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A historical perspective on diversity ideologies in the United States:

Understanding the recruitment and selection processes of management accountants:

Antecedents and outcomes of diversity and equality management systems:

International Recruitment and Selection Policies and Practices

Impact of high-performance human resource practices on employees’ attitudes and behaviors. 

Understanding diversity ideologies in the United States

In order to develop a timeline, there are different ascertainment that are required to be done are as follows:

Firstly, proper consultation is required from different kind of sources along with websites as to consider format for the timeline. There are different timelines and formats along with different organising systems that will be found easily online.

Secondly, a work breakdown structure has to be created as this will help in creating and determining the different kind of project dependencies. The dependencies of the project are essential in nature as this helps and ascertain the total amount of time that is required for each of the tasks effectively. The strategic goals and operational plans has to be considered effectively as this will assist the company in developing the timeline effectively.

Furthermore, determination of the total time that was required for each task has to be identified efficiently that will help in identification of the resources availability in the market. The total time is required to be done and analysed appropriately that will help in identification of the important milestones and this will help in building the timeline for the project milestone in an appropriate manner as well.

Lastly, the timeline has to be reviewed as this will help and assist in understanding the timeline requirements as this will help in reporting, analysing and improving the data effectively with proper implementation of the time situation. The stakeholder needs along with skills and experience of the labour market is essential in nature to be involved in developing timeline to gain more knowledge on the different aspects effectively.

A job description can be described as a general statement which is written down for a particular job and is based on the different results which have been obtained from the job analysis. It comprises of duties, purpose, responsibilities, working conditions and job title. It also consists of the designation of the person and the salary package which the employee can expect to earn. A job description forms the basis of the job specification.

A job description can be a useful tool in helping the potential candidate to analyse the environment and the different role that he will be applying for. Very often the candidates are not aware of the job which they are looking out for and what to expect. The job description comes in handy in the long run as it assists the organization as well to analyse the different job requirements which are present in the organization.  They assist them in going a long way to decide upon the features which need to be present in an employee and the quality which a company is looking out for.

Recruitment and selection processes of management accountants

Consult means that when a difficult decision needs to be taken then, a manager or an individual tends to take the advice of another individual in order to see to it that the organization makes successful decision making (Kristensen and Ravn 2015). Consultation goes a long way in assisting the organization to make the correct decision in the correct format.

Reflect means to study the information which is present with the recruiter. There may be certain gaps present in the job description and thus for this purpose, they need to be filled up. An office assistant`s example can be used in the given scenario and they can maintain the records in order to determine later the necessary steps. The maintenance of records could necessarily refer to the batch documents, entering them into the given database, storing the different electronic files, filing of important documents and backing them up.

Confirmation means to confirm with or agree on something. The confirmation is an important criteria in decision making as it assists in agreeing with a particular aspect. It is crucial to confirm with an individual in job scenarios so as to let the candidate know that he is fixed for the job and he needs to join from a specific date.

Priorities means to sort out the different options available and set them according to a given priority list which reflects which one is the most important one and which one is not. Prioritization goes a long way in assisting an individual to ensure that the most important thing in the organization is done first followed by the others.

Keep it current means that an individual needs to follow the principle of timeliness in the sense that he needs to be aware of the different events that have been taking place in the current environment. This helps the individual in taking the correct decisions which go a long way in assisting the individual to prosper in the business environment.

Job description: Marketing Manager

Position profile:

The profile for the given job advertisement is the Marketing Manager

Position Summary

A marketing manager will be working in association with the Sales and marketing department. The individual will be seeing to it that they are successful in their ordeal and can bring about success to the company

The marketing manager will also look out for the advertisement, sales and other related aspects of the company.

Selection Criteria

  • Post graduate in Marketing Management
  • 2 years of experience
  • Above 25 years of age
  • Acute knowledge about the given industry
  • Willing to work longer hours.


  • The state and federal legislations
  • WHS legislations
  • Commonwealth legislations
  • Dangerous substances regulations
  • Conditions of employment regulations.


The Standards Australia can be referred to as an organization which assists the candidate in development and accreditation of a Standard if an employee is interested in acquiring one. They can be defined as documents which state down certain specifications ensuring that the products and goods are consistent and safe.

Antecedents and outcomes of diversity and equality management systems

Standards are the standards like:

  • ISO Standards
  • The HRF 101:2010 Standards

It is essential in nature to consult with the personnel about the job description. The best responses can be given by the individuals or the officials from the respective department itself. It is mandatory in nature to analyse the different kind of responsibilities that are required to be adopted by the different candidates who specialises in different departments. The entire workforce strategy is essential to be analysed effectively as this will help in providing the responses that are effective in nature.

It is essential in nature to comply with the legislation while developing a job description as this will be helpful in making the employees understand about the different duties that are being assigned to them and perform their duties accordingly as well. The disclaimer is legal in nature as this usually covers the different additions that do not result in material changes and the disruption of such responsibilities by the employees should be illegal under the eyes of law.

It is essential in nature to consult with the other members of the staff as this will find out the first-hand to analyse the actual requirements of the respective position. The best kind of responses are obtained from the employees who do not have actual kind of job. It is essential in nature to adhere to the policies of the company along with licencing requirements to make the necessary improvements effectively.  

