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Introduction to Yello Drive Services

Discuss about the Reporting Corporate Social Responsibility According.

Yello Drive provides unique services that most of the people wanted it desperately. They ensure driving services are provided to the customer by way of just clicking. With the help of this service, one can book a driver whenever their driver is on leave, one can deliver their product to someone else and finally, one can also book a drive as and when required. Getting a driver when the driver is on leave or when a person is tired enough to drive is one of the most difficult things and this can be fulfilled easily with the help of Yello drive. Yello drive is available in Australia. If a customer is willing to use Yello services then they can do the same by way by just downloading their mobile app. Yello services is best known for the usage of technology. With the help of this technology, customers can be rest assured about the quality of services.

Yello drive ensures that they serve their best to the customers. This can be better understood with the help of business model canvas. An in-depth analysis of the business model canvas of Yello drive is discussed below.

Yello drive is not just dependent on passengers to drive their business, but they are equally dependent on the drivers as well. Their passenger segment is also little different than that of regular passengers. A passenger can use Yello drive only if they possess a smartphone. Yello drive doesn’t want their drivers to be on the direct payroll as this would increase the financial burden of the organization and hence, they have a network of freelancers. These freelancers can work as and when they feel like.

Yello drive delivers value proposition that is loved by customers as well as the driver. The customer can be rest assured at all point of time that they can get a driver to meet their requirement. Similarly, the driver can be rest assured that they would have some or other job to earn their money, throughout the year. During peak hours, Yello drive pays extra to their drivers so that they are motivated to take up more drives and this ultimately leads to customer satisfaction (Watts 2015).

Yello drive believes in customer being connected with the organization and driver through technology. Customers can reach out to the driver through the mobile application and at the same time, they can also share their feedback, suggestions and experience with the Yello drive official via the app. If there is any serious concern, the customer care executive would get in touch with the customer.

Business Model Canvas of Yello Drive

Yello drive’s most important channel that connects them with their passenger is the technology. As on date, Yello drive is dependent on word of mouth communication to spread about their good services. They have recently started email marketing wherein they keep informing their customers about the introduction of new offers, services and experiences of other customers.

The revenue model of Yello drive is completely dependent on the percentage of share that they receive from the drivers. Apart from that, if a driver is willing to stay connected with jobs through Yello drive, they need to pay an initial amount. During peak season, Yello drive reduces their share and hence, the drivers are motivated to take up more rides and deliveries (Wharton 2015).

First and foremost, Yello drive is completely dependent on the technology that connects the passenger and the driver. Without this platform, it is merely impossible for the business to survive. Secondly, they continuously put in efforts to ensure that the drivers are always available to meet with the growing requirements of the customers. They put in special efforts to add drivers with two wheelers and not just four-wheeler. Finally, the business cannot survive without the passenger. They continuously put in effort to educate people about the services that they provide.

Various key activities are undertaken on continuous basis to ensure that the business keeps on growing while it is adding up to their revenue. First and foremost, they continuously look for ways by which the mobile application can be improved so that the passenger and driver find it simple, user-friendly and quick. The organization also spends a lot of time on planning their marketing activity. The marketing activity is undertaken to keep the customer aware of the services that they provide.

Yello drive is hugely dependent on the drivers for their business. The cars and two-wheelers are owned by the drivers and hence, the financial burden of Yello drive reduces to a great extend. Apart from that, the mobile application team is also a key partner to Yello drive. It is merely impossible for the business to survive without their support, input and continuous effort to improve (Tschopp 2014).

Yello drive hugely spends on their mobile application development and hosting of the same. The team also spends hugely on marketing so that they can reach out to the right set of customers. They also pay hugely to the payment modules which are integrated in the application. Without this, the complete business can collapse and hence, the business doesn’t think twice to spend on it (Michalos 2014).

Value Proposition of Yello Drive

Each building block of business canvas model is connected to each other and they in return result in profits. The connectivity between the building blocks of business canvas model of Yello Drive is discussed below.

The building block started with customer segment and the business ensures that they take good care of the drivers and also the passengers who get associated with them. This is in turn leads to value propositions that can satisfy their end-user. Unlike other traditional delivery organization, Yello drive ensures that the drivers are also satisfied so that they are motivated to contribute in providing better service to customers. The value proposition is added by way of continuous business and good money to drivers and the customers are offered good services.

