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Job opportunities in the wine industry


Analyse the trends in Development and Employment Opportunities of an Industry.

The wine industry is one of the oldest industries which are present internally and has several outlets around the corners of the world (Szolnoki 2013).The use of wine has become an important part of the human culture and thus marked its popularity (Conto et al. 2014). It has been noted that with the growing population of the wine industry the job opportunities has increased overtime and has helped to uplift the wine culture among different sections of the society (Conto et al. 2014). The development of wine industries has facilitated the creation of employment and job opportunities providing jobs to various sections of the society.

Development and Job Opportunities

In recent years it has been observed that various job opportunities has been developed in the field of wine industry and people are finding it better to explore these opportunities in future. The category under which an individual may explore his career opportunities falls under the following heads:

  • Sales and Marketing.

Considering the above heads it can be mentioned that an individual can explore himself in the following categories of job profiles. The opportunities involved with marketing and sales of wine industry is quite a challenging job while some may find it interesting and gain success in the long run (Szolnoki 2013). The wine industry is a large industry which involves perfect business model, good and unique management with accurate financing (Barrientos 2013). It can be tough for an individual to struggle in the highly competitive market as the industry requires a lot of experience and qualification in order to operate the administration system. It can also be stated that the budget involved with the winery business is quite tricky and complex which requires expert professionals to calculate the figures carefully.

There is a great opportunity to explore in the field of Viticulture and Enology which is related to education. Presently, there are number of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees associated with the study of Viticulture and Enology where one can gain knowledge regarding the topic and find suitable opportunities in the future (Brice 2014).The production of wine is not an easy task as it involves a lot of manual labor associated with long hours of work period. The problem arises during the harvest season because the extraction of grapes from the vineyards is not an easy job which requires skilled labors and active participation (Brice 2014). Wine distribution systems have been operated in many countries not only in its regions but also internationally and the system works efficiently with its wide and well connected network system.

Viticulture and Enology as a career

In recent studies it has been observed that though there are lots of employment opportunities in the wine industry sector but with the increasing competition there has been a drastic change in the employment trends (Chong 2014). It was earlier discussed that the process associated with the production of wine is not easy and therefore in order to succeed in this sector one has to possess good knowledge about the process of fermentation which requires excellent methods and techniques. It can be mentioned that it is not always possible to meet the daily targets and deadlines associated with the growth of wine industry. The individuals working under the head of sales and management may find it difficult to cooperate in such situations. It can be stated that due to these factors the job opportunities associated with the wine industry is likely to disappear in near future

The changes in wine industry that can be observed in next five years should be firstly to meet customer preferences. The wine industry not only attracts customers from its region but also from the rest of the world as well so in order to meet with the market demand customer preference is necessary (Barrientos 2013). Innovation is something which is the keyword for success of all industries and it is necessary to involve innovative ideas for the development of this industry in future. In addition to this it is essential to explore new marketing strategies for the further development of this industry.

Job Cluster

The Wine industry from the time immemorial has provided various job clusters for exploring career opportunities in this field (Szolnoki 2013). The various job cluster profiles set up by the wine industry includes fermentation researchers, managers, wine critics, wine makers, crop researchers, wine consultants. The job cluster that has been selected is the wine consultant.

In a globally challenged world nothing is impossible as an individual has the opportunity of exploring different career options available in the market. Wine is something which is an essential requirement for all occasions and without a glass of wine the occasion would be incomplete. There are certain people who can naturally distinguish the taste between different types of wines and such distinguishing capability may be naturally borne in them or have been acquired by practice (Barrientos 2013). Many people do not have the capability of distinguishing the taste of different wine and this special quality makes them perfect for the job of a wine consultant.