The laws which cannot be contravened in the job description relate to the laws of the:

  • Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986
  • Age Discrimination Act 2004
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  • Racial Discrimination act 1975
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1984

The unlawful discrimination can take place in the given work scenario when the following aspects are considered. These are as follows:

  • Age- When individual are discriminated based on age.
  • Disability- When individual are discriminated based on ability or disability
  • gender reassignment- When the gender of an individual is concerned
  • marriage and civil partnership- When the marriage is considered to be a point of discrimination
  • pregnancy and maternity- When the deal relates to the deal of pregnancy and maternity
  • race- With respect to the race of a person
  • religion or belief- With respect to the religious beliefs
  • Sex- With respect to the gender of a person.


Privacy can be rightly defined as the ability of an individual to be able to seclude themselves or hide a given information about themselves or the decision to express themselves selectively. Although the boundaries or the areas in which an individual chooses to be private may vary from person to person. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is the act which is referred to in the given scenario.  However, matters that are considered to be private are largely special or sensitive to them. In scenarios of privacy, security is overlapped and thus information is protected in the manner. Privacy is often largely connected with the integrity of an individual.

It is essential in nature to obtain approval to advertise the position as this is essential and mandatory in nature to propose the news to the director of Human Resource as this helps in estimating the entire cost that will be incurred while filling up the position respectively in the organization in a specific department. Furthermore, the search plan is required to be created for the appointments that is required to be taken for conducting the interview for the required position and there can be different suggestions that can be gained from the higher authorities while posting the vacant position in the newspapers or through different websites.

International recruitment and selection policies and practices

The type of candidates that should require approval for the internal positions include the ones who are already working in the respective organization and there will be shift in the position in which they are working presently. Secondly, the candidates who are being referred by the higher officials or the ones who are being referred by the employees for a specific position within the organization.

There are different benefits that are being offered by job sharing that includes that there are two valued employees who might otherwise quit to pursue the different issues related to work-family balance issues. Secondly, the company is being able to gain two brains that are creativity and enthusiasm and both the employees are committed towards the success as well. The successful job share partners are very much accountable to one another and this will help the employer in building effective relationships with the co-workers.

On the other hand, there are different advantages that is gained by the employees through job sharing approach. The employees in the organization can ask for pay for cross-over day along with this helps in increasing the cost of employment for a jobs hare as well. Furthermore, the cost of the benefits may rise and when there are two employees who are working in the organization, and when in such situation, the employee is not comfortable and they fail to share work style that is required, in such situation this provides the other employee in providing such benefits to the other employee who is compatible in nature to perform such functions effectively as well.

Local newspaper- The companies can advertise their job vacancies in the local newspapers that are present in the given city or the given country. All the job seekers tend to read the newspapers regarding the job vacancy and thus, the advertisement forms an easy and cheap method of advertisement (Schermerhorn et al. 2014).


  • Cost effective
  • Easy to distribute


  • Obsolete
  • Not that detailed

Online Job sites- The online job sites are also a new source of advertising for the job advertisements. With the advent in technology, job advertisers like to give the advertisements in the online websites. The format of the given advertisements are more detailed than the online advertisements.


  • New technology
  • Easy access


  • It is quite expensive

Trade Publications- Trade publications refers to the books and documents which are essentially printed for trade purposes are referred to as Trade publications. The Trade publications are obtained in order to advertise just in the business domain

Impact of high-performance human resource practices on employees’ attitudes and behaviors


It is an acute measure and reaches directly to the target audience

  • Cheap
  • Effective


  • Old technique

References- The references can also be described as a common way of advertisement as it assists in the job vacancy fill up as it goes a long way in bringing about the new employees who already have connections in the firm.


  • Known employee
  • Cheap


  • Limited exposure

Mobile advertisements- The mobile advertisements also tend to act as a new technique whereby the organization needs to send out messages and mails to the potential candidates (Bolman and Deal 2017).


  • Cost effective
  • Target advertisement


  • Can create unnecessary increase in database

Social Media- Social media can also be used as a useful technique to advertise for the given jobs and other related techniques. Most of the individual are quite active on the social media platform and thus for this reason, it is very important to implement the advertisement in this domain. The advertisement aspect goes a long way in helping the organization to manage the recruitment aspects


  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective


  • Not accessible by all

In order to advertise a professional position, the best way and process to reach out to the different best personnel is to advertise the vacant positions in the newspaper or through social media networks. It is essential in nature to start up with the local newspaper as this will help in searching the local candidates and gain the best candidates towards the specific job types as well. The targeted online websites can be used to advertise their job position and this will help in attracting the qualified candidates who are required in the organization.

While writing and posting the advertisement, the details about the entire organization along with the different details of the contact number of the organization along with the email id of the organization. Furthermore, the different kind of details about the vacant job position has to be described in an effective manner that will help the candidates to understand the position with the details that are necessary to be adopted for the vacant position. The different details of the qualifications of the candidates has to be ascertained effectively as to help the employees in analyse the job requirements.

Outsourcing is defined as the agreement wherein the organization contracts with internal activity to different organization. It includes the contracting out the entire business process along with different non-core functions of the business as well. Outsourcing is the practice of hiring party outside the company as to perform the different services that includes offshoring of activities as well. Outsourcing is known as business process outsourcing and this is the practice of hiring another individual or organization either internationally or domestically as well. Furthermore, it allows the business to focus on the different core competencies and this will cut the costs and improve the overall efficiency as well.

