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In the article What Self-Awareness Really Is (And How to Cultivate It) author Tasha Eurich states that “Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and more creative. We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively.” This worksheet will help you do just that.

In the table below, each row represents a group (past or present) that has influenced your values. Examples of these groups are your family, church, sports teams, profession, groups sharing common interests, etc. Select five of these groups and list them in the first column of the table.

  1. Three (3) positive behaviors that were learned and/or encouraged by the group. For example your teacher would always expect that you were on time or that you were assertive during class presentations.
  2. Three (3) values that you learned from the group. For example someone could have learned from a church group to be compassionate or to speak up when one sees injustices.
  3. Choose your values from the list provided in the Your Values Matter Scroll to the end of this assignment to find this table.

Group Name  

3 Positive Behaviors

3 Values Learned

Ex: Church

Volunteering, Working on a team, Being on time

Accountability, respect, teamwork

(choose from the Your Values Matter table below)


Being attentive to teachers/the elderly, obeying the rules, being kind and considerate to others.

Caring, safety, respect


Investing in the future, keeping the family secure, paying bills on time.

Financial stability, job security, leadership.


Personal responsibility, performing community work,

Forgiveness, ethics, generosity.

Sports team

Working as a team, respecting others, managing time.

Self-discipline, teamwork, personal fulfilment.


Wanting the best for others, leading by action, motivating others.

Trust, compassion, openness

How important is each value in your life? Using the “Understanding Your Values” table, choose 10 of your values and put each value in priority order - #1 matters most, #10 matters least. Be HONEST! It doesn’t matter how someone else would rank these values; it only matters how important they are to you! Remember, this is about SELF-awareness. Your goal is to identify the things that matter most to YOU!

In the article How to Live With Purpose, Identify Your Values and Improve Your Leadership, author Ann Loehr explains how your values give you a sense of purpose. The exercise below will help you focus on those values. Please complete the following in the table below:

  1. List the values according to what matters most to you.
  2. Provide a brief definition of what that values means to you in your own words.
  3. Write a short sentence about the meaning of each value in the “why does this matter to me” column. (Ex: If “friendship” is one of your higher values, you might understand it [and yourself!] better by identifying WHY friendship is such a high priority for you.)

(most important to least important)

(what does it mean to me?)

(why does this value matter to me?)

Ex: Friendship

A special bond/connection between myself and another person.

Friends are valuable to me because we provide each other with support during the positive and difficult times in our lives. Friends also provide companionship.

1. Family

A group of individuals related to me by blood.

Family are important because they provide encouragement and affection I need all the time.

Family also sets stage for future relationships.


A state in which I am free from injury or sickness.

Healthy living helps prevent long-term illnesses.

Good health is also essential for self-image and self-esteem.

3. Freedom

My power to speak, act or think as I please.

Having freedom means one can walk around, go to school, and do anything without worrying about their safety and those of those they love.

4. Education

A process in which I get an enlightening experience.

Education promotes critical thinking and decision-making skills.

It teaches people ways of problem solving, morals, and values.

5. Respect

An act of conducting myself regarding others' wishes, feelings, or rights.

Respect builds safety, trust, and wellbeing.

It also relieves stress and improves knowledge sharing.

6. Trust

A firm belief in someone’s ability, truth, and reliability.

Trust allows for ethical decision-making.

It also improves efficiency and increases speed.

7. Self-discipline

The ability to overcome my weakness and control my feelings.

Self-discipline enables you to focus on your goals.

It also enables you to control yourself and your reactions to any circumstance.

8. Friendship

My emotions and conduct towards others.

Friendship enhances a person’s sense of belonging.

In addition, it reduces a person’s stress and boosts their happiness.

9. Excellence

Myself being outstanding.

Achieving excellence makes one satisfied with the job they have done.

Additionally, people learn from their mistakes and do not let them define who they are.

10. Perseverance

I am pushing myself toward my goals despite the hardship in realizing them.

Perseverance is an essential quality for accomplishment.

It encourages people to be innovative.

Now, review both tables. Write a reflection on how you think the groups in your life have helped you define your own values. Be sure to reference the material from class to support your response. What can you conclude?

