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Take the perspective of the organisation examined in the first assignment and provide an overview of one of the following contextual factors: Governance  Innovation and Entrepreneurship  Knowledge management and eCommerce Assess how this contextual factor would be utilised by the organisation to enhance business practice.    

Define relevant terms, theories and concepts presented in weeks 6-8 . Ability to utilise the specific contextual factor chosen, explain key details and assess their impact on the relevant firm or organisation. Ability to explain major domestic and international contextual factors and how they affect business structures and strategy. Demonstrated breadth and quality of research by using a minimum of 12-16 academic source Correctly using the APA in text referencing system to correctly citing academic sources.

Have appropriate headings and sub-headings for sections which are numbered. May include material such as tables and figures. If the tables/figures are not too large (less than ½ of a page) they can be included in the body of the report. Alternatively if large, include in the appendices at the end of the report. 

Definition and Explanation of Key Terms

As shown by the World Economic Forum, a tricky innovation is a theory that "a smaller organisation with less means can remove a setup, fruitful business by concentrating on segments of the market that have been neglected by the inhabitant, typically in light of the way that it is focusing more on helpful locales (Stige, 2012)." However, there has been debatable trade about whether Uber is truly a troublesome advancement or development that is upgrading our general economy (Stige, 2012).

Uber was a tricky advancement since it has impactsly influenced the taxi business. A regularly expanding number of people are paying for Uber's through the direct and viable application as opposed to paying for an all the more exorbitant taxi (Corsi, and Di Minin, 2013). Energetic youngsters and understudies are using Uber to get to places speedier, and finally, save more money.


As shown by the site, Uber is not a risky headway and the reasons are according to the accompanying:

  • Uber has not moved from the low end of the market – the association targets customers that have starting at now been taxi customers different conditions.
  • Uber has been settled as more affordable than taxis, yet it's not seen as "below average" to cab or taxi organizations.

Disrupters start by addressing low-end or unserved customers and after that move to the standard market. Uber has gone accurately the other way: developing a position in the standard market first and in this way addressing genuinely neglected sections. Uber has not started from a low end of the market and did not concentrate on any purchasers. Uber was moved in San Francisco that starting at now had a viable and productive taxi transportation advantage.

Exactly when Uber was planned in March 2009, step by step taxi customers that were by then in the penchant for using transportation organizations used Uber likewise ("Begriffsbestimmimg und summarische Über-sicht über frühere Auffassiingen", 2009). Harvard Business Review supports the likelihood that Uber can't be a hazardous headway in light of the fact that the association finishes the backwards of troublesome improvements: Uber has apparently been extending demand – that is the thing that happens when you develop a prevalent, more reasonable response for a broad customer require (Steltner, 2008).

Consequent to examining both these articles, my perspective on Uber being a troublesome progression has balanced. I see how people can view Uber as exasperating the gauges of society, because I can moreover see how Uber has enhanced the taxi business (Steltner, 2008). Starting at now, I view Uber as a crucial progression, not a troublesome improvement. Though a constantly expanding number of people are using Uber at its more affordable expenses and its more broad sincerity, it has recently highlighted the importance of transportation organizations all through the country. It shows how gainful and wide the usage of taxicabs and cabs are to the daily lives of people.

Disruption models cannot clarify all current and future improvements. Progression is coming into play sometimes may be as disruptive, but also tactical.

What started as Uber Cab in San Francisco has formed into a creature in the transportation world? The association now works in 300 urban zones in 58 countries, has more than 1 million drivers wearing down its stage and is regarded at more than $40 billion, with some new gages clearly reaching out as high north as $50 billion. Along the ride, Uber's creator and CEO Travis Kalanick has transformed into an exceptionally rich individual five times over. He is at present worth $5.3 billion (Weir, Egli, Kleinendorst, and Robertson, 2007).

Impact of Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Business Practice

Regardless, Uber's rising to popularity didn't come without some very sketchy improvised courses including a driver being reprimanded for ambushing an explorer in India, an official who prescribed that the ridesharing association should reveal singular earth on editorialists who run into the association and the transportation juggernaut is pretty routinely getting into breaking point water with controllers around the world.

It's winding up discernibly evident that Kalanick has had somewhere in the range of a chance to consider his infections, in any case. On the eve of Uber's five-year remembrance, he passed on a talk to laborers and drivers where he considered where the association has started from, what it's been through and where it's going.

Here are five things, which describe the entrepreneurship of Uber:

  1. Even big companies start small.

It could be difficult to consider but Uber wasn’t every time such a big concern. only five years before, the international company was only a four-person company in San Francisco.