The organizations need to outsource for different kind of reasons such as certain kind of business functions. The most common reasons that includes controlling and reducing the operating costs and this helps in sharing the risks with the partner company as well. Outsourcing will help in reducing the entire labour costs and this is the main reason in which the different companies choose the reason to outsource in an appropriate manner.

  Furthermore, outsourcing helps in reducing the costs along with focusing on the business and this will give access to the different world class kind of capabilities as well. Additionally, the outsourcing will help in risk management and this assist in compensating for insufficient kind of internal resources as well. When the organization will not require to undertake the different kind of business risks and the outsourcing will be good risk management strategy that can be applied by the company.

In order to consult with a relevant panel, the given needs to be consulted with:

  • The Manager- The manager is the one who is responsible for managing all the job opportunities an d the different workers and thus for this reason, it becomes extremely important to ensure that the right kind of managers are selected for consultation
  • The Department concerned- The department for which the employee is selected also needs to be concerned with respect to the job roles and criteria’s which are available for the employees. They also need to be informed that new employees are being selected.
  • Supervisor- The supervisor also needs to be consulted with in order to attain advice.

The committee needs to be formed in order to ensure that there exists no discrepancy with respect to the discrimination of the employees, the breach of the private legislation, breach of confidentiality and the different organizational procedures.  The duties of the different panels also include conducting the reference check, shortlisting of the applicants and participating in the interview process.

It is thus, important to form a proper panel who will be looking after the needs of the different employees in order to ensure that the best candidates are appointed. They should be given access to the correct files, thus the second round may be taken for certain applicants when the number of applicants are large in number.

In the scenario, it is extremely important to ensure that there exists no conflict. There will be certain time periods whereby the different members may face certain problems, however this should not come in the way of the business and such conflicts need to be avoided in order to ensure that the right applicant is employed. This can be taken to be as discrimination. In such a scenario, there can be a negative impact on the employee relationships and the image of the given organization as well.  Hence, those members who are acting as a source of conflict should try and withdraw from the panel for convenience.

The respective job post from which I have resigned currently is Human Resource Manager. I was working with a respective organization as the HR manager wherein it has been seen that I was handling the different kind of recruitment, selection and training of the employees (Konrad et al. 2016). The main function that was performed by me was to conduct the different recruitment process in an effective manner. I used to coordinate, direct along with plan the administrative functions of the organization. I used to oversee the recruiting, interviewing along with hiring the new staffs and consulted the different top executives on strategic planning and this will serve as the link between the organization’s management along with the employees.



Interview Type

Job selection


Collecting appropriate information whether the tasks can be performed by them effectively along with provide information about organization and job.

Style and Approach

Semi structured interview along with flexibility


Establish the rapport within five minutes along with collecting information within 10 minutes as well.


Proper analysis of the past experience and previous education and training of the employees effectively as well.

Legislative Requirements to be considered while developing interview plan are as follows:

The different laws that is required to be analysed and this is required to be analysed to take care that the breaches should not take place:

  • Anti-discrimination law
  • WHS laws
  • Confidentiality Laws

Seven Type of Questions that are required to be analysed are as follows:

Question Type

Defined -Used to assess

Used for


Open ended

Get more than no or yes answers (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow 2016)

Right research is required to be done as to ensure that the interviewees matches the different answers as per the needs of the organization

Why the candidate is interested in the profile?

What are the most skills that are remarkable?

Closed Ended

To make sure that the information is correct (Armstrong and Taylor 2014)

To review that there are no doubts in the resume of the interviewees

Are you experienced?


Problem Solving in nature along with different knowledge and skills

Does the interviewee follow up the different questions as to clarify the information (Bratton and Gold 2017)

Is the information correct of safe work place?


These are assumptive in nature

To see if the interviewee off guard and see if it is positive in nature

It can be hard working in such an environment

Multi Barrelled

Skills of reasoning

One question is same in nature like the other two questions

The type of questions that has to be considered while placing the interview are as follows:

General Questions

Specific Questions

Job Functions

Behavioural Questions (Brewster, Mayrhofer and Morley 2016)

When the applicants are sorted then they need to ensure that the entire process is quite transparent in nature so as to ensure that there does not exist a scope for discrimination.

The applicants need to be sorted according to the different criteria’s and the applicants which will match with the job criteria need to be separated. The employees which do not match will be segregated as well.

The different matching criteria’s which will be considered will include critical skills, identification of the gaps in the different information in order to form the selection criteria. They can also include soft skills and different knowledge components (Nkomo and Hoobler 2014). Desired qualities may also be present.

Very often certain organizations may also consider the other personality traits to check whether the organization can meet specific goals of the organization.  

The preferred personality traits which can be matched appropriately are as follows:

  • Confidence
  • Will power
  • Response to change
  • Autonomous abilities
  • Personality traits

Hence, the given template is then used in order to assess the different candidates who are present in order to match the total which emerges. Those who achieve the highest scores in such cases, are chosen for the next step.

Resume criteria

The resume criteria plays a key role in deciding whether the task can be matched or not, and whether the given employee is suitable or not, In this criteria, the achievements  and awards, past experiences, employment history and the number of years of experience are measured against the appropriate criteria.










Key Board  skills


Customer service











Key Board  skills


Customer service











Key Board  skills


Customer service


Hence, Peter needs to be selected as a candidate.

