catholic (Hill, Jones and Schilling 2014). The population of Italy is around 60 million and the population grows at a rate of 30%. The majority of the people living in Italy age from 25 to 54 years old.  There exists a crisis due to unemployment which is quite high at present.

Formal Institution Analysis

In any country technological factors have had a huge influence and tends to play a crucial role in determining the success of the economy. The technological aspect tends to have a strong impact on the business. The business in Italy is moderately dependent on technology however, those business enterprises who make use of technology, tend to keep it quite advanced.

Italy has a commendable environmental and technological aspect whereby the atmosphere is good along with a perfect weather that makes agriculture a crucial aspect of the economy. The environment of Italy is quite clean and it takes up various initiatives in order to ensure that it is successfully able to maintain the green and ecofriendly environment.

The legal factors involved in the environment of Italy involved the health, safety of product and consumer right. Italy has a maximum 40 hour a week work policy and the female employees are entitled to a mandatory paid leave (Moutinho and Vargas-Sanchez 2018). The country has different rights with respect to discrimination and harassment as well. This tends to serve as a good idea to protect the company from different internal institutional factors and problems

Italy is home to more than 60 million individuals as of 2017 and it was ranked 23rd population when compared to other countries. The culture of the country is deeply embedded in the family, architecture and food. The country is the home of the Roman Empire and a major center comprising of cultural importance (Rabellotti 2016).The following section comprises of the different customs, religions and traditions of the country.

A majority of the population of the country is Italian although others comprise of North African Arab, Italy Albanian, German and Austrian The country is in the border of France, Switzerland and Slovenia which has also had an impact on the country.

The official language spoken in the country is Italian and a majority of the crowd considers it to be an important language. Other dialects which are generally spoken are Calabrian, Venetian, Sardinian and Sicilian.

Family is considered to be of utmost importance in the country and the main focus is on the extended family concept rather than just being on nuclear family.  The Italians tend to have frequent family gatherings and enjoy spending time with one another and tend to incorporate a larger network.

The major religion in Italy is the Catholicism which is Roman in nature. The Vatican City is located in the heart of the city and the Pope resides here. The country has recently observed a growing Muslim community (Stead and Stead 2014).

PESTLE Analysis of Italy

The cuisine is one of the most crucial parts of the culture of Italy. Cheese, Wine and pasta form an integral part of the Italian meal. For the Italians, food is life and the gatherings often evolve around them. Each region in Italy has its own taste. Spaghetti and Pizza are also taken to be crucial. Garlic, Tomato and pepper are crucial ingredients in any recipe.

The currency of Italy is the Euro. As the Italians are known for their family centric culture, there exists many mid-sized and small businesses. They follow a traditional part of the business and the father is often taken to be the breadwinner (Andall 2017). Business etiquettes play a crucial role. The business men in Italy tend to conduct business with well-known people and do not feel comfortable in conducting business with people from outside.

The informal norms in Italy will have the given impact on the role of the General Manager

  1. The men will be the primary decision maker

The families in Italy follow a strict hierarchy and hence, men are considered to be the primary breadwinner and decision making of the business (Bratton and Gold 2017). Hence, if any decision with respect to the business has to be made then it should be seen to it that the head of the business is approached. The plan needs to be presented in a formal manner to represent seriousness.

  1. Quality plays a key role in any food aspect

As the Italians consider food to be a critical aspect and Woolworths mostly sell food items. Therefore, they need to ensure that the items are based on the Italian taste. Furthermore, as the culture and food of the country is quite different from that of Australia, the company needs to ensure the expats are well accustomed to the taste of the place to be able to serve the customers well.

The country on a whole has changed considerably and there have been profound changes in the economy as a whole. The role of human resource management in the Italian companies have increased considerably and the way the employees are treated has changed. The hiring of the employees with respect to the local companies is done on the basis of their nationality only as the Italians like to interact with people belonging to their background itself (Stewart 2017). Secondly, the employees in Italy need to be treated like a part of the family and they need to be motivated through practices like employee engagement and decision making. Incentives and bonuses are a common medium of motivation.

Political factors

However, in typical Italian business enterprises, promotion is largely given on seniority basis and this often causes frustration among the younger employees. From the perspective of the manager, he will be required to work harder towards keeping the employees engaged in the organization.

Dressing up is considered to be a crucial part of the business. A different aspect s that punctuality is not that crucial in the given industry but dressing up is. This is because the Italians perceive the dress code of an individual to be the reflection of the social standing of the individual and hence, it determines the relative success as well as the competency. For his reason all expats must be properly dressed to portray seriousness and dedication.

Communication skills- This will help in making acquaintances which will then go a long way in helping the different expatriates to be able to adjust in the different environment which may be overwhelming in the beginning.

Interpersonal skills- This shall enable the expat in maintaining close ties with different people which will then assist the individual to adjust in the countries.

Language skills- A basic knowledge of the Italian language shall go a long way in helping the different members of the organization to be able to know the basics ad survive.

Leadership skills- This shall enable him to make the best of any situation and then assist him in future career growth (Burke 2014).

Technical skills- Lastly, knowledge is greatly valued in the given country and the expats should possess adequate technical skills to be successful in the future.

Hence from the analysis, it is recommended the company should expand their business in Italy. The country is one of the most visited countries in the globe and holds vast opportunities Furthermore, the opening of the store will be able to reduced unemployment to a certain extent which will help it in attracting favor from the government as well. Opening a store here in Italy, will be helpful for the company as well to expand their territory and through this they will be able to explore into the emerging markets (Maier 2015). There are various helpful dimensions in the country and if tips are followed they would be successful in the long run.


Therefore, from the given analysis it can be stated that Italy has a huge potential with respect to the future of the business. The given report examined different aspects of the country with respect to the Formal as well as Informal business environment. The employee and human resource condition were also examined along with recommendations on the same.


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