Value proposition offered by Yello drive leads to customer relationships that are long lasting. The customers often share their feedback and suggestions via the application and the Yello team works on it so that they can be rest assured that the customers are satisfied with better experiences. The customer relationship is also improved with the help of various channels. Yello drive is completely dependent on technology, driver and passengers. To improvise their service to their drivers and passengers, the technology is continuously improved (Markota 2015).

The organization believes in customer satisfaction and hence, it is difficult for them to be dependent on too many sources for their revenue. The drivers share a percentage of their earning with the organization so that they can make investments in the key resources. These key resources will continuously work towards the betterment of services. These resources will lead to key activities which keep the business going. The key activities are taken care by the technical team which improves the application continuously and also the marketing team which continuously looks for ways to reach out to places where the organization has not reached yet (Tschopp 2014).

To complete the key activities, the organization is dependent on the key partners who can help them to generate revenue so that the business can keep going. The business ensures that the key partners are satisfied at all point of time. The cost structure of the organization is defined based on the key activities that are required for the organization to perform better.

The 9 building blocks of business are interlinked with each other. Yello drive is well aware of this and hence, it doesn’t leave any stone unturned to satisfy their customer and generate more revenue to invest further on technology (Li 2013).

Customer Relationships and Channels

It is important for every business to ensure that they have their critical success factors in place so that the organization can be competitive and at the same time, this will also ensure that the business retains success. Few of the critical success factors that need to be taken care by Yello drive so that they can enjoy sustainable success are discussed below.

First and foremost, the organization needs to be competitive in the market. Yello drive would soon have competitors in the market. It is very important that they continuously upgrade their services so that the quality of the service can be improved and this will motivate the customers to stay associated with Yello drive and not move to competitor (Frias 2013).

Investment in technology is one of the most important things for a business like Yello drive. The organization is currently having a very good technology in place that connects the businesses and passengers with the drivers, but this technology should be improved with the help of appropriate research and development. The technology should be improvised in such a way that it is easier to use, simple to understand and also traceability should be well taken care.

Value adding services will add new customers to the business of Yello drive. Yello drive should continuously look for ways for add customers so that they can grow continuously. These value adding services can be simple and not every expensive. This shouldn’t be a one-time activity. The business should continuously strive to add value adding services so that the customers are excited about some new invention at all point of time.

Improve the services is one things that can be easily undertaken by Yello drive. At all point of time, the research and development should try to understand the further requirements of driver. With continuous improvement, the customers would be happy and they would love the first mover in the industry. This will also up to the revenue stream of the organization (De Villiers 2014).

Few of the downside risk that would create an impact on the business of Yello drive are as follows: -

  • The legal laws of Australia are changing and it is the responsibility of Yello drive to be updated about the same. If an organization misses out on the same, the organization would be in legal trouble and at the same time, this would also spoil organization’s reputation in the market (Das 2013).
  • Yello drive needs to be careful with the goods and services that is moved by their business. If the business is caught carrying any illegal products then this could create an impact on the reputation of the organization.
  • Finally, Yello drive’s business model is simple and hence, there are possibilities that the competitor can copy it at any point of time. The business should continuously innovate and improve so that they can stay on the top of the competition (Bahfen 2015).

It is very important for very business to stay competitive and for the same, they should keep on upgrading themselves with the latest expectations of the customers. Few of changes that Yello drive should make in their business model to stay competitive are discussed below.

Revenue Model of Yello Drive

As on date, there are plenty of people in Australia who isn’t aware of Yello drive business at all and this is not a positive sign for the business. The business should undertake extensive marketing so that everybody is aware of Yello drive. The marketing team will have to come up with more creative ways to attract the target market.

Yello drive services would be extended to other parts of Australia. As of now, Yello drive is serving the customers in Australia’s metro region alone so the services can expanded so that the customers can be connected with the business. Yello drive has its reputation in the metro areas but they need to grow beyond. The management will have to come up with schemes to attract the drivers from other part of Australia as well. Initially, the management may not be convinced with the revenue generated, but its huge market with prospects for growth, in the near future (Alonso 2015).


Yello drive is an innovative business and hence, many customers were surprised with this service. This business is a problem-solver for many other businesses as the complete industry wanted a business like this. The business is at amateur stage and hence, they need to improve further so that the competitors don’t overtake them. At this point of time, few of the customers aren’t able to understand the importance of service provided by Yello drive so it is the responsibility of the marketing team to talk explicitly about the services so that all the possible customers can get maximum benefit.


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