Me: Good Morning, I just called you up to make sure that the appointment is fixed for tomorrow

Client: Good Morning, I remember the same and the appointment is fixed on Monday from 10:00 A.M and 3:00 PM

Me: Yes, Thank You so much for your cooperation and as discussed, I will be present there within the said deadline

Design of Email

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected] 

Cc: [email protected] 

Subject: Reminder for the Interview on Monday from 10: 00AM to 3:00 PM

Dear Student,

Hi! Hope you are having a good day. I have mailed you with the entire details of the location wherein the interview will be taking place along with the different essentials that are required to be carried down by you. Please carry your CV along with the other certificates of the high school along with the master’s degree certificates as well. Furthermore, I would request you to come down to office before 5 minutes of the scheduled time.

Thanking You



Telephone Number: 458215823285

The interview process

The interview process needs to be considered in the manner such that the entire process is successful in convincing the employee and in ensuring that the right candidate is selected for the right employees.

Hence, before the interview is conducted, the following needs to be ensured:

The candidate needs to be comfortable in the given procedure and it should be seen to it that their references and the resume is considered primarily. The original copies of the qualifications also need to be considered accordingly in order to ensure that there does not arise a case of Privacy scanning laws (Kehoe and Wright 2013).

For the comfort of the different employees, the following needs to be ensured:

  • The refreshments are present
  • The room is not threating
  • The supervisors are present
  • The applicants are comfortable

The first and the last incident which takes place tends to have the most impact on the given candidate.

Preparation for the interview

In case a selection panel is being used then, the emails need to be sent to the particular panel in order to remind them to be present in the meeting.  Furthermore, the selection criteria needs to be matched with the different performances. The question needs to be prepared.  They need to see to it that the situation needs to be handled carefully in order to determine the procedure.

Opening the Interview

The applicant needs to be introduced to the panel and the interviewer needs to be briefed upon the happenings of the interview and inform them about another interview process which will be taking place/ The given plan which has been formed needs to be put into action.

Stages of the Interview

The interview is divided into three different stages:


The applicant needs to be asked about the selection criteria and see to it that he understands about the different interview process. The different applicants need to be informed that different notes will be taken during the interview process. When the comfort is established then the background of the interview is taken and they can carry forward with the next step.


The body phase is used to establish a rapport with the applicant. All questions regarding the given job are asked in the given scenario and well-structured questions need to be kept in mind. Various behavioural examples need to be considered in order to structure the entire process.

Follow up

The follow-up procedure involves asking whether the given individual has any particular questions. They can show their certificates in order to prove their competency. Further there should be various questions so as to ensure that no process is left incomplete.

Closing of the interview

The closing phase of the interview will involve that the applicant is made aware of the fact that they will be considered in case of availability and the kind of role they can expect to have. The notification process will be briefed upon. They will be asked to be available for a second interview and lastly, the interview must be thanked for his time and remind them to remain in contact in case of any further requirement (Gatewood Field and Barrick 2015).

It is essential to thanks the candidates for coming to the interview as the candidates have taken out some time to come down for the respective time frame and they have given their best shot as well. The thank You note is essential in nature to customize the follow up details of the interview effectively as well. This can be used as the opportunity to overcome the objections effectively (Cascio 2018) 

The key stakeholders in the assessment of the candidates are as follows:

  • Selection Panel Members
  • Selection Panel Chairperson
  • Human Resource Management Team
  • Recruitment Services

Correct biases

There may be various criteria’s when there might take place certain situations whereby there is a conflicting point of interest and the different criteria’s need to be measured.

The primary aim of the applicant should be to:

  • Demonstrate the evidence that needs to be collected in order to analyse the selection criteria
  • The indicator of the success of the result
  • Star Method of analysing the behavioural outcome needs to be measured in order to ensure that the interview is successful.

Immediately after the interview:

  1. The different panel members need to give their choices and their options. The primary aim of these need to be seen to it that the different views match or not.
  2. The different interview notes need to be classified and hence, this needs to be matched and the interview panels need to be considered effectively. A conclusion in this regard needs to be reached and rating needs to be provided to the different behaviour of the given set of employees.
  3. All the interviewers tend to match their criteria ratings and the consensus need to be achieved.
  4. The selection criteria weights are agreed upon and the consensus ratings are made.
  5. The different interviewers are required to discuss the selection criteria and ensure that there exists a vacant position or a new one is created
  6. The training and development is offered to the different employees
  7. The interviewee is required to complete any additional administration tasks.


In order to ensure that a consensus is reached it is important to maintain a structured communication in order to resolve any issues which are raised.

Structured communication is important and it shall ensure that:

  • Rating the value of each performance skill
  • The trainability of the different performance skills of the candidates
  • The different Panel members are able to rate the behavioural ratings
  • The applicants are able to fit into the organization

It is required to obtain permission from the candidates before contacting referee as there should not be any kind of discrimination among the different candidates. The confidentiality is essential in nature as there can be different times when the referee cannot be employed as the employees are still working in the organization and the permission is required to be taken from them as to make the entire process successful in nature.