How has this activity provided insight into the effect your groups of influence have on your personal values? Were you aware of the relationship between the two before doing this activity? Were you surprised by the amount of influence each group has? Explain why or why not.

Groups influence a person's security and survival, achievements, control and power, affiliation status, and provide companionship. One's decision-making and behavior can be affected by the presence of others (Haynes, 2018). A group can be crucial in team sports, work-setting, and political activism. Groups influence a person in three significant ways:

·         Groupthink: is a mental phenomenon that transpires within a group of people, in which the aspiration for harmony in the group results in incorrect decision-making outcomes. A group can try to minimize a conflict and arrive at a consensus without evaluating alternative ideas. For groupthink to occur, the group must detach itself from outside influence, and loyalty has to prevent people from pitching controversial matters of alternative solutions.

·         Groupshift is when individual members' initial positions are overvalued toward a more leading position. Groups assess risk differently than an individual. A group is likely to make a riskier decision, and the shared risk makes one's risk seem less. Group discussion leads to a significant shift of the members' position to a more leading position in a direction they were already leaning towards.

·         Deindividuation; is the loss of a person’s individuality. Rather than working alone, a person experiencing deindividuation gets lost in the group. The person will go along with what the group does. This happens because some people experience a sense of anonymity when in a group. The bigger the group, the higher the chances of deindividuation.

I was aware of the two before the activity because I have been taught about them as Part of culture and curriculum. In addition, I have also read from different journals and had some experiences. I am not surprised about the groups' influences because this is like daily life. We are taught and experience these values in our daily lives.

Self-awareness is one's experience of their personality. It can also be described as the ability to take an honest look at one's life without the attachment to it being wrong or right.

Self-awareness enables one to view life thoroughly and differently (Huang, & Chang, 2020). It allows one to see their life through various possibilities, perspectives, and lenses. It consolidates the opportunities to analyze what new routines need to be formed, what should change, and the pivotal dreams that an individual has for their life. The more a person is aware of their conscious and subconscious, the more they know how they feel about themselves. Being aware of these things will guide one towards achieving the goals they have always dreamt. In addition, a person learns about themselves and who they are.

Self-awareness makes one understand the world around them. It empowers one to view others and the world around them differently. Individuals process distinct emotions, experiences, and scenarios via a healthy filter. One becomes a more sociable and understanding person. A better understanding enables one to create space not to be hard on themselves and others. When new routines start to form, one automatically chooses to see the positivity in everything. This new perspective eventually leads to a journey of happiness.

A person who has self-awareness finds inner peace. If your self-awareness is intact, a person's perspective and attitude become apparent over time. The more a person practices self-awareness, the more their perspective shifts (Lages, Piercy, Malhotra, & Simões, 2020). With a clearer view, a person processes things they do better. A person sees the good stuff and does not focus on the negatives.

I determined my first three values through cultural teachings. Growing up, in school, church, and home I was taught values. I have grown up learning and appreciating these values. It was not difficult to narrow down the steps because this is something that I was taught and have learned to appreciate.







conflict resolution












job security


balance (home/work)


financial stability



being the best

continuous learning



personal growth





professional growth


ease with uncertainty






future generations

making a difference







community involvement

enthusiasm/ positive attitude










environmental awareness

humor/ fun

personal fulfillment


Haynes, P. (2018). Understanding the influence of values in complex systems-based approaches to public policy and management. Public Management Review, 20(7), 980-996.

Huang, S. L., & Chang, C. Y. (2020). Understanding how people select social networking services: Media trait, social influences and situational factors. Information & Management, 57(6), 103323.

Lages, C. R., Piercy, N. F., Malhotra, N., & Simões, C. (2020). Understanding the mechanisms of the relationship between shared values and service delivery performance of frontline employees. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 31(21), 2737- 2760.

Milchram, C., Märker, C., Schlör, H., Künneke, R., & Van De Kaa, G. (2019). Understanding the role of values in institutional change: the case of the energy transition. Energy,  Sustainability and Society, 9(1), 1-14. 

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