Therefore, they couldn't have conjectured this would be something they would do or something in our future yet here they are (Saayman, Douglas, and De Klerk, 2009). For quite a while, Graves [Uber's head of operations] and I, they could hardly keep the lights on and our thoughts above all else they are really about surviving and guaranteeing they had enough rides with the amount of automobiles they put on the system, said Kalanick. They anticipated that would guarantee that they are surviving, extensively less prospering.

Driving an association isn't for the most part enrapturing. Nevertheless, extreme conditions don't mean it's the complete of the road. Hold your head down and pushing toward what you have confidence in.

  1. Wonderful associations handle an issue.

In case you are aching for being the originator of the accompanying Uber, start by concentrating in on a specific issue that you have (Nateshan, and Kuppusamy, 2016). By then settle that issue.

The other creator of Uber, Garrett Camp, who now fills in as an official of the association, needed the ability to push a catch and get a ride to wherever he expected to go. Uber didn't begin with any spectacular longing; it begun as the reaction to that fundamental question.

  1. Give people an unrivaled, more affordable option.

Some bit of why Uber has experienced such galactic improvement is that buyers are driven by convenience and cost. Additionally, for a few people who need to go from show a point B, taking an auto energized by Uber is often the speediest, most strong way to deal with get where you need to go.

In addition, Uber is the most sensible transportation choice. In numerous urban zones, UberX is an extensive segment of the cost of a taxi and when you figure halting, assurance and support, driving with UberX is more affordable than owning an auto, says Kalanick (Thebault-Spieker, Terveen, and Hecht, 2017).

For drivers, Uber is also a worthwhile supplement to a clamoring life starting at now stick loaded down with duties - and squashed with bills. These people uncover to us they drive, since they appreciate the flexibility these occupations give, says Kalanick (Thebault-Spieker, Terveen, and Hecht, 2017). What other occupation out there would you have the capacity to just turn it on when you have to start and off when you have to stop - at whatever point you feel like it.

Evaluation of the Chosen Contextual Factor on the Organization

As you are planning to dispatch or build up your business, want to handle your customers' issues in the best and accommodating way that could be accessible.

  1. Yield your oversights.

Kalanick isn't known for being a charmer. Frankly, an unbelievable opposite. In any case, he in like manner is from every angle willing to get out himself - and his association - on tone in need of a hearing aide lead.

Therefore, I comprehend that I can put on a show of being a to some degree savage supporter for Uber. I moreover comprehend that some have used an other "A" word to portray me, said Kalanick in his talk (Durman, 2011). Although, I'll be the first to yield that I'm not flawless nor is this association. Like each other individual, they confer blunders.

This isn't the primary go through Uber has tried to improve its PR. Six months back, when Uber pronounced its $1.2 billion raise, it furthermore conveyed its lament for its self-love and concentrated on more tricky direct going forward. In addition, even the best business visionaries are moreover people (Bolton, and Thompson, 2013). You will mess up or wander out of turn. Such is reality. Regardless, don't think your customers didn't observe. Fess up, apologize, pick up from your slips and continue ahead.

  1. Blockades may back you off yet don't allow them to stop you.

Uber has expected to change the laws (or just level out ignore them) with the ultimate objective for it to have the ability to develop. They've gone up against resistance at all circumstances, (Thompson, 2013). In addition, practically every time they endeavor to set up shop in another city, there's a competent industry with extreme accomplices who endeavor to stop progress, you may have scrutinized about it in the news who endeavor regardless of what to secure existing conditions, said Kalanick. On the other side, not all associations will endeavor to patch up city and state laws to have the ability to work, yet paying little regard to what you are endeavoring to start, there will be obstructions. Besides that, if you will amass a successful business, you can't let that end constrain or attempts.


Basically, this report is on the Innovation & entrepreneurship skills of Uber. This report shows how Uber works with the disruptive innovation & how uber is working with the great entrepreneurship skills. Uber is working with 570 countries through worldwide, now with the basis of Innovation, Uber is trying to expand its channel. On the other hand, with the help of this report, you will come to how uber used the skills, how uber started & why and where is different from the other transportation companies. Basically, this report shows its reflection on the innovative power & skills of Uber.


Uber is going with their disruptive innovation & a great entrepreneurship skill. But the fact is that, they have to go for more innovations because this market is very much competitive. The other companies are coming with more innovations which is reflecting in the field. So that’s why Uber have to go for proper innovation, they have to go for more channels, they have to work on more their skills, otherwise Uber have to face a huge challenge in future.


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