Explanation of the steps

  • Firstly, introduce yourself
  • Confirm that you are the correct person
  • It is required to be made sure that the right person is contacted and the person is free to speak
  • Furthermore, ensure that the call is confidential to them as this is essential in nature
  • Find out the difficulties faced by the person
  • Analysis of the pressure that is faced by the individual
  • To close the entire interview, analyse whether the person can be re-employed
  • Thank them for their time and re-affirm that the entire interview was confidential in nature
  • Noting down the time along with date of discussion

The selection report is formed in order to be used as an official record of the given interview process. It aims to not only record the recommendations of an individual but also to ensure that the decisions of the staff members which were made are just and fair. The report helps in making the financial decision making criteria’s. The report also needs to provide a feedback to the given employees and be rigorous in describing how an individual or a panel will arrive as conclusions.

The report

The report can be described as a steps which the selection panel will be making use of their decision and give a justification for the different decisions which they shall be making. It is primarily done in order to be sufficient in helping to make the final decision.

The different decision makers in such a scenario are as follows:

  • The HR Manager
  • The CEO
  • The General Manager

In case no suitable candidate is formed, then the selection panel needs to start the entire procedure once again. This proves to be very effective.


Some organizations need to depend on post selection feedback. The constructive feedback which is obtained goes a long way in helping to understand why the given procedure has been largely unsuccessful and how they can become better in the given selection process.

In order to ensure proper feedback is given:

  • Encourage them to apply again
  • Ask them to provide a SWOT analysis
  • Ensure that they understand that the organization is able to utilize the feedback
  • Prepare detailed reports based on the given feedback.

Panels and recommendations

The different pane members must remember that they need to ensure that they tend to provide the recommendations for the same and the report is [resented professionally. The concept of the different panel members needs to be clear and a brief report needs to be provided. Even though a situation might arise whereby the consensus is not achieved, the ranking method might be used for the same in order to fill a given position (Hoque 2013).

In order to advise the candidate that we are unsuccessful in their application is such that by informing the candidate through telephonic conversation or email about them being unsuccessful. Thanks, the candidate for taking out time and wish them all the best for their future prospects. Any feedback can be provided in order to improve their confidence effectively.

In a scenario, whereby the selection process turns out to be very lengthy in nature then, it can be due to the given reasons:

The candidate decides not to join

If the candidate does not join the organization then the process needs to be repeated once again and thus the uncertainty increases considerably

Loss and cost

Very often when the employee agrees to join at a particular time frame and there exists a gap between his joining and leaving the organization then the given organization is struck by certain monetary and non-monetary aspects.

Ways in which the delay in the recruitment procedure can be delayed:

The following procedures may be used to ensure that any delays can be mitigated:

  • The job description needs to be formed appropriately in order to obtain the best candidate for the organization
  • The timeline of the interview needs to follow a structured format
  • The person who is responsible for the decision making needs to be ensured that he takes them properly
  • Commitment of the interview dates needs to be important
  • Proper communication channel needs to be maintained
  • The realistic goals need to be taken in order to ensure success.

For salary negotiations:

Very often the organization and the different employees cannot arrive at a particular salary then the procedure which needs to be followed are as follows:

  • The organization needs to know the salary expectations in order to conduct the cost benefit analysis (Boella and Goss-Turner 2013).
  • The offer needs to be pitched carefully in order to see to it that the negotiation is successful
  • Lastly, the final offer needs to be made clearly.

Documentation required for candidates who have been chosen are as follows:

  • Proper copies of CV
  • Scans of their qualifications and references
  • Letters from previous workforce
  • Selection Reports
  • Referee checks
  • Interview Sheets
  • Selection Reports

The confidentiality waste can be disposed of through Disposal Company sourced as to remove the different shredded information that are confidential in nature. It has to be made sure that the information has been destroyed completely and the privacy concern acts has been followed as there has been different cases wherein the organization do not follow such steps and this becomes problem for the company to protect themselves from litigation as well.

In order to decide the keep a record of the candidates, then the authorisation of the HR department is essential in nature as this will help the company in maintaining the record effectively. The documents are required to be processed as the confidential files are shredded and then the destruction is required to be done with due permission from the Hr department.

Letter of offer

 A letter of offer can be described as a document which provides the given information:

  • The name of the employee
  • The nature of job
  • The starting date of the employment

The letter of offer may also comprise of information like the:

  • Tax file form
  • Personal information form
  • Banking details
  • Superannuation forms

It needs to be noted that along with the letter of offer, two original copies of the employment contract need to be given out to the different parties.

Employment contract

The successful candidate will be able to complete the rest of the forms and send them for processing. They shall be encouraged to send the contract to office and other relevant documents

List of information are provided:

  • The location of the given employment
  • The hours of work to be done
  • The responsibilities of the employee
  • The probation period of the employee
  • The compliances that he will be required to abide by
  • The remuneration to be offered to the given employee
  • The different leave entitlements which are given to the employees.
  • They also comprise of information which is confidential
  • The termination issues also need to be provided to the different employees

I will tell her that the start date for the successful kind of candidates has to be communicated to staff and management along with:

  • Planning an induction
  • Arrange proper mentor and coach
  • Arrange ongoing training as part of induction

The administrative department should not have proper access to the information effectively as there can be confidentiality of the data and this can affect the entire reputation of the organization as well. Furthermore, as a manager, I would be requiring them to help them in analysing their position and become the morale of the entire team. By communicating with the staffs, it is essential in nature to communicate the needs effectively.