Trends in employment opportunities

In recent times wine consultants can be seen in restaurants, bars, hotels and often in some departmental stores where they deal with selling of wines. Wine consultants provide proper guidance to the customers during selection of wines and that guidance are based on expertise views (Szolnoki 2013). The wine consultants should have qualities to be fit for the job profile like patience and alcohol tolerance otherwise he will not be able to survive in a competitive market. The wine consultants should have basic knowledge about the areas of Viticulture and Enology and at present there are universities which provide courses on enology (Brice 2014). In order to reach the ladder of success it is required to obtain experience in the in the desired field. The wine consultants at the early stage of his career cannot gain sufficient knowledge and develop relevant skills it will require a lot of experience (Chong 2014).The wine consultants apart from this should possess a good taste and capability of differentiation regarding the product in order to succeed in the future.

Current Capabilities

The current capabilities have been determined with the help of assessment tools based on the assumptions listed below:

  • Learning Style

It has been observed that the individual possesses certain personality traits which have been discussed in detail:

According to the temperament results the type of the individual is INTP which refers to someone who are professors, thinkers and problem solvers. The groups of individuals are bright, tolerant and can grasp any new subject very easily however they appear to be very shy when in new company. The other details regarding this personality test have been mentioned in the appendix below.









The learning style score of the individual is 102 which denote that the individual is a highly motivated learner.


As an active changer the individual is likely to learn new things and explore new ideas involving people and activities.


The individual likes to explores ideas that are based on reality.


The individual takes time to think in order to create something new.


The individual is energetic and outgoing.

The overall resilience score is high and it seems that the individual is pretty resilient. The results have been presented with the help of a table.


The individual can manage to cope up with the change.


The individual is very good at solving the challenges that he faces.


The individual is confident enough.


The individual has the ability to work with others.


The individual is confident with the support he is getting from the co-workers.


The individual may need to change his working style.

Gap and SWOT analysis

In order to meet the current market demands and match according to the industry standards it is necessary to work hard and sincerely. The quality of the work should be maintained which cannot be obtained overnight as it requires a lot of training and practice. The quality of the work is also based on the experience of the individual the more the person will be experienced the better will be the quality of the performance. In a highly competitive market it is also essential to be fast paced and at the same time possess certain leadership qualities. It is essential to work together in a team or group in order to meet the daily targets as an individual alone would not be able to meet the growing demands of the marks without proper assistance. The most important skill that should be improved is the understanding of the industry in which the person is dealing with and that a good understanding between high quality and cheap quality of wine should be established based on that skill.

The future of the wine industry

The person should possess good verbal communication which will be proving to be beneficial for both the customers and the industry. It is also important that a person must respect the job in which he is involved and should give ample time to it in order to establish himself according to the industry standards. In this way the strength and weaknesses can be summarized from the above calculation and it can be added that the individual is socially active and avoiding. The individual is able to connect closely with the customers and has the ability to meet the current market demands. The individual to able to avoid all sorts of challenges and tries to fulfill them without avoiding any complicated situations.

The opportunities and threats can be explained n this regard. The individual should improve himself in terms of his working styles not only for his own benefit but also for the sake of his organization. The individual is active enough so he will be able to explore new ideas and cope up with the changing environment. The individual being an introvert can face several issues so he has to share his thinking and ideas before coming to a conclusion. The individual being a natural thinker should not over emphasis on a topic otherwise it may turn into cold and impersonal and may also lead to anxiety. The individual while copying with change shall set a mindset that such change should be positive. The individual has problem solving abilities which can act as a threat sometimes and may lead to excessive work load.


It can be concluded that from the above discussion that with the recent growth of industrial standards worldwide it is necessary that an individual should actively participate in the competition and work hard until the target requirements are fulfilled. Lastly, it can be said that the individual should improve his professional skills by learning from the outcomes of his mistakes.


Barrientos, S.W., 2013. ‘Labour chains’: analysing the role of labour contractors in global production networks. The Journal of Development Studies, 49(8), pp.1058-1071.

Brice, J., 2014. Attending to grape vines: perceptual practices, planty agencies and multiple temporalities in Australian viticulture. Social & Cultural Geography, 15(8), pp.942-965.

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Szolnoki, G., 2013. A cross-national comparison of sustainability in the wine industry. Journal of Cleaner Production, 53, pp.243-251.

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