The communication of the new appointment with management and staffs are essential in nature as to make sure that the date is communicated appropriately with the organizational procedures. The team members will include in the induction process and volunteer to assist the candidates effectively to walk through the work site as well.

Purpose of feedback and evaluation

The feedback and evaluation is generally conducted in order to ensure that the whole recruitment procedure has been successful and the loopholes can be identified easily.

Importance of induction plan

  • The induction plan helps in reducing staff turnover and absenteeism, reducing accidents and reducing various incidents.
  • It increases productivity, job satisfaction and facilitates learning.

Timeline for appointment of PA


I Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

Issue of the advertisement

Recruitment of the candidate

Selection of the candidate

Induction Process of Candidate

Introducing to the team

Job description

  • Proper screening of the telephone calls
  • Organizing along with maintaining diaries along with making and fixing different appointments
  • Dealing with different incoming calls
  • Producing different kind of documents along with briefing papers as well

Selection Criteria

The selection of the candidates has to be done in such a manner that will be suitable for the respective position. The selection criteria include:

  • To check whether the candidate is HS pass or graduate
  • Secondly, to analyse the previous experiences or the job descriptions
  • Thirdly, to verify the criminal or other briefing records of the candidates effectively

Key Personnel

  • HR manager
  • CEO
  • General Manager

Legislative Requirements

  • The state and federal legislation
  • Dangerous substances regulation
  • Conditions for employment regulation
  • WHS Legislation
  • Commonwealth Legislations

Advertisement for PA Position

Vacancy at XYZ Organization for the position for Personal Assistant in HR recruitment Industry

Minimum Qualification- 12th pass with minimum 55% aggregate

Interested students can call on the number: 558521256312

Questions for the Interview

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • What is your last or past job experience?
  • What are the trainings that you have received from the previous workplace?
  • Will you be able to handle the different queries effectively?

Shortlisting the candidates

The candidates will be shortlisted by analysing their speaking and communication skills. The communication skills play a major role in managing the different queries of the clients in an effective manner. The respective PA post will be required to be confident and professional in handling different queries appropriately in the organization as this will help the company in gaining strong customer base.

Reviewing interview Questions

There is one question that has to be reviewed as there is breach of legislative requirements that include the following:

The organization can directly ask about the different kind of training or the training needs that will be provided by the company in the present along with the salary package negotiation as well.

Document required for assessing candidates against selection criteria is the report based on selection criteria.

Biases and Negotiations

These can be corrected with proper implementation of different strategies adopted by the company in order to analyse the issues and solve them appropriately as well. The biases can be solved in the organization by ensuring that the committee has to be comprised of different individuals from different domains that will reduce conflicts.

Procedure for referee reports

  • To check everything is recorded in an effective manner
  • To evaluate the different performance of the employees

Name of the candidate

Performance of the candidate

Selection Criteria








The recommendations that can be provided to the selection report as to change the entire report is that the referee report has to be published only on the approval of the different clients as this information are confidential in nature and this will help in solving the different kind of reports in an appropriate manner. The documentation has to be provided as to implement the different strategies to solve the issues in an effective manner. The demonstration has to be done in such a manner that this will help and assist in maintaining the different kind of information effectively.

Procedure to advise to unsuccessful candidates

The procedure that has to be followed in analysing and identifying to be advised to the candidates who are unable to succeed in the organization are such that the candidates are to be made aware of the situation effective. Furthermore, the candidates are required to be thanked for coming and attending the interview and taking time out to be helpful in conducting the same effectively as well.

Procedure to secure preferred candidate

The candidates who have been selected has to be matched with the selection criteria report that will help and assist in displaying the maximum score that will be helpful for the company in selecting the candidates as per the education and past experience qualification that is mandatory in nature to maintain the position in an effective manner as well. Furthermore, the preferred candidates can be secured with proper implementation of strategies to solve the different kind of queries and solve the different kind of issues effectively as well.


  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Scan of different qualifications such as education and past job experience
  • Certificates of the different courses that has been conducted effectively
  • Different criminal and briefing records
  • Health Documents

Induction Plan

  • Introduction Session in the morning from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
  • Secondly, providing the tea and snacks to the candidates
  • Providing the candidates with the different briefing records and reports
  • Providing the candidates with different important records that are necessary to be analysed effectively
  • Furthermore, the candidates have to be made aware about the tasks that is required to be handled by them effectively and appropriately
  • The candidates’ queries have to be answered effectively and then there will be lunch session
  • Lastly, wrapping up the session and the snacks has to be provided to the candidates.
  1. Plan for recruitment
    • Obtaining the approval for filling the position and clarification of the time lines and the requirement based on appointment.
    • Assisting in the preparation of the job descriptions which can reflect the requirements of the role in an accurate manner. The job descriptions will be prepared based on the procedures and the policies of the company.
    • The relevant personnel need to be consulted about the relevant description of the job and the strategy based on workforce.
    • The job descriptions of the personnel need to comply with the legislative requirements of the company.
    • The approvals need to be obtained for advertising the position.
  2. Plan for selection
    • Choosing the appropriate technology and channels for the purpose of advertising the vacancies and the identification of the appropriate training pool.
    • Advertisement of the vacancies for requirement of staff which is based on the procedures and the policies of the company.
    • Consulting with the relevant personnel so that the selection panel can be convened and the interview questions can be developed.
    • This planning also assists in the process of ensuring that the questions of the interview are based on the various legislative requirements.
    • This process assists in the process of short-listing the applicants.
    • Scheduling the interviews and the further advising the relevant types of people regarding the dates, venues and the times.
  3. Supporting the selection process
    • Participating in the process of interview and the assessment of the candidates based on the criteria of selection.
    • Discussion of the assessment with the other members of the selection panel.
    • Correction of the deviations or the biases based on the procedures that are agreed upon and the negotiation based on preferred candidates.
    • Contacting the referees for the reports.
    • Preparation of the selection report and making recommendations to seniors for the appointment purposes.
    • Providing advice to the unsuccessful candidates based on their outcomes.
    • Securing the requirements of the preferred candidates.
    • Completing the necessary documentation based process according to the procedures of the company and observing the privacy related requirements and the confidentiality.
  4. Induction of the successful candidates  
    • Providing the successful candidates with contract based on employment and other relevant documentation.
    • Advising the managers and the work based team about the new recruitments.
    • Providing advice to the managers and the staff based on the staring date of the candidates and various arrangements that are to be made for paying the employees and keeping their records.
    • Making arrangements for the successful induction of the candidates based on the policies of the organization.

Answer to Question 1

The organizations can use different options for the advertising the vacancies. The company that is taken into concern in this case has its own website and it has also placed advertisements in the newspapers. The various channels that have been used for advertisement related purposes are the search engines of the government, journals and the websites that are specific for different industries. The various types of internal communication that is used in this case are intranet, newsletters and the emails. The newspaper based advertisements are also a major channel which is used for the advertising related purposes. All the channels that are used by the company has its own advantages and disadvantages (Coller, Cordero and Echavarren 2018).

Answer to Question 2

The various legislations that need to be considered by the organization for the formation of job descriptions are the federal and the state based legislations, the commonwealth based legislations, the WHS regulations, dangerous substances based legislations and the conditions that are based on the employment regulations. The code of practice is thereby considered to be the set of the activities, actions, responses and the responsibilities which are based on events which apply to the profession, trade or the industry as a whole. The awards are also based on the minimum levels of standards and the conditions related to the employees in the industry. The professional association of the company is also based on the ways of uniting and then informing people who are a part of the same profession.

Answer to Question 3

The relevant attributes that are required for the purpose of carrying out particular role in the company will be cleared to me by the human resources manager. The manager will be able to provide me with the relevant information that is required for the purpose of creating the appropriate type of job description. The various qualities of the employee will be cleared to me with the help of information that is provided to me by the HR manager of the company. This will further be helpful for me to create the job description in an appropriate manner which can help in the recruitment based process (Lievens 2015).

Answer to Question 4

The various laws and legislations that are based in anti-discrimination are, the Age Discrimination Act 2004, the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986, the Disability Discrimination 1992, Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and the Sex Discrimination Act. These acts have been covered under the Commonwealth Law. These laws are thereby followed by the organization so that the different areas based on the discrimination can be covered easily. These are thereby related to the territory or the state where the legislation based on commonwealth applies. This helps the company to protect the employees from different types of discrimination that is not lawful in nature.

Answer to Question 5

The organization has different procedures that are based ways by which the approval related to advertisement can be obtained. The human resource manager of the company may have to place an internal advertisement so that the approval can be gained based on placing the advertisements in other areas outside the company. The procedure based on the approval that is required for placing the advertisements needs to be different from in different companies. The process of documentation is also different in various companies. The human resource manager needs to prepare both the internal and the external documents as well. My organization will have a different type of process that is created for documentation. The positions of the displaced employees are also filled with the help of internal advertisement within the organization itself (Dandaro, Silva and Carvalho 2017).

Answer to Question 6

My organization has a website which is used for the purpose of placing the advertisement for vacancies. The newspaper advertisements are also placed by the company based on the vacancies that have been created. The different channels of my organization thereby include, the websites and the journals, the search engines of the government and the other internal communication based processes. The potential candidates of the company are also selected with the help of these advertisement based channels. My organization is then able to gain access to different CVs and the information of potential employees. This helps the company to take proper decisions based on the ways by which the individuals can be selected.

Answer to Question 7

The advertisement based on the vacancies in the company will be related to the ways by which the position for the job is displayed and the various organizational procedures are followed in a proper manner. The small companies may not have proper procedures or formal policies that are able to guide in the process of placing the appropriate type of advertisements. The audience that is aimed by the advertisement is also a major part of the advertisement based process. The pool of applicants or the potential employees are targeted with the help of the advertisement which is placed in the various channels. The timeline that is required for the preparation and advertisement of the position is also placed in the advertisement (Lepistö and Ihantola 2018).

Answer to Question 8

My organization uses a selection panel which is used for the purpose of recruiting the employees. The selection panel is created in such a manner which can be helpful for the selection of the appropriate candidates in different important positions. This panel helps in providing opinions that are based on the candidates who have been shortlisted by the advertisement based process. The members of the selection panel include, the human resource manager of the company, the operations manager and the appropriate manager of the departments for which the recruitment process is being conducted (Kang and Shen 2017).

Answer to Question 9

The question that I need to ask myself before designing the questions that are related to the interview are based on the ways by which I am able to place myself in the position of the employees who are being considered for the recruitment based process. The first question will be based on the experience that I had based on the time when I had been interviewed for the position where I am working now. The second question will be based on the ways by which the interview questions are able to test the abilities of the employees in an appropriate manner. The third question that I will ask myself will be based on the depth of the questions that have been prepared to be asked in the interview (Kang and Shen 2017).

Answer to Question 10

The different personality traits that I will test in the employees at the time of interview are the communication related skills, the skills of the candidates that is based on the ways by which they are able to multitask and complete the jobs and targets. The ability of the employees to form strategies in various situations will also be tested. The judgement based capability of the candidates needs to be analysed based on the requirements of the job. The levels of cautiousness of the candidates will also play an important part in the process of interview. The thinking based capability and team playing skills of the employees will be analysed in the interview that I will conduct with the employees. The ways by which the candidate is able to fit in the culture of my organization will be analysed by me in the interview (Ployhart and Weekley 2014).

Answer to Question 11

The applicants will be invited for the interview after the process of shortlisting is complete by selecting employees from the various applications that are made. The information that is provided to the employees is thereby based on the compensation that they will receive for the services provided. The other types of information will information that is related to areas where the employees will be placed with respect to their job responsibilities. The various levels of information that is provided to the employees are helpful for the purpose of helping them to understand their duties in the company and the ways by which they can achieve the targets. This will be helpful for the employees to set their targets and goals in an effective manner (Mahmood 2015).

Answer to Question 12

The selection criteria that has been set by the organization needs to be reviewed in an effective manner before actual process takes place. The interviewers thereby need to analyse and assess the entire criteria that has been designed for selecting the employees. This is an important part of the recruitment process as it helps the interviewers or the recruiters to make sure that the employees are selected based on the perfect criteria. This will further be helpful for the organization to create an employee base which is efficient in nature (Ployhart and Weekley 2014).

Answer to Question 13

The review process of the selection criteria is mainly done by the head of the department in which the employees are to be recruited. The main part of the review process is based on the ways by which the employees are selected entire recruitment based process. The human resource managers are also a part of the review process which helps them to decide the reliability of the entire process. The departmental head and the human resource managers are therefore the most important stakeholders of the entire work process. This will help the company to decide the perfect criteria which can be applicable for the selection of the employees (Saifalislam, Osman and AlQudah 2014).

Answer to Question 14

The choice of the applicant is not always clear for the organization. The conflicting points can occur among employees with respect to the criteria of selection. The selection criteria can thereby be refined with the help of refinement of each part. The members of the panel need to be provided with choices that are based on the capability with the help of which they are able to meet the various criteria of selection. The details also need to be provided based on various behavioural types of examples. The biases can be avoided by the notes based on the interview that are provided to the employees. The interviewers need to read the ratings that are based on the criteria. The criteria of selection are thereby based on the phase of preparation which is decided with the help of several calculations. The major factors that are based on the process of reaching a consensus is by using the communication skills in a professional manner for resolving the issues that have been raised in the process. The process of structured communication is useful for the reduction of deviations and biases in the organization.  

Answer to Question 15

The referee based questions will be created by the human resource manager of the company. This document also provides the required support to the recruitment process in the organization. The referee is the document which provides the required supporting information to the recruiters of the company (Saifalislam, Osman and AlQudah 2014).

Answer to Question 16

The selection reports are based on ways by which official records of interview process is kept. This is mainly aims at reporting the recommendations of the selection panel and the members of the staff. This report thereby provides support to the maker of the decision and the ways by which the final decision is made. This report is thereby used for the purpose of providing feedback to the applicants who mainly request the feedback based on post-selection. This report plays a rigorous role in describing the ways by which the selection panel has used the process of the selection. The main responsibility of selection panel is to ensure that the documentation is made available for the person assigned for making the final decision.

Answer to Question 17

The process of informing the unsuccessful candidates of the outcome of the interview should be based on the feedback process that is used by the recruiters. The outcomes of entire process are thereby provided to the employees so that they are able to improve their work process in the future.

Answer to Question 18

The delays that can occur in the recruitment process needs to be minimised so that the candidates required for the appropriate positions can be selected as soon as possible. The job description needs to be clear, the time frames need to be created in an effective manner. The process of communication needs to be efficient and the goals that are created need to be realistic (Almeida and Fernando 2017).

Answer to Question 19

The confidential waste of the organization and the various printed materials that are used in the recruitment based process need to be disposed. The records are disposed based on the authorisation that is provided by the HR manager of the company. The files are shredded and are placed in the waste bin.

Answer to Question 20

The major components that are a part of the employment contract of an organization are mainly based on the location, the hours of the work, the responsibilities and the duration of the probation period that is to be served by the employees. The compliance of the candidates with different procedures and remuneration provided to the employees are also based on the contract with the employees.

Answer to Question 21

The HR department is advised of new recruitments as the managers have not proved to be efficient enough to select the appropriate employees for different positions in the organization. The change that has been planned in the employee based can thereby lead to the increase in efficiency of the department.

Answer to Question 22

The finance department is advised for new recruitments so that the work process can be improved in an effective manner. The finance department is responsible for the various important functions and roles that are played by the employees. The changes in employees of this department will help in increasing the effectiveness and the efficiency (Furnham 2017).

Answer to Question 23

The induction process is based on the ways by which the employees are able to learn the different organizational processes and further they are able to adapt to the environment. The process of orienting the employees for the purpose of creating their position in the company and understanding the entire work process is thereby a part of the induction process of the company.


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